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Hovsepian v. Apple, Inc. Doc. 196 Att. 2 EXHIBIT K Dockets.Justia.com What is cable head-end? - a definition from Whatis.com - see also: headend, head-end Page 1 of 4 cable head-end Activate your FREE membership today | Log-in SEARCH this site and the web ADVANCED SEARCH | SITE MAP Learn how to speed up your network within our High Performance Networks Info Center Home > Networking Definitions - Cable head-end SearchNetworking.com Definitions LOOK UP TECH TERMS Search listings for thousands of IT terms: (Powered by WhatIs.com) Powered by: EMAIL THIS Browse tech terms alphabetically: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ# cable head-end - A cable head-end (or headend) is the facility at a local cable TV office that originates and communicates cable TV services and cable modem services to subscribers. In distributing cable television services, the head-end includes a satellite dish antenna for receiving incoming programming. This programming is then passed on to the subscriber. (Cable TV companies may also play videotapes and originate live programming.) Normally, all signals are those that are sent downstream to the subscriber, but some are received upstream such as when a customer requests a pay-per-view program. When a cable company provides Internet access to subscribers, the head-end includes the computer system and databases needed to provide Internet access. The most important component located at the head-end is the cable modem termination system (CMTS), which sends and receives digital cable modem signals on a cable network and is necessary for providing Internet services to cable subscribers. LAST UPDATED: 15 Jun 2005 Read more about cable head-end: - VideoTele.com makes cable head-end equipment. - SearchNetworking.com provides links to information on streaming media, which cable modem users are likely to see more of. Do you have something to add to this definition? Let us know. Send your comments to techterms@whatis.com http://searchnetworking.techtarget.com/sDefinition/0,,sid7_gci549164,00.html 8/9/2006 What is cable head-end? - a definition from Whatis.com - see also: headend, head-end Page 2 of 4 Save This - Bookmark with Del.icio.us NETWORKING RELATED LINKS Ads by Google DISH Network Satellite TV Free 4-Room System Installation Only $19.99/m with Free DVR Upgrade SatelliteSales.com Leading C-band Provider We offer C-band Dish & Dish Network Special Web Offers. Call Us Today. www.callnps.com PeoplePC only $4.97/month Get the 1st 3 mos 1/2 price at only $4.97/mo. 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All Rights Reserved, Copyright 2000 - 2006, TechTarget Read our Privacy Statement http://searchnetworking.techtarget.com/sDefinition/0,,sid7_gci549164,00.html 8/9/2006 EXHIBIT L 0001 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 _______________________ 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 FOR THE DEFENDANTS: KEKER & VAN NEST 20 21 22 23 24 OFFICIAL COURT REPORTER: IRENE RODRIGUEZ, CSR, CRR 25 CERTIFICATE NUMBER 8074 BY: DARALYN J. DURIE DAVID J. SILBERT DAN E. JACKSON 710 SANSOME STREET SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA 94111 (APPEARANCES CONTINUED ON THE NEXT PAGE.) FOR THE PLAINTIFFS: HENNIGAN, BENNETT & DORMAN BY: RODERICK G. DORMAN ALAN P. BLOCK 865 SOUTH FIGUEROA STREET SUITE 2900 LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90017 THE PROCEEDINGS WERE HELD BEFORE THE HONORABLE UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE JAMES WARE A P P E A R A N C E S: IN RE: ACACIA MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION. ) C-05-01114-JW ) ) JUNE 14, 2006 ) ) PAGES 1-223 ) IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA SAN JOSE DIVISION 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 BECAUSE IF IT'S REFERRED TO IN BOTH WAYS THEN IT'S USED IN THE CLAIM BOTH WAYS. IT'S THE FIGURE 6 RECEPTION SYSTEM IT SUPPORTS RECEPTION SYSTEM AND THE FIGURE 6 RECEIVING SYSTEM SUPPORTS RECEIVING SYSTEM IN THE CLAIMS. THE COURT: CABLE? MR. BLOCK: IT'S THE PLACE IN THE CABLE WHAT IS THE HEAD END OF A SYSTEM FROM WHICH LOCAL DISTRIBUTION IS MADE, SO THERE MAY BE A MAIN, A MAIN TRANSMISSION OF THE PROGRAM HBO SENDS A MOVIE TO MANY DIFFERENT CABLE HEAD ENDS SO SAN JOSE, FOR