Hibnick v. Google Inc.

Filing 150

Transcript Designation and Ordering Form for proceedings held on 2/7/2011 before Judge James Ware, re 145 Transmission of Notice of Appeal and Docket Sheet to USCA, 140 Notice of Appeal, Transcript due by 8/22/2011. (Palmer, Joseph) (Filed on 7/21/2011)

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United States District Court Northern District of California Transcript Designation and Ordering Form u.s. Court of Appeals Case No. 11-16639 U.S. District Court Case No. 5:10-cv-00672-JW Short Case Title In re: Google Buzz User Privacy Litigation Date Notice of Appeal Filed by Clerk of District Court 06/30/11 SECTION A - To be completed by party ordering transcript. HEARING DATE 02/07/11 ! COURT REPORTER Lee-Anne Shortridge III HEARING TYPE Final Fairness Hearing I attach addlhonal page for deslgnalions If necessary) I do not intend to designate any portion of the transcript and will notify all counsel of this intention. As retained counsel (or litigant proceeding in pro per), I request a copy of the transcript and guarantee payment to the reporter of the cost thereof upon demand. I further agree to pay for work done prior to cancellation of this order. D As appointed counsell certify that .an appropriate order authorizing preparation of the transcript at the expense of the United States has been, or within 5 days hereof, will be, obtained and delivered to the reporter. I agree to recommend payment for work done prior to cancellation of this order. Name, Address and Telephone number of Attorney/Pro Per Litigant Date Transcript Ordered 2/10/11 (Paid) a J. Darrell Palmer Law Offices of Darrell Palmer 603 N. Highway 101, Suite A Solana Beach, CA 92075 (858) 792-5600 lsi J. Darrell Palmer Signature Attorney/Pro Per Litigant This form is divided into five parts. It should be used to comply with the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure and the Local Rules of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit regarding the designation and ordering of court reporter's transcripts. Please note the specific instructions below. If there are further questions, contact the District Court Clerk's Office in which your case was filed: San Francisco (415) 522-2000; San Jose (408) 535-5363; or Oakland (510) 637-3530. SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS FOR ATTORNEYS (1) Pick up form from district court clerk's office when filing the notice of appeal or download an interactive version of form from www.cand.uscourts.gov. (2) Complete Section A, place additional deSignations on blank paper if needed. (3) Send Copy 1 to District Court. (4) Send Copy 4 to opposing counsel. Make additional photocopies if necessary. (5) Send Copies 2 and 3 to court reporter(s). Contact court reporter(s) to make further arrangements for payment. (6) Continue to monitor progress of transcript preparation. COpy ONE CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 I hereby certify that on July 21, 2011, I electronically filed the foregoing Transcript Designation and Ordering Form with the Clerk of the Court ofthe United States District Court for the Northern District of California by using the USDC CMlECF system. I certify that notice has been electronically mailed to the following participants in the case by the USDC CMIECF system: Albert Gidari, Jr AGidari(aJ,perkinscoie.com, CAdler@perkinscoie.com Christopher A. Seeger cseeger((i)seegerweiss.com, Dmora@seegerweiss.com, jgrand@seegerweiss.com Daniel A Osborn dosborn@osbornlavv]J.c.com, bcoleman(ii{osbornlawpc.com, ecf(aJ,osbornla\vpc.com David Burman dburman@,perkinscoie.com Donna F Solen dsolen(iV,masonlawdc.com, adicoccortilmasonlawdc.com, mdicocco@masonlawdc.com Gary E. Mason gmason@masonlawdc.com, adicocco@masonlawdc.com, mdicocco(a)masonlawdc.com, nmigliaccio@masonlawdc.com Jeffrey Phillip Harris jharris@.statmal1harris.com, lschutte@statmanhauis.com John William Davis john@iohnwdavis.com Jonathan Shub jshub@seegerweiss.com, kwicklinertilseegerweiss.com, 19riftith(illseegerweiss.com = Jonathan P. Hayden ionathan.haydcnrtillh-sLcom, davies@lh-sf.com, lucas@lh-sf.com o Marina Trubitsky marina.trubitskv(ii{lawcontact.com, denis.davydov(iiJ,lawcontact.com Martin Dante Murphy martin@,lmslaw.com Michael D. Braun servicera{braunlawgroup.com, clc@braunlawgroup.com Michael Francis Ram mrarn@ramolson.com, awilliams@ramolsol1.com Peter W. Thomas peter@thomasgenshaft.com Reginald Von Terrell reggiet2(cUaol.com Susan D. Fahringer sfahringer@perkinscoie.com, docketsea@perkinscoie.com, rgregory(illperkinscoie.com - 4> 16 17 18 .... 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Notice bas been mailed to via U.S. Mail: Alan J. Statman Statman Harris & Eyrich LLC 441 Vine St., Suite 3700 Carew Tower Cincinnati, OH 45202 Warren Sibley Brent Clifton 9825 Elmcrest Dallas, TX 75238 Phone: 214-629-1340 4224 Lomo Alto Court Dallas, TX 75209 Phone: 214-566-3515 151 J. Darrell Palmer 1. Darrell Palmer, Attorney for Objector 28 1 5: 1O-CV-00672-JW CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE

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