Pulaski & Middleman, LLC v. Google Inc.

Filing 6

SUMMONS Returned Executed by Pulaski & Middleman, LLC. Google Inc. served on 8/14/2008, answer due 9/3/2008. (Saveri, Guido) (Filed on 8/25/2008)

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Pulaski & Middleman, LLC v. Google Inc. Doc. 6 \ /.**F FIRST LEGAL SUPPORT SERVIGES -<' lsll BEVERLY {\ BOULEVARD 15757.154877 LOS ANGELES GA 90026 (2131 25,0-1 11 1, FAX: (2131 25,0-1 157 Assigned To: NANCY GRADDY of Service: Normal ial: No Client : 1: 2" Plaintiff Defendant Representing: Court: SAVERI & SAVERI, INC. IR. ALEXANDER SAVERI 111 PINE STREET SUIrE 1700 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94111 lD:SAVSA-SF Phone: 415-217-6810 Hearing Date: GOOGLE INC. Case Number: CV 08 3888 SC Plaintiff DISTRICT COURT NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA UNITED STATES Last Dav to Sub: Last Day to Serve: Status: 08/19/08 ffi Descriotion: Race: Business. lNC., a Delaware corporation(155163) . Sex: . , Hair: , Eves: , Height: , Weight:- Aoe: Addresses: 08/1 5/08 2730 GATEWAY OAKS DRVE SUITE lOO SACRAMENTO. CA 95833 Documents: See 2nd Paqe for Documents to be Served Manner:_ Date Served By: Time Served:(Military) Served: I I Served At:_ [H]ome, [B]usiness, or [U]sual Place of Mailing tXI For Changes Above in Address Boxs Witness Fees: $(3.b.)Person Served Race:-, Sex:-, Age:-, Hair:-, Eyes:-, Height:-, Weight:Relationship Mailed + tPl IQI by Postng and Mailing via [R] Returned Not Served Cert [S] Substituted Service [T] Posting CCP 704.770 [U] Posted At Residence ffi Certified Mail CCP 415.45 [Z] First Class Mail CCP 415. (3.b.)By Leaving Gopies Wth Mailed From Date-Time 156757.154877 1511 BEVERLY BOULEVARD<>LOS ANGELES CA 90026<>Phone: (213) 250-1111, FAX: (213) 250-1197<> Dockets.Justia.com Attorney or Party without Attorney: For Court Use Only R. ALEXANDER SAVERI SAVERI & SAVERI, INC. PINE STREET lIl SUITE ITOO SANFRANCISCO, TeLephone No: CA 941II orFiteNo.: 415-217 -6810 Attorney for: Plaintiff l^"r*" Insert name ofCourt, and Judicial District and Branch Court: United States District Court Northern District Of California ptaintifr PULASKI & MIDDLEMAN, LLC, ect. Defendant: GOOGLE INC. learing Date: 18 years of age and not a Time: Dept/Div: Case Number: t, PROOF OF SERVICE SUMMONS IN A CTVIL At the time of service I was at least cv08 party to this action. 3888 SC I served copies of the SUMMONS IN A CIVIL ACTION; CLASS ACTION COMPLAINT; CIVIL COVER SIIEET; ORDER SETTING INITIAL CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE AND ADRDEADLINES; ORDER SETTING CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE; CONTENTS OF JOINT CASEMANAGEMENT STATEMENT; NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY OF MAGISTRATE JUDGE TO (ERCISE JURISDICTION; NOTICE OF LAWSUT AND REQUEST FOR WAIVER OF SERVICE OF SUMMONS; WAIVER OF SERVICE OF ST]MMONS; ECF REGISTRATION INFORMATION HANDOUTI WELCOME TO Tm U.S. DISTRICT COURT; DROP BOX FILING PROCEDURES. 3. a. Party served: b. Person served: 1. GOOGLE INC., a Delaware corporation BECKY DEGEORGE, AUTHORZED AGENT FOR SERVICE Address where the prlt was served: 2730 GATEWAY OAKS DRIVE SUITE lOO SACRAMENTO. CA 95833 5. I served the party: a. by personal service. I personally delivered the documents listed in item on: Fri., Aug. 15, 2008 (2) at: 9:304M The "Notice to the Person Served" (on the Summons) was completed on behalf of GOOGLE INC. Under CCP 416.10 (corporation) Person Who Served Papers: process for the party 2 to the party or person authorized to receive service of (l) as follows: Recoverable Cost Per CCP 1033.5(a)(a)@) a.NANCY GRADDY First SEPVft;g d. The Feefor Service was: e. I am: (3) registered California process server ( "I' ^,.TARtl:Y Independent Contractor 1814 (ii) (iii) Registration STRET No.: 04-010 Placer Socronenlo, C^ 95814 (e1) 4,r.r-s111. FX 4l.t-3117 County: 8. I declre under penlfy of perjury under the lws of the Stfe of Califurni nd under the Inws of the Unted Stafes.Of America th theforegoing is true nd correct. Date:Fri, Aug. 15, 2008 Judicial Council Form POS-010 Rule 2.150.(a)&(b) Rev January 1,2007 SUMMONS IN A CIVIL PROOFOFSERVICE I 0.savsa-sf,, I 54877

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