INSTANCE, MAY HAVE ITS OWN CABLE HEAD END LOCATED WITHIN SO MANY MILES OF YOUR HOME. AND SO THAT INFORMATION IS SENT FROM ONE PLACE TO THE HEAD END AND FROM THE HEAD END IT CAN THEN BE DISTRIBUTED TO THE HOMES IN THAT, IN THAT AREA THAT ARE ATTACHED TO OR CONNECTED OR COUPLED WITH THAT HEAD END. THE COURT: NOW, HAVING GIVEN ME THAT DESCRIPTION, ADD THE TERMS RECEIVING AND RECEPTION AND TELL ME WHAT, WHAT IS THE RECEPTION SYSTEM AND WHAT IS THE RECEIVING SYSTEM. MR. BLOCK: IN CLAIMS 2 AND 5 OF THE '275 PATENT THE HEAD END IS THE RECEPTION SYSTEM AND THE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 TAKEN.) ALL RIGHT. WE'LL COME BACK TO THIS THAT'S RIGHT, MATTER AT 10:00 O'CLOCK TOMORROW. YOU CAN COME EARLY BUT WE HAVE SOME LAW AND MOTION. OFF THE RECORD. (WHEREUPON, THE EVENING RECESS WAS EXHIBIT M ) } - - ©_~§3A590 ATEN7 Attorney Docket No . 2473 .030 :-c7 IN THE UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE In re Application of : Paul YURT et al . Cont . of U .S . Appl . Serial No . : 08/133,982 Filed : For : April 10, 1996 AUDIO AND VIDEO TRANSMISSION AND RECEIVING SYSTEM ) Group Art Unit : Unassigned Examiner : Unassigned Assistant Commissioner for Patents Washington, D .C . 20231 PRELIMINARY AMENDMENT Sir : Prior to the examination of the above application, amend this application as follows : please IN THE S PECIFICATION : Please amend the specification as follows : Page 9, line 9, change - systema" to --systemsPage 11, line 3, change "is" to --as-- ; line 7, movie sent-- ; and line 14, after "items" insert --for-- . Page 12, line :EGAN.HENDERWN, RADOV, GARAM DUNNE& L . L 00 1 51,11T I ,. 0C :0005 cha4e "send a movie" and insert --have a a, after "rec The receiving system recognizes copy protected programs and disables the audio-video recorder .-- . - -- a. z0s .os-+o0a ; Attorney Dock , o . 2473 . 000 1-03 Page 13, line 25, chane "communicated" to --communicate-Page 14, line 15, change "the any of" to --any of the-- . Page 16, line 14, after "such" insert --as in-- ; and line 20, after "notes" insert --whichPage 17, line 5, after "information" insert --isPage 21, line 8, after "application" insl(rt --of-- . Page 23, line 25, change "122" to --112-- . Page 25, line 3, deld"te "to" ; and line 14, deleee "is" . Page 31, line 16, change "source material library 111" to --compressed data library 118Page 32, line 6, changi~ "of" to --for/ change "receivingsystem" to --receiving Page 34, line 15, charflge "stored" to --processedPage 35, line 4, systemPage 36, line 12, after "ISDN"ins4 l t --channel-- ; and r line 17, after "D2S" insert --,-- (comma? . Page 39, line 23, after "to" insert --converter 206 including-- ; line 24, after "analog" in s`ert --videoPage 42, line 7, chd nge "payed" to --played f Page 43, line 3, delete "may be" (SECOND OCCURRENCE) . JNEGAN .HENOEIWN, FARAl07, GARRFTT & DUNNE&L.LE . ,300 , s1,Iter. is w. at"ir,aroN, 0C 20005 a0a-.06-+000 r A : t . / C Attorney Dock T0 . 2473 .0001-03 IN THE CLAIMS : Please cX/ cel claims 1-32, and n claims : add the following new ~ --33_ transmission System for providing informationf tc W be transmitted to remote locations, the transmission system comprising : a plurality of electronically connected lylbrary means for l identification encoding means for retrieving the information in the items from theplurality of library means and for assigning a unique identification code to the retrieved information ; conversion means, coupled to the identification encoding -means, for placing the retrieved information into a coupled to the conversion means, predetermined format as formatted data ; and tracrsmi . tter means, for transmission of the formatted data to one of the remote locations . 34 . A transmission system as e ted in claim 33, wherein the plurality of libraries are geog a ically separated . 1 ~~ 35 . A digital audio/video comLnication network % C comprising : a local reception system comprising : means for receiving compressed, digitized data ,«, Iaaa r 1711[CL n. W . S .-TOK oc tooo3 zor .0t . .000 storing items containing information ; epresenting at least one item of audio/video information at a non-real time rate, NEGAN, HENDERSON, ARASO ",CARArrr B Dt1NNEkLLP . f if a . Attorney Dock do . 2473 . 