Barrous et al v. BP P.L.C. et al

Filing 17

STIPULATION AND ORDER EXTENDING TIME TO ANSWER re 11 . Signed by Judge Koh on 8/20/2010. (lhklc1, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 8/20/2010)

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Barrous et al v. BP P.L.C. et al Doc. 17 1 2 J Jeffrey M. Hamerling (Bar No. 91532) iham erlinsě Ůrutnp ntT¨ T. Perez (Bar No. 234030) Tp ercz@ar chernorris. c om 4 5 ARCHERNORRIS 2033 North Main Street, Suite 800 Walnut Creek, CA 94596-3759 Telephone: Facsimile: 925.930.6600 925.930.6620 6 7 8 o 10 Attomevs for Defendants BP o.l.c.. BP Exploration & Oil, líc. (a dissolved comoratÝon), erroneously sued herein as BP Ex˘loration and Oil, lnc., BP Products North America Inc., and BP Corporation North America lnc. TINITED STATES DISTRICT COURT NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA SAN JOSE DIVISION i1 72 13 I4 15 Maria Barrous, an individual and as Trustee of the Barrous Living Trust, Demetrois Banous, an individual, dba Jimmy's Restaurant, LHK CaseNo. CL0-02944LHK I6 17 Plaintiffs, i8 19 20 27 BP p.l.c., BP Exploration and Oil' Inc.' BP Products North America, Inc , BP Comoration North America, Inc., ConocoPhillips Company and DOES l-20. inclusive, Defendants. STIPULATION AND IPROPOSED] ORDER FOR EXTENSION FOR BP P.L.C., BP EXPLOR─TION AND OIL' INC.. BP PRODUCTS NORTH AIUERICA rNC.: AND BP CORPORATTON NORTTI AM╔RICA INC. AND CONOCOPHILLPS COMPANYTO ANSWEROR OTHERWISE R.ESPOND TO PLAINTIFFS' COMPLAINT 22 23 TO THE COIIRT AND TO ALL PARTIES OF RECORD: 25 PursuanttoLocalRule6-i(a),PlaintiffsMariaBarrous,anindividualandasTrusteeof Jimmy's Restaurant (collectively the Barrous Living Trust, Demetrois Barrous, an individual, dba .,Plaintiffs,') and defendants BP p.l.c., BP Exploration & erroneously sued herein as BP Exploration and lo 27 28 oil, Inc. (a dissolved corporation), oil, Inc., BP Products North America Inc., and BP STIP. AND EXT. OF TIME TO RESPOND AND IPROPOSED] ORDER stipulate, through their corporation North America Inc. (collectively "BP Defendants") hereby c 10-02944 PW 1 attorneys ofrecord, as follows: 2 3 A.OnMay20,2010,plaintiffsMariaBarrous,anindividualandasTrusteeofthe Srtoís living Trust, and Demetrois Barrous, an individual, dba Jimmy's Restaurant 4 5 (colleotively referred to hereinafter as "Plaiűtiffs") fited their complairrt in the Superior Court of fhe State of California in and for the City of SarL Jose and County of Santa Clara erfŘ˙ed Mariţ 6 7 8 9 10 11 Barrous, et aL v. BP, ef aL, as case Number 1-10-cv-172452 ("Sta═e naming the BP Defendants, among others. The State Action was subsequently removed by the BP Defendants to the San Jose Division of the Northern District of the United States District Court on July 6, 2010' ^cfion"), B. Plaintiffs and the BP Defendants filed a first stipulation to extend the response dates rmtil Augus t 12,2010. The first stipulation extended the time to respond by nol more than any ofthe BP Defendant tlirty (30) days for 12 13 c. In ordeí to coordinate response dates with Defendant conocoPhillips company and to further explore whether the defendants may retain cornmon counsel, the BP Defendants seek an additional t4 15 16 77 18 l0 days to August 22,2010, to file a response ° Plaintiffs' complaint. STIPUL└TION Plaintiffs and the BP Defendants, by their respective attomeys of record, hereby st■late as follows and request the Court enter an order embodying their stipulation: 1. Plaintffs and the BP Defendants and have agteed to exlend and oonsolidate the t9 20 21. response date for all ofthe BP Defendants by l0 days, such that the new response date to aíswer or otherwise respond to Plaintiffs' Complaint by the BP Defendants shall be @@2010. IT IS SO STIPIILATED: Dated: August 1i, 2011 22 23 LAS/ OFFICES OF STEVEN A. ELLENBERG 24 25 ┐o Steven A. 27 28 STIP. AND EXT. OF TIME TO RESPOND AND [PROPOSED] ORDER c I ˘-orq┐┐ pvT 1 Dated: August 11, 2010 ARCHERNORRIS 2 J 4 5 6 /S/ Jefftey M. Hamerling Jeffrey M. Hamerling Attomevs for Defendants BP n.l.c.. BP Exploration & Oit, Inc. (a dissolved corporation), erroneously sued herein as BP ExplorŃtion and Oi1, Inc', BP Produ,cts North America lnc., BP Corporation North America Inc. 1 8 IPROPOSED] ORDER PI-,T.SUANT TO STIPIILATION, IT IS SO ORDERED thAt: 9 t0 11 1. The due date for the BP Defendants to respond to the Plaintiffs' complaint sha11 be extended to AttgusT 22,2010- 12 73 Dated: August 20, 2010. T4 15 -, 76 T7 18 Honorable United States District Judge 19 80314136/1000474-l 20 2l 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 STIP. AND EXT. OF TIME TO RESPOND AND IPROPOSED] ORDER c 10-02944 PVT

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