Elan Microelectronics Corporation v. Apple, Inc.

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Declaration of Sean P. DeBruine in Support Elan Microelectronics Corporation's Opening Claim Construction Brief (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B, # 3 Exhibit C, # 4 Exhibit D, # 5 Exhibit E, # 6 Exhibit F, # 7 Exhibit G, # 8 Exhibit H, # 9 Exhibit I, # 10 Exhibit J, # 11 Exhibit K, # 12 Exhibit L) filed by Elan Microelectronics Corporation. (DeBruine, Sean) (Filed on 5/7/2010) Modified on 5/10/2010 (bw, COURT STAFF).

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EXHIBIT E l il]t ilililil ilt uil uil illilflt il]t tilil ilil ]ilt tililil]t til il] us00727 435382 (10) (45) (rr) United States Patent Chiu et al. TOUCHPńD INTTGRńIED Patent No.: Date of Patent: us 7,274,353B.2 Sep.25,2007 (54) .CAPACITN'E WITE (75) KEY AND EANDWRITING FUNCTIONS lnrreotor", Yen{hang ChŪu, Taipei (TW); Ting-Hao Yeh, Tainan (TW); Yung-Lieh Chien, T„oy,uan (IW); Shih-Chi Lin, Madou Township, Tažnan County (T'ir') (73) Assigtee: E°an Microclectronics Corpor‚tion, Hsin-Chu (TW) Subject to aDy disclaimer, the temr (*) Notice: patent is efended o° adjusted under 35 U.S.C. 154(b) by 425 days. ofthis (21) Appl. No.: 10t668,352 (22) Filed: Sep. 24, 2003 (65) (30) Apl Prior Publication Dat‚ \JS 2004/01962'10 A1 Oct. .t,2OO4 4,885,s74 A lZt989 Nesishi et ‚1. .............34s/1j4 5,402,151 A 3/1995 Duw‚e° ...-..._.............. 345/t73 5,543,589 A 8/1996 Buchan‚ et at. ......... 178/18.03 5,790,114 A 8i/1998 ceagh‚l et Ņt. ............ 1tS/763 5,469,791 A 211999 °/onÓE ..................... nAnO.Ot 6,002,389 A lZl999 K‚lser ....................... 345^j3 6,088,022 ņ 7/2000 R‚koski ...................... 34StŖa 6,340,588 l/2002 NovŅ et al. ..............435/287.t 6,41?,846 7/2002 Lee ........-................... 34s^t3 6,459,424 Bt l012002 Resman ...................... 345/ t 73 6.642,857 Bl II/200J Scbed;*y L Ś1. ............ J4tDO 6,850.229 82 22005 Casebotr er Ņj. ............ J4s/l7J 6,888,536 B2+ 5/2005 Wesre°ma° et ai . ......... 345/1,73 7,030,860 4/2006 Hsu et at ...................345/t73 7,030,862 B2 4 /2006 N oz*j .......... -............ 3 4 5/ \73 2002/0015024 2/2002 wesrer°rD° et at. ......... 345/173 2003/000ůs75 l°200J Moriyr et Ņt. ..............345/u9 2001/006991t Al 4/2003 Omur‚ el at. ............... 7\gt.20s 2003/0076649 4/2003 Spe°kmar ....._............ 361/524 2004/002169t 2.12004 Dosrie et al. ..............,345173 2004/Ol 19100 6/20cr'. Ictik‚.r‚ ........,........., 3451173 2004/012594'7 7/20M Ch‚rlier cr ‚1. ........ 3,tg/433.07 2004'0151014 &2004 Spea-kllž‚n ................... j65/49 2005/0001821 l/2005 Low.......................... 345/,69 * + * i * * ' Bl+ Bl* * + { B1* 4 AI* Al+ * Al4 A1* Att ^l* Al+ Alr (Contirued) Pri nary ņ s s is Foreign Applic‚tion priority D‚ta Enminer-4ipin Shalwala 2,2003 (TŐ– G09G ..........,............... 