Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. et al

Filing 542

Administrative Motion to File Under Seal re Samsung's Response to Apple's Opening Claim Construction Brief filed by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.. (Attachments: # 1 Declaration Declaration of Brian Mack in Support of Motion to Seal, # 2 Exhibit Samsung's Response to Apple's Opening Claim Construction Brief, # 3 Exhibit Declaration of Todd M. Briggs in Support of Samsung's Response to Apple's Opening Claim Construction Brief, # 4 Exhibit Exhibit A to Briggs Decl, # 5 Exhibit Exhibit B to Briggs Decl, # 6 Exhibit Exhibit C to Briggs Decl, # 7 Exhibit Exhibit D to Briggs Decl, # 8 Exhibit Exhibit E to Briggs Decl, # 9 Exhibit Exhibit F to Briggs Decl, # 10 Exhibit Exhibit G to Briggs Decl, # 11 Exhibit Exhibit H to Briggs Decl, # 12 Exhibit Exhibit I to Briggs Decl, # 13 Exhibit Exhibit J to Briggs Decl, # 14 Exhibit Exhibit K to Briggs Decl, # 15 Exhibit Exhibit L to Briggs Decl, # 16 Exhibit Exhibit M to Briggs Decl, # 17 Exhibit Exhibit N to Briggs Decl, # 18 Exhibit Exhibit O to Briggs Decl, # 19 Exhibit Exhibit P to Briggs Decl, # 20 Exhibit Exhibit Q to Briggs Decl, # 21 Exhibit Exhibit R to Briggs Decl, # 22 Exhibit Exhibit S to Briggs Decl, # 23 Exhibit Exhibit T to Briggs Decl, # 24 Exhibit Exhibit U to Briggs Decl, # 25 Exhibit Exhibit V to Briggs Decl, # 26 Exhibit Exhibt W to Briggs Decl, # 27 Exhibit Exhibit X to Briggs Decl, # 28 Proposed Order Proposed Order Granting Motion to Seal)(Maroulis, Victoria) (Filed on 12/22/2011)

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EXHIBIT C APLNDC00027922 APLNDC00028082 APLNDC00028083 APLNDC00028084 APLNDC00028085 APLNDC00028103 APLNDC00028111 APLNDC00028112 APLNDC00028113 APLNDC00028114 APLNDC00028115 APLNDC00028116 APLNDC00028117 APLNDC00028118 APLNDC00028119 APLNDC00028120 APLNDC00028121 APLNDC00028122 APLNDC00028123 APLNDC00028124 APLNDC00028125 APLNDC00028126 APLNDC00028127

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