Google Inc. v. Rockstar Consortium US LP et al

Filing 10

SUMMONS Returned Executed by Google Inc.. MobileStar Technologies LLC served on 12/26/2013, answer due 1/16/2014. (Warren, Matthew) (Filed on 1/6/2014)

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For Court Use Allomey or Party without Attorney: QUINN EMANUEL URQUHART & SULLIVAN 50 CALIFORNIA STREET, 22ND FLOOR SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94111 FA)(No:415-875-6700 Telephone No: 415-875-6600 On~v IR4 No. or File No.: Attorneyfor: Plaintiff Insert name ofCourt, and Judicial District and Branch Court: United States District Court For The Northern District Of California Plaintiff: GOOGLE INC. I Defendant: ROCKSTAR CONSORTIUM US LP, BT AL PROOF OF SERVICE SUMMONS IN A CIVIL Hearing Date: 'Dept/Dill: 'Time: Case Number: 13-cv-05933 PSG 1. At the time ofservice I was at least 18 years of age and not a party to this action. 2. I served copies of the Summons InA Civil Action; Googte Inc.'s Corporate Disclosure Statement And Certification Of Interested Entit ies Or Persons; Complaint; Notice Of Assignment Of Case To A United States Magistrate Judge For Trial; Order Setting Initial Case Management Conference And Adr Deadlines; Blank Consent To Proceed Before A United States MagisuĀ·ate Judge; Blank Declination To Proceed Before A Magistrate Judge; Standing Order For Civil Pract ice In Cases Assigned For All Purposes To Magistrate Judge PaulS. Grewal; Standing Order For All Judges Of The Northern District Of California; Joint Case Management Statement And [Proposed) Order; Adr Instructions; Adr Procedures Booklet; BcfRegistration Information Handout; Settlement Conference Procedures; Standing Order Regarding Case Management In Civil Cases; Adr Certification By Parties And Counsel; Cons enting To A Magistrate Judge's Jurisdiction In The Northern District Of California 3. a. Party served: b. Person served: MOBILESTAR TECHNOLOGY LLC C/0 CT CORPORATION SYSTEM TRACIE ROLLYWOOD, AUTHORIZED TO ACCEPT 4. Address where the party was served: 1999 BRYA.J.~ STREET 9TH FLOOR DALLAS, TX 75201 5. I served the parry: a. by personal service. I personally delivered the documents listed in item 2 to the party or person authorized to receive service of process fo~: the party (1) on: Thu., Dec. 26, 2013 (2) at: 1 :3SPM 7. Person Wlzo Served Papers: Recoverable Cost Per CCP l 033.5{a)(4){B) a. ANTHONY M COLLINS d. The Fee for Service was: ~&AlEGAL SERVICE* 1541 Bayshore Hwy. Email: Burllngarne, CA 94010-1602 Fax (6PQ) 697-46.W (650) 697-9431 . 8. I declare under penalty ofperjury Date:Thu, Dec. 26,2013 Judidal Cg_uncil Form Rule 2.lSO.(a)&(b) Rev January J, 2007 e. lam: (i) Independent Contractor

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