In re National Security Agency Telecommunications Records Litigation

Filing 198

Memorandum in Opposition re 190 MOTION Scheduling Order filed byUnited States of America, United States of America. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit Exh A -- Proposed Schedule# 2 Proposed Order Proposed Order)(Haas, Alexander) (Filed on 3/14/2007)

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EXHIBIT A United States' Proposed Consolidated Schedule for Further Proceedings (Verizon, Shubert, Al-Haramain, and State Cases Only) DATE April 6, 2007 CASE State Cases--All 1 EVENT United States' Consolidated Motion for Summary Judgment April 12, 2007 USG Case--Al-Haramain 2 United States' Opposition to Plaintiffs' Motion for Partial Summary Judgment USG Case--Al-Haramain Carrier Case--Verizon 3 Al-Haramain Plaintiffs' Reply in Support of Summary Judgment United States' State Secrets Privilege Assertion and Dispositive Motion(s) Verizon Defendants' Dispositive Motion(s) Hearing on Al-Haramain Motion for Partial Summary Judgment 1. State Officials' Consolidated Motion to Dismiss and Opposition to USG Motion for Summary Judgment 2. ACLU/Cowie Intervenors' Consolidated Brief 3. State Agency Intervenors' Consolidated Brief United States' Dispositive Motion(s) and Any State Secrets Privilege Assertion Carriers' Consolidated Brief in Response to United States' and State Officials' Dispositive Motions Verizon Plaintiffs' Oppositions to United States' and Verizon Defendants' Dispositive Motions April 19, 2007 April 20, 2007 April 30, 2007 Carrier Case--Verizon May 3, 2007 USG Case--Al-Haramain May 4, 2007 State Cases--All May 18, 2007 USG Case--Shubert 4 May 18, 2007 State Cases--All May 25, 2007 Carrier Case--Verizon 1 As proposed by the United States on March 14, 2007 in its opposition to the state officials' administrative motion. 2 As set by the Court's March 13, 2007 scheduling order. 3 As proposed by the United States in its administrative motion of March 12, 2007. 4 As agreed to by stipulation of the parties on March 12, 2007. 1 EXHIBIT A United States' Proposed Consolidated Schedule for Further Proceedings (Verizon, Shubert, Al-Haramain, and State Cases Only) June 1, 2007 State Cases--All United States' Consolidated Opposition to State Officials' Motions to Dismiss and Reply in Support of Motion for Summary Judgment Reply Briefs of the United States and Verizon Defendants Hearing on Verizon Dispositive Motions State Officials' and Intervenors' Consolidated Replies in Support of Motions to Dismiss Shubert Plaintiffs' Opposition to United States' Dispositive Motion(s) Hearing on Dispositive Cross-Motions United States' Reply in Support of Dispositive Motion(s) Hearing on United States' Dispositive Motion(s) June 8, 2007 Carrier Case--Verizon June 22, 2007 Carrier Case--Verizon June 22, 2007 State Cases--All June 29, 2007 USG Case--Shubert June 29, 2007 July 20, 2007 State Cases--All USG Case--Shubert August 3, 2007 USG Case--Shubert 2

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