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RESPONSE in Opposition re 30 MOTION to Dismiss Consolidated Complaint filed by Athena Hohenberg, Laura Rude-Barbato. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B, # 3 Exhibit C)(Fitzgerald, John) (ag).

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EXHIBIT B Our expert Connie Evers M.S., R.D., is an award-winning, registere dietitian, t, s ed children’s nutrition expe and mother of three. She has partnered with Nutella® to ert ® help spread the word abo how Nutell out la® can help moms win the d m daily “battle at t breakfast.” ” Connie is answering some of your most commonly ask questions a a e ked about breakfas st, children’s nutrition and sharing tips on how to get yo children to eat a balanced s our d and nutritious breakfast. Let’s check out the latest fr rom Connie be elow! Q: What is the best br i reakfast to serve my chil in the mor ld rning? Connie: Th “best” brea he akfast is the on that will be eaten! With th unique taste ne he e of Nutella® kids may thi they are ea ®, ink ating a treat fo breakfast, w or while moms are e helping nourish their chil ldren with who grains. A sli of whole w ole ice wheat toast s spread with Nutella®, a serving of fresh fruit and a cup of yogurt or 1% milk r provides pe erfect balance nutrition to start the day. ed Q: My mo ornings are to hectic and crazy to ma sure my kids get a oo d ake balanced breakfast ev very day, wh can I do? hat Connie: Ev veryone can relate to the mo orning rush. So to make it eas sier on yoursel get organize Keep your lf, ed. kitchen sto ocked with plenty of "grab-an nd-go" foods su as yogurt, s uch string cheese, bananas, grap pes, 100% juice e boxes, who grain Englis muffins, pita bread, or mini-bagels and a delicious spr ole sh read such as Nu utella®. Even o the on most rushe days, you ca send your ch out the do with an eas breakfast. ed an hild oor sy Q: Why is it so import s tant for child dren to eat breakfast? b Connie: Re egular breakfas consumption has been link to many be st n ked enefits. An arti icle in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association which su D ummarizes num merous studies on breakfast c consumption1 s showed that ch hildren who ate br reakfast regula are more li arly ikely to have better overall d b diet quality. Ch hildren and ad dolescents who eat o breakfast may make mor healthful foo choices and establish mor healthful die m re od d re etary habits. T studies also The o show that eating breakfa may positively benefit aca ast ademic perform mance, school attendance an mood of chi nd ildren and adoles scents. Q: What is considered a “balanced breakfast?” i d d ” Connie: A balanced brea akfast should provide the proper balance of protein, carb ohydrates from whole grains fat f m s, and the nu utrients provide by either a serving of fruit or vegetables For example a breakfast t ed t s. e, that consists o a of small whol grain bagel with Nutella®, 1/2 cup of sliced strawberri and 1 cup o 1% milk is su le w ies of uitable for scho oolaged childr ren. Q: Why do you recom mmend using Nutella® as part of a bala p anced breakf fast? Connie: Re esearch reflect the importan of eating a balanced bre ts nce eakfast on a da ily basis and th positive imp he pact breakfast has on individu h uals.1 When use in moderation with compl ed lementary food Nutella® ca form a part of a ds, an balanced meal. You can start your day with a genuine and tasty bre m e eakfast by spre eading Nutella® hazelnut spr ® read on a variet of bakery go ty oods, preferabl whole wheat or multigrain bread. Add a glass of 1% milk and juice or fruit ly t n r to get the right fuel to st tart your day! Q: Is it go to consum fat as a part of break ood me p kfast? Connie: Ye The DRV (D es. Daily Recommended Value) of fats is 65g, th f herefore you co ut ake ould spread ou your fat inta throughout the day. Fat is an essential nutrient and necessary for a number of re asons, includin providing ta t n ng aste and increasing satiety. A proper balanc breakfast containing prot ced c tein, fats and c complex carbo ohydrates will k keep you feeling full for longer than a simple carbohydrate rich breakfas g e e st. Q: Does Nutella® haze N elnut spread contain any hydrogenat oil or tran fat? d y ted ns Connie: No Nutella® hazelnut spread does not conta any hydroge o. ain enated oil or t trans fat. Q: What is an appropriate amount of Nutella® hazelnut spread to serve at breakfast? Connie: The key to enjoying Nutella® hazelnut spread at breakfast is an appropriate serving amount. For example, just 1 tablespoon is a good amount for moms to serve to their children on a slice of whole grain toast. Q: How does the amount of sugar per serving of Nutella® hazelnut spread compare to other breakfast condiments? Connie: Nutella® hazelnut spread has a nutritional profile that is comparable to other popular breakfast condiments, such as jellies and syrup. Q: How does the amount of sodium per serving of Nutella® hazelnut spread compare to other breakfast spreads? Connie: Nutella® hazelnut spread is a low sodium product with only about 7.5 milligrams per tablespoon. Nutella® is lower in sodium than many popular nut butters. Connie’s Morning Breakfast Tips Breakfast should be something families look forward to, rather than a stressful and challenging experience for moms and children. Below are my suggestions on making this daily routine more enjoyable for you and your children.      Get up, and eat! Get the kids up earlier on weekdays to spend some mommy-and-me time and eat a proper breakfast with your kids. Be a role model. Moms who eat a balanced morning meal benefit, too, and also set a good example for their children. Variety is key. Children need a balance of nutrients and tasty goodness, and moms need a breakfast solution that is quick and convenient! Be sure to include sources of whole grains, protein, fat and nutrient-boosting fruits or vegetables as part of the breakfast plan. Provide small portions. If your child tells you he or she is not hungry in the morning, offer a smaller breakfast as a tasty treat and send a packed snack to help him or her make it through the morning. Make breakfast a family affair. Enlist your child in making breakfast happen. Decide on the breakfast menu and set the table the night before. Make breakfast fun by planning with your child and making it together. 1 Rampersaud GC, Pereira MA, Girard BL, Adams J, Metzl JD. "Breakfast Habits, Nutritional Status, Body Weight, and Academic Performance in Children and Adolescents." Journal of the American Dietetic Association 2005;105:743-760. Back to Top Nutella FAQ's

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