000 2-03 means for storing a complete copy of the received compressed, digitized data, and means, responsive zed compressed, digitized data, for transmitting a_representation of the at least one item o£ audio/video cmation at a real-time rate to at least one of a plu~ality of subscriber receiving stations coupled to the reception system . 36 . converter for decompressing th representing the at least one 37 . in claim 35, in claim 35, wherein the means for transmitting comprises a compressed digitized data A digital audio/videolcommunication network as recited tem of audio/video information . A digital audio/vid o communication network as recited urther comprisf g a processing station for j~ f formatting items of audio/video information as compressed, l digitized data and ng the compressed, digitized data representing at least one i em of audio/video information at the non-real time rate to the m ans fo 38 . in claim 37, wherein the ocessin re eiving . A digital audio- idea co muni ation network as recited tion comprises : means for inputting i ems of audio/video information ; conversion means for plat' g each input item of audio/video information into a predetermined format as formatted data ; compressing the formatted data ; and ing compressed formatted data for the /video information at the non-real eption system . A Vo y Dock , Attorne .-2473 . 000 1-03 ~> 39 . method of distributing audio/video informat o / G comprising : transmitting compressed, digitized data repres complete copy of at least one item of audio/video,/informatior, a ; a non-real time rate from a central processing /location ; i receiving the transmitted compressed, digitized data representing a complete copy of the at least one item of audio/ video information, at a local distribution system remote from the central processing location ; storing the received compressed, digitized data representing the complete copy of the at least one item at the local distribution system ; and in response to the stored compressed, digitized data, transmitting a representation of the at least one item at a real-time rate to at least one of a plurality of subscriber receiving stations coupled to the local distribution system . 40 . A method as recited i n claim 39, further comprising the step of decompressing the compressed, digitized data representing the at least one item of audio/video information before the transmission at a real time rate . 41 . A method as recited in claim 40, wherein the decompressing step is performed in the local distribution system to produce the representation of the at least one item for transmission to the at least one subscriber station . 42 . VECAN. HENDE1tSON. ,AASw, 9 DUNNL&L.LP. A method of distributing audio/video information cAiucFrr comprising : ]00 1 w. w. a- .-OIOK 0C 20005 :OZ- .00-000 st .tLlr, V a Attorney Dock o . 2473 .0002-03 storing the received compressed, digitized data representing the comp to copy of the at least one item at the local distributio system ; and using t receiving the transmitted compres d, digitized data representing a complete copy of t t least one item of audio,' video information, at a local distribution system ; formatting items of audio/video information digitized data at a central processing location ; transmitting compressed, digitized data represe complete copy of at least one item of audio/vide from the central processing location ; tored compressed, digitized data to transmit a representation of the at least one item to at a plurality of i subscriber receiving stations coupled to the local distribution system .-- . e REMARKS The amendments to the specification were made in the parent application S .N . 08/133,98 2 to correct minor typographical and grammatical errors . Claims 1-32 have been cancelled and new claims 33-42 have been added . New claims 33-42 correspond to proposed amended claims 33, 34, 48-54, and 58 of the parent application . Claims 33-42 define patentable subject matter as set forth in the first Amendment After Final filed in the parent application . That amendment was not entered in the parent GAN, HENDERSON, ."OW, GAtXM DUNNEl, L L, 0 I S-S[T, N . ~w0r0w, 0G 2000, 02-00-000 r. application . , Attorney Dock Jo . 2473 .0001-03 If there are any fees due in connection with the filino cf this amendment, please charge the fees to our Deposit Account No . 