Viacom International Inc. et al v. YouTube, Inc. et al

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United States District Court NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA SUMMONS IN A CIVIL CASE CASE NUMBER: RICHARD SOLOMON v. BECHTEL POWER CORPORATION LONG TERM DISABILITY PLAN GROUP TO: (Name and address of defendant) Riley P. Bechtel Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Corporate Headquarters 50 Beale Street San Francisco, CA 94105-1895 YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED Thornton Davidson THORNTON DAVIDSON & ASSOCIATES 2055 San Joaquin Street Fresno, CA 93721 and required to serve upon PLAINTIFF'S ATTORNEY (name and address) an answer to the complaint which is herewith served upon you, within ~u days after service of this summons upon you, you for the relief demanded in period of time after service. exclusive of the day of service. If you fail to do so, judgement by default will be taken against the complaint. You must also file your answer with the Clerk of this Court within a reasonable Richard W. Wiekinq CLERI~ DATE 1) Ai"TORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATTORNEY (NAME AND ADDRESS) THE ERISA LAW GROUP ATTORNEYS AT LAW THORNTON DAVIDSON - SBN # 166487 2055 SAN JOAQUIN STREET FRESNOr CA 93721 ATTORNEY FOR (NAME) TELEPHONE NO. FOR COURT USE ONLY (559) 256-9800 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTr 450 GOLDEN GATE AVE SAN FRANCISCOr CA 94102 SHORT NAME OF CASE Insert name of court, judicial district or branch court, if any, and post office and street address PLAINTIFF CALIFORNIA RICHARD SOLOMON vs. BECHTEL DATE: POWER CORPORATION TIME: PROOF OF SERVICE I am and was on the dates herein C055002 mentioned over the age of eighteen years and not a party to this action; I served the: SUMMONS IN A CIVIL CASEr COMPLAINTr ORDER SETTING INITIAL CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCEr WELCOME TO THE US DISTRICT COURT FORMr CONSENT TO PROCEED BEFORE A US MAGISTRATE JUDGEr NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY OF MAGISTRATE JUDGE TO EXERCISE JURISDICTIONr BLANK STIPULATION/ORDER SELECTING ADR PROCESS/ADR CERTIFICATION; PLAINTIFFrS CERTIFICATE OF INTERESTED PARTIES AND PERSONSr STANDING ORDERr ECF REGISTRATION INFORMATION HANDOUTr BLANK NOTICE OF LAWSUIT AND REQUEST FOR WAIVER OF SERVICE OF SUMMONSr BLANK NOTICE OF NEED FOR ADR PHONE CONFERENCEr CIVIL COVER SHEET Name of Defendant: Person Served: Title: Date of Delivery: Time of Delivery: RILEY P. BECHTELr CHAIRMAN LESLIE BRADY LEGAL DEPT/AUTH TO ACCEPT 12/22/05 12:55 pm 50 BEALE STREET SAN FRANCISCOr CA 94105-1895 AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER (Business) Date of Mailing: Place of Mailing: 12/23/05 SAN FRANCISCO Manner of Service: SUbstituted Se:rvice an the defendant by leaving copies of the doct.Irents at the defendants dwelling r houser usual place of a1:xXler usual place of h.:isiness r or usual mriling address other than aU. S. Fastal Se:rvice Fast Office Baxr in the presence of a crnpetent m:niter of the housebold or a person aJ;parently in charge of his or her officer place of h.:isinessr or usual mriling address other than aU. S. Fastal Se:rvice Fast Office Baxr at least 18 years of age VIbo was llfomed Mailr Fastage of the contents ~f Pre-Paid) r and by mriling copies of the doct.Irents (By First-Class servEd at the place where the copies of Civil Procedure Procedure and correct , , , . . , to the defendant [J Federal were left. In Compliance With: Rules Fee for service: ~ $ California 81. 21 (A)(23) Code of Civil JUDICIAL COUNCIL FORM, RULE #982 Registered: Number:, . . .S-?li':,F,R-?li':JGI,S~Q" J , , , , , ;2 Q Q 5,- County, I declare under penalty of perjurythat the foregoing is true and that this declaration was executed 2,8 r, ,2qO,5, on:. . , , , , ,D,eye,m1?e.r, 9!:? ,,....... at:, , , , . . . ,S?-I1- fr.aIfc.i~c9, . . ,California. Attorneys Diversified ServIces 2395 BECHELLI LANE, SUITE C Signature: REDDING, CALIFORNIA 96002 . Name, 530-241-1228 Client File # SOLOMON V. BECHTEL 30CIOT263353-OJ PROOF OF SERVICE

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