92205277 U (2006.0– 345/tS6;345/173; 345/ s/00 (s2) U.s. Cl. (58) Field (51) Int. Cl. bnt Ex a m iner-P tabodh Dh‚°ia Q4) AÓoŻey, ņgent, or F,rr-Rose°rberg, Kleill & Lee (s7) 17 ABsrRņcr 4; 345/178;345/t'Ő9 of Classification Search ........ 3451156-159, '709/205; 178/18.01-18.06\ 3451163-169, 173 179, 173; 379/9O.O7; 340/'7 11 438/67 See ‚pplicatio°r file ; 34f20\ 364t188; 4: 365/49; 361/524; 435t287.l for coķplete search history. (56) 4,'745,543 References Cifed U.S. PAIENT DOCUMENTS -frrnctiolls is providcd lor operarion i° kcy. handwriring an„ mouse modes. Sever‚l regions are defi°„d on the pa√l oI the touchpad and have several panems printed tbe„on for 0re operŅtion modes rhereby. ln rhe key Żode, the key pattems among the printed paftems simu°ate a kevboalŅl. In dre^banJwriling mode, the bandwriring region „mong rhe defi°ed regions serves to °Łnd$riring input. In tle m-ouse mode. rhe defined regions provide a cursor movi°g region ‚nd a horizoŐrtal aržd vertical sqoll b‚Ős for input opűrati„ns- A capacitive touc°p‚d integrŅted with key and h‚ndwdtjng A* 5/1988 Miche°er et Ņt 700/83 12 Claims, 4 DraŐvirg Shefs \ ". \ *- 1 I )i/ ,,./ lE=f=iÔr nIžt'…,:" - lr !r°° ll 16 rr r ,)-$ ., ffJ_._ltrl'&1,. *E@E-' '-l \i't't''-l-i.l1i*"ll iil,Lr r" as U.S. PAIENT 2o0s/0o24341 2005/0099403 2005/0129199 7,274,353 B2 Page 2 DOCUMEM'S 345/t't3 2005/0ls6s8l 200710087564 Ali Al4 AI* 2/2005 ci°espie er ‚1. ............ 5/2005 KŚus et ‚1. ................ 345/l?3 6/2005 Abc .-.-.................... 379190.0r * cited by examiner At+ it2lls -trcnt et a1. .................34sn5,7 AJ* 4n00'1 spe‚lcna-o ........ . . 438/674 U.S. Patent as 7,274,353 B2 <----.----> Verical Sc°oll Ba° gžý{ E n : ,' c c.) EI 2ll g I 'l' sl F z F I U.S. Patent Sep. 2s,2007 Sheet 2 of 4 as 7,274,353 B2 (f a\ c{ Ģ tr-+ U.S. Patent sep.2s,,2oo7 as 7,274,353 B2 ,/ --> /--- \ /-, -> -> --> -+ --> r --) iri s o \--> --> A ,/ ca o fr{ U.S. Patent Sep. 25,2007 \o Sheet 4 of 4 as 7,274,353 B2 rf) r°..) \J TT t2 Cņ?WCITIVE TOUCEPņD A . ITH us 1,2'74,353 B2 SUMMARY OF THE ]N\ENIION An objcct of thc presellt iŻvention is to propose a capaci- INTEGRATED KEY AND E,A.NDWRITING FUNCTIONS tive touchpad irtegrated wiķ key aŻd hardwdting furic- FIELD OF THE I}T\°ENTION According to the pŐeselt inveÕion, a capŅcitive touclpad The present invention relates generally to a cŚpacitive integrated with key and handwdting funclions ca°l Provide touchpa4 and, more particularly, to a c-apacitive tűucbpad multĢle oPentioŻ modes, such as keyp‚d, h‚ndwriling ‚ld mouse. The pa.nel of the prese°žt touchP‚d is defined jnto integ;ted wjt° key a;d hardwriring fŁncžioDs. 