06-0916 . If an extension of time under 37 C .F .R . 1 .136 not accounted for above is required for the entry of this amendment, such an extension is requested and the fee should also be charged to our Deposit Account . Respectfully submitted, FINNEGAN, HENDERSON, FARAHOW, GARRETT & DUNNER, L .L .P . By : MichaeY% . Kelly Reg . No . 33,921 Dated : April 10, MRK/kas 1996 . ... eTOa mwzcAN. HtwDEmw, FARAK7I, GARRM 8 DUNNER,LLP. "6-NOTOA, CC 4000'5 202-.0 "-000 EXHIBIT N R F C P A P UNITED STATLiS DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Patent and Trademark Office ACdresr OMMISSIONER Of PATENTS ANO TRADEMARKS Watiplon. D.C. M231 APPLK'J1TiQN No. uw DATE ir4/10/96 YIIRT IRST NAMED FAfENTOR TTORN EY DOCKET NO . r- 08/630 .590 2473 .0001-i12 FINNEGAN HENDERSON FARASOW GARRETT AND RUNNER 1300 I STREET NW WASHINGTON DC 20005-3315 26M1/0724 Afl'1`UNTT APER N UMBER 2614 DATE ~IAtLED: Please find below and/or attached an Office communication concerning this application or proceeding. ConwrYesioner a PotaMa end Trademarks C C o 1 i C ai 1 D 4 30 i m D P Office Action Summary Application No . 081630 .520 Examiner Amends Le ApWlcantlal Paul Yurt at al 0 Responsive to communicationfs) filed on 4/10137 ~uuu~ir [,' This action is FINAL . Since this application is in condition for allowance except for formal matters, prosecution as to the merits is closed in accordance with the practice under Far perie Queyle, 1935 . D. 1 ; 453 , G, 213 . A shortened statutory period for response to this action is set to expire onth(s), or thirty days, whichever is longer, from the mailing date of this communication . Failure to respond within the period for response will cause the application to become abandoned. 35 U.S. C . 4 133) . Extensions of time may be obtained 37 CFR 1 .136(8) . under the provisions of C Disoosition of Claims Claims) 33-42 Of the above, cjaimls) Claim(S) Claim(4) 33-42 Claims islare pending in the application . slare withdrawn from consideration . islare allowed . Ware rejected, re subject to restriction or election requirement . is/are objected to . u claim(s) C Application Papers $I See the attached Notice of Draftsperson's Patent Drawing Review, PTO-948. The drawing(s) filed on s/are objected to by the Examiner . The proposed drawing correction, filed on s pproved The specification is objected to by the Examiner . The oath or declaration is objected to by the Examiner . isapproved . D, Priority under 35 U.S.C . 1 119 C Acknowledgement is made of a claim for foreign priority under 35 U .S.C- 1 119(al-(d) . ] Sane' CI Ali J None f the CERTIFIED copies of the priority documents have been received. in Application No . (Series CodeJSerial Number) received in this national stage application from the International Bureau IPCT Rule 17 .2(8)) . 'Certified copies not received : C-1 0 E received Acknowledgement is made of a claim for domestic priority under 35 U.S.C . 1 119(el . =Attachmentls) Notice of References Cited, PTO-892 ® Information Disclosure Statementls), PTO-1449, Paper No(s) . ;] Interview Summary, PTO-413 '$ Nonce of Draftsperson's Patent Drawing Review, PTO-948 Notice of Informal Patent Application, PTO-152 -- SEE OFFICE ACTION ON THE FOLLOWING PAGES -u . s . F- rN T,~ o"i PTO-326 (Rev. 9-951 Offke Action Summary art of Paper No . 5 CT C Serial Number : 08/630,590 Art Unit: Pa2e2 Quip+ Rejections - .TS USC§ 101 1. he following is a quotation of the appropriate paragraphs of 35 U.S .C . 102 that form the basis for the rejections under this section made in this Office action : A person shall be entitled to a patent unless -(e) the invention was described in a patent granted on an application for patent by another filed in the United States before the invention thereofby the applicant for patent, or on an international application by another who has fulfilled the requirements of paragraphs (I), (2), and (4) of section 3710+ of thus applicant for patent. title before the tnvenion thereof by the 2. laims 33 and 34 are rejected under 35 U.S .C . 1 .02(e) as being anticipated by Wilson et al Wilson et al discloses an interactive multimedia presentation and communication system comprising the following subject matters of the claimed "transmission system for providing information to be transmitted to remote locations" : "a plurality of electronically connected library means" (Fig. 1, LOC 24, Fig . 