Espinosa v. Does 1 through 100 et al

Filing 37

CLERK'S JUDGMENT. The Court finds the proposed settlement of this class action appropriate for final approval pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23(e). The Court finds that the proposed settlement appears to be the product of serious, i nformed, arms-length negotiations, and that the settlement was entered into in good faith, and that Plaintiff has satisfied the standards for final approval of a class action settlement under federal law. Further, the Court finds the settlement admin istration costs in the amount of $7,783 is reasonable. The Court also finds Plaintiffs request for an award of attorneys' fees in the amount of 30% of the common fund, or $90,000, and costs in the amount of $6,464.56 are reas onable. Finally, the Court finds the class representative incentive award of $2,500 to Plaintiff Charish Espinosa is reasonable. Accordingly, this action is dismissed with prejudice. The Clerk of Court is instructed to enter final judgment in accordance with this Order.(rmc)

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