10 seve…l regioŻs with pleýty of patrenžs printed tltereoý for °ePresenting the intefaces conesponding to the operŅtion BACKGROLTŐ.ID OF THE IIMNTION modes- In the key mode, the key pattems amoDg the printed . nanems simulate a kevboard. Őn the h‚ndwrit°nř mode.lhe __ -_--, loýcDpao ,s well KnowD ‚no wtoety ýseo ln vanous : ., ž_- , handwrit°°e repJoý amoDg tbe defi°ed regioos serves to eleclronlc producls. louchpad provroes a srmDle, e‚sv ‚no ls handwririnp inour. ln the °nouse mode, lhe defined regions ' cneap poķtlng oevtce- sýcll ‚s rnosc rn raprop compurer sysĢms tor mouse ruBcŻoD. r°ķ, 5 snows a scnemaÕc , -, - : :-- _-_ scroll b‚rs lor inDur operarions. cuagram ol ule consrýcÕotr or a toucnp‚o ‚nG r°e opemtional principle thereof, in which an insularor pl‚re lnot BruEF DESCRIPTIoN oF THE DRAWINGS shown) is aÕajrged on re top ol the funclioDal slŅck to consisiing ofa giound plate 36, a lav* :l,tÔÓ:_ of them *.". and otber objects, features a°rar advantages of rhe '--:-.---:-Y-‚xiÁ. ‚ l‚ver .'l rr‚ceÁ 40 ‚lonu X-„xis. all 1s" il:Ô ''-." ','.:" .' lo lhose skjlied io r°ve°llron will Drcsent 'co°°ected to a co°trol circu iL 46 aparl lrom thc oanel 12. A° :'-'-ž 'ýpo°-- -': , become opparenl descriplion oI rhe te ‚r co°sideralion of rhe lollowing eo,i\,‚renr c‚n‚cir.‚nce 42 -*.,r* b"r**ii;" ňli;iÓŠš ,, prelerŌeq emřocllme°Ls ol tue preseDl mveBllon taŖe°l m r'-'.-'-: -"'-:, : -38 „ndthe sroužžd Dlate -36. ‚nd ‚n eouivalent cabacit‚rre 44 ,{ conlullcllon žrrrn rne ‚ccompanyLDg olŚw[rgs, m wŐlrco: '', -' presenls between the X-axis trace 40 and lhe s.round otrt" " -'_;--;'l' o,agmm ol a cŅpacrlrve louclžpao i6. once finger or conducror rouching tbe p„nel t.z. the -- l]Ō,-'^ 1"^ilt"-it"l°c iŻvention and ils key' handwriting accordi°g lo the Presenf t„ co'tror cžrcuir 46 determines °* a*n"š fiogerorcooducLorby sensing the chalge in "Śi°T"-„i ol capacita'ces .., '"o",i":t:- T:::i , -*a.., eaib corresponding i8 *d 4ű and iespoods Ý. .^"'1".^'-iŐ,ől"",.-:,ő"^:i:]tt t' rbe prese°r rnve'rroo ‚pp rred t *iÔo"'r'Ŗšil""ŚŁX'"*agram of a capacilire rouchpad or ^ There are dýee tJ?es of touclžp‚ds, i.e.. resist°ve. electe prcsent invention with; backlight illuminatioD; tromagretic ‚lld cap‚citive. The capacjtive tonchpad wŅs FiG. 4 is ‚ schematic diagram of„ capacitive touchpad of applied lor touchirg Õlode modtors such as those in pýblic the present iovenrion witl „ frontlight ž umination; Śnd lntemet pho[es and grriding systeķs. However. the capaci- °s FiG. 5 sho*" , .c°ematic diagrair oft°e coostruction of TlŐe resistžvc Õž'tber process. tive louchpad lacks of handwriting imction. a touchpad and the operational frinciple thereoi touclžpadhas been used for touching modc monilors such as tlś applicatiors in pe°sonal digital assistalts (PDA) and DETAILED DESCRIpTION OF THE electlonic dictioraies. UDfortunatelf the resistive loýchpad IN\ENIION ca°rot be iŻputted by light touching of users'fingers. Cu°- 40 rentlf the modules available for h‚Żdž/',riting recognitiols FlG. 1 is an embodiment of tlže pŐescDt invcntion. A and keypads on lablet PCs ‚|d electronjc books a°e all buchpad 10 coýp°ises a pa[el 12 for ilgers or conductors iķplemeDted widr resistive or elect°oýagnetic touchpads. to tou'ch thereto fir iDput, a mode switclipattem 14 o°r the TlŐe resistive toucLpad is opemted oDly by focused-poj t p‚rel 12 ro switch tie-capacitive toucirpad 10 to key, pressing oD žts panel, ard the electromag°etic