2, Fig . 10) "being geographically separated" (claim 34) (col- 10, lines 35-42), "identification encoding means" (Fig,-10, element 162, col . 38, lines 37-46), "conversion means" (col. 39, lines 1-I8), "transmitter means" (Fig . 10, element 168, 169)- 3. laims 35-42 are rejected under 35 U.S .C . 102(e) as being anticipated by Tindell et a] . Regarding claims 35, 36, Tindell et al discloses a store and forward video system comprising the following subject matters of the claimed "digital audio/video communication network" "a local reception system" (Fig . 5), "means for receiving compressed, digitized data" (Fig . 5, elements 64, 66, Serial Number : 08/630,590 An Unit : Paee 3 Regarding claim 37, Tindel! et al also discloses the claimed "a processing station for formatting items of audio/video information" (Fig . 1, element 10, Fig . 2 and Fig . 3) . Regarding claim 38, Tindell et al further discloses the following subject matters comprised in the claimed "processing station" : "means for inputting" (Fig. 3, element 24), "conversion means" (Fig . 3, elements 32, 34,, 36, 40, 42), "compression means" (Fig, 3, element 44), "transmitter means" (Fig . 2, element 30) . Regarding claims 39--41, Tindell et al discloses the following subject matters of the claimed "method of distributing audio/video information" : "transmitting compressed, digitized data . . ." (Fig . 6), "receiving the transmitted compressed, digitized data" (Fig. 7, 118), "storing the received compressed, digitized data" (Fig . 7, 122), "in response to the stored compressed, digitized data, transmitting a representation of the at least one item" (Fig . 7, 124, 126), "the step of decompressing" (claims 40, 41) (Fig . 7, 124) . Regarding claim 42, Tindell et al discloses the following subject matters of the claimed 68, 70, 74), "means for storing a complete copy" (Fig. 5, element 78, col . 5, lines 29-32), "means. responsive to the stored compressed, digitized data, for transmitting" (Fig . 5, elements 82, 84, 86, 88), "converter for decompressing" (claim 36) (Fig . 5, element 82) . "receiving the transmitted compressed, digitized data" (Fig . 7, 118), "storing the received "method of distributing audio/video information" : "formatting items of audio/video information" (Fig . 6, 90, 92), "transmitting compressed, digitized data representing a complete copy" (Fig . 6, 108} . A T Serial Number: 08/630,590 Art Unit : Page 4 compressed, digitized data" (Fig . 7, 122), "using the stored compressed, digitized data to transmit a representation of the at least one item" (Fig. 7, 126) . Conclusion 4. he prior art made of record and not relied upon is considered pertinent to applicant's disclosure . Paolini discloses a system with two different communication mediums, transmitting retrieved video and compressed audio information to plural receivers responsively to users' requests . 5. ny inquiry concerning this communication or earlier communications from the examiner should be directed to Amanda Le whose telephone number is (703) 305-4769 . The examiner can normally be reached on Tuesday-Friday from 7 :30 AM to 5 :00 PM . The examiner can also be reached on alternate Mondays . 1f attempts to reach the examiner by telephone are unsuccessful, the examiner's supervisor, Stephen Chin, can be reached on (703) 305-4714. Any inquiry of a general nature or relating to the status of this application or proceeding should be directed to the Group receptionist whose telephone number is (703) 305-3900 . Any response to this action should be mailed to : Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks Washington, D.C . 20231 or razed to : (703) 308-9051, (for formal communications intended for entry) Or : (703) 308-5403 (for informal or draft communications, please label "PROPOSED" or "DRAFT") Serial Number : 08/630,590 Arc Unit: Page 5 Hand-delivered responses should be brought to Crystal Park 11, 2121 Crystal Drive, Arlington. VA., Sixth Floor (Receptionist) . (07/16/97) AMANDA LE PATENT EXAMINER N Appl"tl-° " -° " Notice of References Cited 081630.590 Ex Amanda La U.S. PATENT DOCUMENT! nppucantiU Paul Ytnt Group Art Unq 2614 wt r P~p~ T at 1 DOCUMENT no. A DATE 07119168 s,r7e .se6 w ME . Paolini Wilson at al Tindall at al ~ ' C1A37 395 348 348 IUECLASI f 803 13 7 R f' J - .. Docwef No. M DATE FOIWON PATENT DocumENTS I I t-Dunttti M&AN cwa f 3U0CLASa w NON-PATENT DOCUMENTS -Y DOCWBtT IbMr.a Aue- . Tkh% fiw, -A P-bWA hwl DATE I W AI U . a . Pw.w wT~ On- PTO-892 (Rev . 