Mou v. City of San Jose et al

Filing 673

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Mou v. City of San Jose et al Doc. 673 UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT NOTICE OF APPEAL NOTIFICATION FORM Please Fill Out Completely December 30, 2008 CASE INFORMATION: Short Case Title: THE FACEBOOK, INC.-v- CONNECTU, LLC, ET AL Court of Appeals No. (leave blank if a unassigned U.S. District Court, Division & Judge Name: Judge James Ware, San Jose Division Criminal and/or Civil Case No.: CV 07-01389 JW Date Complaint/Indictment/Petition Filed:3/9/07 Date Appealed order/judgment entered 6/10/08; 6/25/08;7/2/08;8/8/08;11/3/08;11/21/08;12/15/08 Date NOA filed 12/19/08 Date(s) of Indictment Plea Hearing Sentencing COA Status (check one): 9 granted in full (attach order) 9 granted in part (attach order) 9 denied in full (send record) 9 pending Court Reporter(s) Name & Phone Number: Irene Rodriguez (408) 947-8160 Magistrate Judge's Order? If so, please attach. FEE INFORMATION Date Docket Fee Paid: 12/19/08 Date FP granted: Is FP pending? 9 yes 9 no US Government Appeal? 9 yes 9 no Companion Cases? Please list: Date Docket Fee Billed: Date FP denied: Was FP limited 9? Revoked 9? Please attach copy of any order granting, denying or revoking FP. COUNSEL INFORMATION (Please include email address) Appellate Counsel: Appellee Counsel: Evan A. Parke Scott Richard Mosko Boies Schiller & Flexner LLP Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett 5301 Wisconsin Ave NW 3300 Hillview Avenue Washington , DC 20015 Palo Alto, Calif., 94304-1203 202-237-2727 (650) 849-6600 Fax: 202-237-6131 Email: Please attach appointment order. : retained 9 CJA 9 FPD 9 Pro Se 9 Other DEFENDANT INFORMATION Prisoner ID: Custody: Bail: Address: AMENDED NOTIFICATION INFORMATION Date Fees Paid: 9th Circuit Docket Number: Name & Phone Number of Person Completing this Form: Cindy Vargas

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