toucltpad is +s irandwriting or mouse modež by touching the°eoŻ, viÕu;l opemted by a battered input pen key regioni 16, 18 ard 20 defiried on thJ panel 12, and a h conside°atioD of fti[ctiooaljty and cost. dre capacitive liquid crystai display (l-CD) 22 ro display the inpý data touchpad is obviously prelŤrred over the rcsistive and from said virtual key regions 16, 18 and 20. Those skilled in tromagnetic fouchpŚds. Tlže opemtioý‚l principle of the art of the cap‚cilive touchpad ýndersta.nd that the conc‚pacilive touchp‚d employs tl» iNtant electric chaýge 50 struction ofthe p‚Żel 12 maiŻly co°nprises aŻ iŻsulator pl‚te produced by capacilive efect ill lesponse 1o a user's otr tlže top surface and a bo11om substrale formed widl a o°conductor's touch oržto the parel ofthe tožžcl–‚d to condýctor wiring thereorž. TlŐe conductor wiring c‚n be ihe positioD dre fi[ger or coržductor is toýching. Unlike m‚de ofŻetal o° other conductive rnateržals, such as indium elect°o agnetic toýclpad, ihe cap‚citžve touchpad is easy tin oxide (ITO), alld the sýbstu„te c‚-n be ‚ pdnted circuit inte°face fo° use°s aŻd needs l1o1 ‚ pož°°e°-consumed i°put 55 board @CB), a membrale, or a trŚnspareDt substlate. The electhe fiager detect the to pen. C)n the other hand, interfacing olrto the capacitjve lžardware structurc of the colll]entio°lal parlel is not the louchpad requires uo focused presscd pojDl ‚s thal to the -leaLul.e of tite preselt invention, Ņmd a conveýtional pŅž°rel °esistive touchp‚d ‚ltd lhus gives the capacitive touchpad a can be modified to be the ha°dwa°e fo° ihe inve°ted touchlonger lifetime. Moreovel the c‚pacitive toýchpad has pad. simple coŖt°uction, fewer compoleDts, atd highe° pŐoduc- 60 When the touclžpad 10 js switched to the key mode, Lhe tion yield, and as a result, lower cost is achieved lÚr mass [umbers, ..#', arld '.*" key pattems olr tl… virtual key regiou production thereby. 16, the "Dial", "Corect" and ýp/dowli futclioŻ key paftems By the ‚foremertioned illustratioD, obviously, dre capaci- on the key region 18, ‚ýd the "Resure", "Redial" atd "Resen e" furclion keys pattems on d1e virtual key region tive louchpad has more ‚dvanl‚ges thaŻ tlle other two. Ifthe capacžtive touclžpad is modjned to be inlegrŅted with more 65 20 a°e shown as [ume°ic rcfercl:ce 24- Ōre aÕ‚ngemeDt iDpŁt Õžnctions, such as keyboard and h‚ndwriti[g, a low- referred by 24 serves as a° input device or žŻterface of ‚ telepho¬e, and users can input tbe telephone numbe° fo° cost ‚nd easy{o-use iķpui interlŗce could be provided. us 7,274,353 B2 a ‚ sýbslmte selected ftoŻ the group consisti[g ofPCB, mode, membmne and tr‚Dsparent plate; the virtual key Őegions 16 aŻd 20 becone a handwriting s region 25, coryorŅting .°r'ith the "Input", "Co°rect", "Font" ‚ corductor wi°ing on said substrale; a°d and "Choose" Ó.