9-95) otice Of Referaftcas COted Part of Paper No . 5 s 2. . . U 1 1 A , ~ y Poma PTO 948 (Rev . ID-9r) .S . DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE . Past and Trademark Other ppl,cwvn No. 46 fn Draftper~ review all originally filed drawings mgxmeas o! whether thry are designated as fi3mlal or inforfmraal. Additionall . in o m l will review the drawings for compliarce with the regulations . Direct teicPhom inquiries this review to the Drawing Review Branch, 703-305-8404 . NOTICE OF DRAFTSPERSON'S PATENT DRAWING REVIEW Ftent Examiners M Pa The drawmp filed are(insert date)-fA.~_ oa objecsed m bT the Draflspersm neck 37 C7A t .94 a 1-1J2 . abyneted to by the DrafbpMos under 37 CFR 1 .94 a ( .152 e below . The Eaammtr will require sub-sam o(sew, contacted drawiap when necessary . Corrected drawings mart be whmated according to the inspocpom on the (sack of this Nodce . 1 . DRAWINGS. 37 CPR 1 .94(1): Acceptable a6egaies of dnwiW Black int Color. Non black solid tiara. Fig(s) - Color drawings am cat acceptable until petrosa a grimsed Fig(s) 2. PHOTOGRAPHS. 37 CFR 1 .94(b) - Pbotopaphs aft no accept" until petiom is granted. - PhOwgraphs not PmPerly momsed (meat we brysrol board a Photographic double-weight grapes) . Rj(s) _ Poor quality (kalf-tom) . Fir(s) 3 . GRAPHIC FORMS. 37 CPR 1 .94 (d) - C)senical a mnhemati-I formJa rot labeled as wparaae figua. Fig(3) - Group of waveforms am presented as a single ftgme, using cam®on vat" axis with time extending along honmnul axis Fill(s) ledividmls waveform not identified with a mpanis leper designation adjacent to the mtical axis. Fig(s) 4. TYPE OF PAPER . 37 CFR 1 .94(c) - Papa not flexible, sbnng . white. smooth. nonshuy . tied durable. Shoa(s) Erasures, aheratiam, overwritings iaaerlmea(iom, cracks. creases, and folds copy machsoa marks nor seeepaed Fr(s) _ Myles. mlmn paper is am acceptable (too WaL Fig(j) 5. SIZE OF PAPER . 37 CFR I.94(f). Acceptable rises : 21 .6 cm. by 35.6 em. (11/2 by 14 inches) 21 .6 cm. by 33 .1 cm (9112 by 13 incbn) 21 .6 can by 27 .9 cm. (9 V2 by I I inches) 21 .0 cm . by 29 .7 cm . (DIN sine A4) - All drawing sheen tot the acme svc. Sbxs(0 - Drawing sbect not an acceptable sit- Sheet's) 6. MARGINS. 37 CFR 1 .94(j): Acceptable margins: Piper an 1 .6cmX316 1.6%X33-im21Am X27.9m23 .OmX29"lm (1 H % 14 aria) 1 h X I7 ias!" ml O VI % 11 wiser (DtN Sin M) Ti .1m127 2Mmll'1 2.3m(1'S 2 .3m 61ea .61am(1M') .64m(t/4 -) 25m A(U41) 6r cat. JIM') 64mf1R') -5m a .64taJIM) ) 64-(IM') 64m(IN') .0M w View said enlarged view not Mind wparatly or prcPcriy. R&) Sectional views. 37 CFR 1 .94 (h) 3 - Hashing not indicated for saaaml ponioos of an ohject Rg(s) - Cores section not drawn same as view with pans in cross section with regularly sprat PwaiW obiique strokes . Fig(s) 9. ARRANGEMENT OF VIEWS . 37 CM 1 .94(i) w wads m sot appear cc a bontootal left-(o-rigln fashion when page is either sprig& Or Upned n that the top becomes the right side. except for gnpbs Figs) 9 . SCALE 37 CPR 1 .94(k) -- Scale tot large enough to show mechanism with crowding when dnwmg v redteed is sue to two-thuds in reproduction . Rg(s) Indiestim torch n "set'-' sire' a au)e 1/2" am permitted Ft(a) 10. CHARACTER OF LINES . NUMBERS . R LETTERS, 37 CFA 1 .94(1) . Tines, numbers A letters sa uniformly thick and well defined clew% druable. and black (except for cola drawings) . Refs) 11 . SHADING . 37 CFR 1 .94(m) W Solid back -h-drag areas not permiacd Fig(s) Shads hoes. pork, rough and blurred . Fig(j) 12. NUMBERS . LETTERS. dl REFERENCE CHARACTERS . 37 CFR 1 .94(p) Numbers and reference charades owl plain and legible . 37 CFR t_94(Pxl) Figs) - Numbers and reference charse ten no( oriented w sane dinctson as the view. 37 CFR 1 .94(p)p) Fig(s) - English alphabet not used 37 CFR 1 .M(pXZ) Ft(O - Numbers. losers and reference characters do not measure at leas1 32 cm. (119 inch) in height 37 CFR(p%3) Fills) 13 . LEAD LINES. 37 CFR 1 .94(9) Lead lines crvn each other . Fig(s) - Lead rim mining . Fig(s)- 7. VIEWS. 