Taran v. Bankers Life and Casualty Company

Filing 16

STIPULATION AND ORDER Continuing Case Management Conference from 1/6/012 to 1/20/2012 re 13 Stipulation. Joint Case Management Conference statement due 1/13/2012. Case Management Conference set for 1/20/2012 10:00 AM in Courtroom 4, 5th Floor, San Jose. Signed by Judge Edward J. Davila on 1/3/2012. (ecg, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 1/3/2012)

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S ER Anthony T. Case, Esq. (SBN 149583) FARMER CASE HACK & FEDOR 402 W. Broadway, Suite 1100 San Diego, California 921 01 (619) 338-0300 I (619) 338-0180 (Fax) tcase@fm·mercase.com R NIA avila FO a rd J . D LI UNIT ED RT U O 8 dw J u d ge E A H 7 RT 6 D RDERE IS SO O FIED IT DI AS MO NO 1 Steven K. Huffer, Esq. (Ind. SBN 8459 49) S.K. HUFFER & ASSOCIATES, P.C. 2 12220 N. Meridian Street, Suite 150 Carmel, Indiana 46032 3 (317) 564-4807 I (317) 564-4812 (Fax) steveh@hufferlaw.com 4 Counsel Pro Hac Vice for Defendant 5 BANKERS LIFE AND CASUALTY COMPANY S DISTRICT TE C TA N F D IS T IC T O R C 9 10 Counsel for Defendant BANKERS LIFE AND CASUALTY COMPANY 11 12 UNITED STATI£S DISTRICT COURT 13 NORTHERN DISTRICT OJ<' CALIFORNIA- SAN JOSE DIVISION 14 ROSALIE TARAN, CASE NO.: 5:11-cv-04379-EJD ) ) Plaintiff, 15 v. 16 17 BANKERS LIFE AND CASUALTY COMPANY, a Qorporation, 18 Defendant. 19 ~) STIPULATION AND [PROPOSED] ORDER TO CONTINUE THE INITIAL DISCLOSURES DATE AND CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE ) ) ~ I 20 21 Judge: Magistrate: Hon, Edward J, Davila (Cl'tRm I) l-Ion. Howard R. Lloyd (CrtRm 2) Action Flied: August 26, 201 I 22 23 Plaintifl'ROSALIE TARAN and Defendant BANKERS LIFE AND CASUALITY 24 COMPANY, by and through their counsel of record, make the following stipulation in the above- 25 entitled action: 26 Ill 27 /// 28 C:\Docmncnts :md Settlngs\lodle..bohnluw\Local Settings\Temporury Intemet Files\Content.Outlooj{\TGIMNNOO\stlp cant lnitlu! disc. doc I STIPULATION AND [PROPOSED] ORDER TO CONTINUE THE INITIAL DISCLOSURES DATE AND CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE . 1. On September 1, 2011, the Court issued a Scheduling Order, setting December 30, 20 II as 2 the deadline for the parties to exchange Initial Disclosures and January 6, 2011 for the 3 Cases Management Conference, '2. The December 30 111 disclosures date presents a logistical issue for Defendant's counsel due 4 5 to the holidays. The disclosure date falls between two major holidays and therefore 6 necessary parties have been and will be absent on vacation, Thus making it nearly 7 impossible to obtain the documents and information necessary for the initial disclosures. 8 To accommodate Defendant's counsel's difficulty in obtaining the information necessary 9 for the initial disclosures, Plaintiff has agreed to stipulate to continue the Initial Disclosures deadline by one week to January 6, 2012. 10 3, Additionally the Case Management Conference is set to take place on January 6, 20 II. 11 12 This date presents an issue for Plaintiff's counsel due to scheduling conflict, To 13 accommodate Plaintiff's counsel, Defendant has agreed to stipulate to continue the Case 14 Management Conference hy one week to January 13,2012 or January 20,2012, whichever 15 the Comt has available. 16 Ill 17 Ill 18 Ill 19 Ill 20 Ill 21 Ill 22 Ill 23 Ill 24 Ill 25 Ill 26 Ill 27 28 Ill C:\Documents and Se!tlngs\lodie.hohnlaw\Local ScLlings.iTJilllPPI11ry Internet Elles\Conlent Outlook\TG!MNNOO\stip cont initlnl dlso.d__QQ______ 2 STJPULATION AND [PROPOSED] ORDER TO CONTINUE TI-IE INITIAL DISCLOSURES DATE AND CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE 1 Because good cause exists for the short extension, it is hereby stipulated and agreed by and 2 between the patiies that the Initial Disclosures deadline be continued to January 6, 2012 and the 3 Case Management Conference will be continued to January 13,2012 or January 20,2012, 4 whichever date is first available with the Court. s 6 7 8 · Dated: December /12011 '{J:4J4. ROBERT H. BOHN, ESQ. Attorneys for Plaintiff ROSALIE TARAN 9 10 S.K. HUFFER & ASSOCIATES,P.C. 11 By: 12 13 14 Dated: December ?!J, 2011 Pro Hac Vice Coum;eljfqr BANKERS LIFE n.":w'-t-">u,_,,LTY COMPANY 1'5 16 FARMER CASE HACK & FEDOR 17 By: 18 19 20 21 22 23 ANTHONY T. ASE, ESQ. Attorneys for Defendant BANKERS LIFE AND CASUALTY CO. Dated: December'h:J, 2011 The Case Management Conference currently scheduled for 1/6/2012 is continued to IT IS SO ORDERED. 1/20/2012 at 10:00 a.m. Pursuant to stipulation, IT IS SO ORDERED. 24 25 Dated: January 3, 2012 HON. HOWARD R. LLOYD EDWARD J. DAVILA UNITED STATES MAGISTRATE JUDGE United States District Judge 26 27 28 ~:\Documents and Settlug~odlc.bolut1nw\Loon1 Setttns,.;\Tempormy Internet f1iles\Content.Otlt1ooi<\TGIMNN00\')tlo...&1IDllnillilL~1«QSC&<.dO!lLC-~ 3 STIPULATION AND [PROPOSED] ORDER TO CONTINUE THE INITIAL DISCLOSURES DATE AND CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE

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