°nction pattems o°1 the virtu‚l key region 18, an irlsulato° covercd on said conductor wiring. as showŻbyruýber 26. This ar°angement prcvides users for 2. A capacitive touchpad oI claim 1, wherein said conhardwiting inpžrt. Users write on thir iDpul dŅta or draw- ductor wiring comprises an ITO. irgs by filgen or coýductors in the handwdt;rg regio°. l0 3. A capa„itive touchpad of claim 1, whereh s‚id io"ýARer recognized by soflw„re or hŚrdware. e.g.. recogoition lator is tra°soa°ent module, the handwriti[g iDpul, such as trŠces. words. ‚0d 4. A mobil'e telephone charŅcterized in a capacitive louchsl,mbols, aŐe sŐlown on the LCD 22 pad included thereon, said capacitive touchp„d comp°ising: By switching the tožchpad 10 to the m°u. se mod-e. the ' a panel for touch inputting; virtual key region 16 becomes a cuŖor m:li".q panel-for representiŻg a _ ry._19i ,, ; ill;;;;;;.aid users lo cootrol lle cursor movemen° by touchin . on this :" swllc saro loucbpao řetween a Key mode switch '-::':-':. mooe ano ‚ vitu‚l key region 18 bŚomes u region. Purthermore. rhe :o 'b handwriting mode; veÓical scroll uar, and th" virt"a …y .egion 2ž beco;es a a plŁ‚lity of regions defined on said panel; and 1i° horizontal scroll bar, a, by .lÔe vefic‚l ‚nd horizont‚Ő sc°ollnirm"ňur ii »lc.-r. a FlurŅliry of second Pattems on s‚id plurality oflegions "hor., ba°s provided by the for operaliou i√ said key and handwriting modcs; vi°tual key regioŻs 18 ‚nd 20 simul‚te thL funcrion ihar a 20 wherejn sajd p‚nel co°npdses: mouse scrols„ lviŻdov° vertic‚lly and ho°izonlally, as those a substrate selected Żom the group colsisting ofPCB, ižl Microsoft Offce word processing sollware. řunhe° e meŻbmne aýd traDspalent plate; judgment modýle can be firrthel added to detennine tlže a conductot wiriýg on said substrŅte; and number of fingers toucliýg o)t the paŻet 12, aýd thereby an iŻsulator covercd on said coŻductor \°/iring. difereŻt °rstructio°s can be performed according to the 25 numbe° of the fingers. For ex‚°nple, a touching of two 5. A mobile telephoýe of claim 4, wherein s‚id colductor lžngers rep°eseņts a left click on a mouse, and a louchilrg o-[ wiring comprises an ITO. tb°ee fngers represents a right click on a °Żouse. 6. A mobile telephoýe of claim 4, wherein said insul‚tor I° olher embodimenrs. t°e arr‚°gemeŻr ol lbe viÕual key is lmDspareot. °egiots of the pa°rcl 12 irŐ tlś key mode can be a coŐ°puler :o 7. A iapacitive touchpad integrated with key Ņ°nd mouse keyboard 30. as shown i° FIC. 2. tuncrions- cum'risinu: Ligbt soýrce cŅIž be flrnleŐ Fovided for tbe parcl 12. a panel for rŗuch inputting; FIG. 3 shows Ś case whe°e the pýel 12-of-rhe_,c,apacitive c ‚rst pettern on saidpanel'iorrepresenting a mode switch touchpad is tla°sparent, sŻclž as gl‚ss, ‚fld a ba:Slight 3:-ls ro sÔitch said touchpad betreen a k„y mode and a provided for tbe paDel 12 from rlle backside of ķe p‚nel 12 ], --.r." -"„", . :-':.