37 CFR 1 .Wh) REMINDER. Spaifscation may require revision to carppond to drawing chrgea. - All views not grouped hognhar. Fig(s) Views connected by prejoctao lines a lead liner. Fl(s) Partial views. 37 CFA 1 .94(b) 2 14 . NUMBERING OF SHEETS OF DRAWINGS . 37 CFII 1 .94(1) - Sheers nor numbered consecutively. and in Arabic numerals, beginning with number 1 . Shm(s) 15. NUMBER OP VIEWS. 77 CPR 1 .94(u) _ Views not numbered consecutively, and in Arabic nurnersls. begienisg with amber 1 . Ft(s) View numbers not preceded by the abbreviation Fg . Fig(s) 16. CORRECTIONS . 37 CFt I .94(w) - Corrections not rode from prior FTO-949. Fg(s) 17. DESIGN DRAWING . 37 CFA 1 .152 _ Surface shading shown not appropriate . Fig(s), _ Solid black shading am used for color contrast . Fig(s) COMMEtM : ATTACHMENT TO PAPER NO . REVIEWER DATE - -// ~' REMINDER Drawing changes may also require changes in the specification, e .g ., if Fig. 1 is changed to Fig . IA, Fig . 1B, Fig . 1C, etc ., the specification, at the Brief Description of the Drawings, must likewise be changed: Please make such changes by 37 CFR 1 .312 Amendment at the time of submitting drawing changes . INFORMATION ON HOW TO EFFECT DRAWING CHANGES 1. Correction of Informalities-37 CFR 1.85 File new drawings with the changes incorporated therein . The application number or the title of the invention, inventor's name, docket number (if any), and the name and telephone number of a person to call if the Office is unable to match the drawings to the proper application, should be placed on the back of each sheet of drawings in accordance with 37 CFR 1 .84(c) . Applicant may delay filing of the new drawings until receipt of the Notice of Allowability (PTOL-37). Extensions of time may be obtained under the provisions of 37 CFR 1 .136. The drawing should be filed as a separate paper with a transmittal letter addressed to the Drawing Review Branch. 2. Tinning of Corrections Applicant is requited to submit acceptable corrected drawings within the three-month shortened statutory period set in the Notice of Allowability (PTOL-37). If a correction is determined to be tmaeeeptable by the OfBoe, applicant must arrange to have acceptable correction resubmitted within the original thrx-month period to avoid the necessity ofobtaining as extension of time and paying the extension fee . Tberefore, applicant should file corrected drawings as soon as possible . Failure to take corrective action within set (or extended) period will result in ABANDONMENT of the Application. 3 Correrions other than InformaMes Noted by the Drawing Review Brwtch on the Form PTO 948 All changes to the drawings,'other than informalities noted by the Drawing Review Branch, MUST be approved by the examines before the application will be allowed No changes will be permitted to be made, other than correction of informalities, unless the examiner has approved the proposed changes. EXHIBIT O AI R ) PATENT Attorney Docket No . 2473 .0001-03 IN THE UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE ` Group Art Unit : 2614 Serial No . : 081630,590 I Filed : April 10, 1996 l } IJ For: AUDIO AND VIDEO TRANSMISSION) ND RECEIVING SYSTEM j' II Assistant Commissioner of Patents Washington, D.C . 20231 AMENDMENT Examiner: Amanda Le In response to the July 24, 1997 Office Action, please consider the following Remarks : EMARKS I II n the Office Action, the Examiner rejected claims 33 and 34 under 35 U.S .C . I I ; § 102(e) as anticipated by U.S . Patent No . 5,195,092 issued to Wilson et al . The G j Wilson et al . patent discloses an interactive multimedia presentation and communication system. More specifically, Wilson et al teaches an "electronic ~ ; shopping mall" in which a subscriber tunes his television to a particular channel, 4CAN, HFUDESSOH, '00 x s*acr, ft . w. - c20005 .Grow,c .0a- .0*- .000 AABU9, GARAErr, , DuNNEA .L-L.Y. ,i II I; . ~~ 1, lines 19-37. When the shopper chooses to terminate a shopping session, he simply termination script is sent to the subscriber. System resources can then be assigned to a subsequent shopper. See col. 30, lines 19-35 . li y Wilsont al . teaches a system significantly different e from the present Wilson invention . For example, er al . requires that the shopper be connected to the system resources by telephone for the duration of the transaction. This