---;to improve the words ordrawings djspl‚yed lhermn.ln Flc. tenneo on sa°o paner: ano 4, it is provided a lrontligbt :ž for rhe panel 12 from lbe ' !li-1]y ":l:gtt"t a plurality of second pattems on said pluralitv of regions paneŐ 12 to en°an"e rle iš°„s ;; ;ŚÓ;ni; frofiside of rýe for opemtion in said key and mouse modes; display. wl°e°ein said palrel comp°ises: dialing by foýching the corresponding key p‚ttems. The irputted telephone numbe° is shown on the LCD 22 afte° prccessiŻg the toýched signals by software or hardwale. plurŅlity of secoŻd patlems on said plŁality ofrcgions for operation in said key and haDdwriting modes; whereiD said panel compriscs: If the touclžpad 10 js switclžed to the b‚odwdting membr‚ne aŻd tr‚nsparent platei a conduclor wiring on saiŅl subsLr‚1e; ‚°d an insulatol covered on said conductor wiriDg. 8 A capacilive touchpad of claim 7, whereiD said conApplication for inpýt device o° iýte°f‚ce ofany such „s mobile phÚne, public Intemet plķ°e, űů'oputet +s ductor wirižg comprises an ITO 9. A capacjtive toýchpad of clain 7, whe°ein sažd iŖukeyboard, PDA, iŻfoÕnarion appliarce (IA) ‚nd dictionary, the ‚dv‚ýtages ofthe present inveDtion become lator is transparenl. I0. A cap‚citive toýchpad iýtegruted with rnouse and much clearly. Especially usjng on cellýl‚r phones, the function of the phoýes c‚° be incrc‚sed eromrously handwrifilg Õluctio°s, comprjsing: decreased thickness, and the cost is cheape° co»rpa°ed to the ‚ p‚llel fo°touch iDputtjng; keJpad module in convention‚l cellýl„r a first pattem o°r said panel for representing a mode swilch \ Tile the p°ese[t inve[tion has been descnbed in to switch said touchpad betweer a moýse mode ‚nd a junction with prefeÕed elllbodimeilts dre°eof. it is ha4dwriting mode; ihat many alte°natjve.s, ýodificatiožŐs arld vffiations will a pluraliry of-regions Ņlefined on saiŅl p‚nel; ‚nd is appareŻl to those skjlled in the ‚lt. ņccordjxgly. a plu.atiry of se„old panems oý said pluraliry ofrcgions 'for intended to emb°ace all such altematives, modjficŚlions opŠmrion iý said mouse aýd haldwriting mo„es; variatioržs Őal fall witlin rhe spirit and sconp lherenl lžs sel forth iý the appended cžaims. g.oup consisting or rce, memhrane Śnd trŅnsparcnt plate; \4hat is cŐarmed 1. -4. capacirive rouchpad inreemred wirh key and rrandŚŌ,:u"Ś"'::'1u":lÔŚiiT,iiorn", w°itžng functioDs, 11- A capacitive touchp‚d of claim 10, rvŮe°eir said a panel fo° touch irlputtiŐrg; conductor wiring comprises an ITO a irst pattem oll s‚id paDel for representžŻg a mode 12. A c‚p‚citive toýchpad of clairn 10, rvhereit said to switch said touchpad betweeý a key Łode and ‚ 65 insulato° is traŻspaael1t. handwriting mode; a plurality ofregions defined orr s‚id p‚nelž and usķally. rhe key. word lurd symbol p‚flerns to represenr noy ou-t!, or frlction keys Šr" p.ltt"J „o tri" i.l"r„i* "o pŁte on the top of the paireŐ 12, ^However, variatiorN o° inodifications aie possibl„ withiŻ the scope of lhe pŐese[t a substr‚te selected from the group consisting of PcB, inveltio°, ^ appýatus. elecfonic inpýt with 50 phones. co°evideDt be it 55 šnd ' i"'rÔ.Ôl:"ti::,šištrTr,e :""Ł1Ő:ff is: 60 comp°isiýg: switch

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