limits both telephone use by the subscriber as well as the availability of system resources to other subscribers . Furthermore, in Wilson et al - the subscriber is required to be physically !! present at the location to which information is transmitted . I 1n contrast, the present invention provides a flexible system in which a user can remotely access information. That is, the user can request transmission of information to a site remote from the requesting site. Additionally, with the present information system that displays multimedia presentations in the form of video i images and accompanying audio on various items selected by the subscriber. See col . hangs up his phone . The hang-up signal is routed to the session server and a telephones a local number, follows log-on instructions given over the telephone. and then uses the touch-tone keypad of his telephone to navigate through an electronic invention the user does not have to be connected by telephone when information is transmitted from the library to the selected remote location . This frees up system resources for use by others and makes the system much more convenient to use than that disclosed in Wilson et al. I-4ECrW, HENDEMN, !VUEdi1. GARRFCT, 8 DUNNER.L.L.t. 300 c *Taco, N . r, ]w"ror, cc locos 202-40 "-r00o The Examiner next rejected claims 35-42 under 35 U.S .C. § 102(e) as by U .S . Patent No, 5,130,792 issued to Tjn~- a., data from a central data facility 10 is transmitted over I telephone network 12 to a receiving unit 16 . Fig . 5 ` . -According to Tindell et 11 The Til]& LCLal . Patent discloses a store and forward video system . of Tindell et . discloses the al a . details of the receiving unit 16, which, according to Tindeli et al ., is at a remote location . The receiving unit 16 receives information from the telephone network and . i ultimately stores the information in a mass storage device 78 . The data is stored in the mass storage device 78 in a compressed format and is stored until the entire requested program is downloaded from the central data facility 10 . According to T indell et al ., the mass storage device 78 is preferably an erasable optical disk or other similar high density storage medium . When a viewer selects the play mode, the control unit 72 causes the data stored in the mass storage device 78 to be transferred through storage interface 76 to data decompression unit 82 . The signal is AID converted and reconstructed and then the composite video signal is output for viewing . As is clear from well et al ., the receiving unit 16 at the user premises contains the mass storage device 78 and stores the compressed programming for viewing after decompression and processing . In contrast, according to the present invention, the compressed data is stored at a local reception system (claim 35) or a local distribution system (claims 39 and 42) . The compressed data is stored at the MEGAN, HENDERSON, ARADO", GA&APTT, 8 DIINNER .L.L.P . 300 1 SNO"Oro», s+wccr, w . ... oc 10005 a0:-on " 000 3 Y local facility and is sent at a real time rate to a subscriber receiving station . Use of a local reception or distribution system is neither taught nor suggested by TiadgIl,Ztal . and such a system considerably simplifies and reduces the cost of the components required at the user end . That is, by storing the requested compressed information I ~I locally, the subscriber does not need to have compressed data storage or decompression circuitry at his location . Rather, a local facility can have these elements and they can be distributed or shared between a plurality of users in a local . ii region. If there are any other fees due in connection with the filing of this h Amendment, please charge the fees to our Deposit Account No. 06-0916 . If a fee is i i' such an extension is requested and the fee should also be charged to our Deposit Account. Respectfully submitted, FINNEGAN, HENDERSON, FARABOW . GARRETT & DUNNER, L .L .P . required for an extension of time under 37 C.F .R- § 1 .136 not accounted for above. By : E . Robe ches Reg . No . 30,120 Dated : November 21, 1997 .300 S 7"[(T, N. W, wAlnOMTOr,cc 20003 'INNEGAN, HENDEASON, FAAAEOW, GARRErr, 8 DUNNEA,L.LP. 202-+06,000 EXHIBIT P EXHIBIT Q EXHIBIT R

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