Bahrani v. Conagra, Inc., et al

Filing 434

Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge John L. Kane: Trial Preparation Conference held on 2/27/2009. Relator's 425 Motion to Strike Dr. Gray As An Expert Witness is denied. (Court Reporter Kara Spitler.) (wjc, )

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLORADO Senior Judge John L. Kane Date: February 27, 2009 Civil Action No.: 00-cv-01077-JLK-KLM UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ex rel, ALI BAHRANI, George Brian Ulmer, III George W. Parker, Jr. Robert A. Krause Deputy Clerk: Bernique Abiakam Court Reporter: Kara Spitler Relator, v. CONAGRA, INC., CONAGRA HIDE DIVISION, CONAGRA BEEF COMPANIES, and MONFORT, INC., Defendants. COURTROOM MINUTES Final Trial Preparation 10:09 a.m. Court in session. Darrell G. Waas Patricia Campbell Court calls case. Preliminary remarks by the Court. Discussion regarding caption and actual named Defendants in the case. Counsel advise the Court that Conagra Foods, Inc. is not an actual named Defendant name in the case. ORDERED: Relator's Motion To Strike Dr. Gray As An Expert Witness (Filed 2/25/09; Doc. No. 425) is DENIED, as specified. 00-cv-01077-JLK-KLM Final Trial Preparation Conference - 2 February 27, 2009 Discussion regarding Jury Instructions. Discussion regarding Relator's Written Objection To Defendants' Proposed Instruction Re: "Government Knowledge" (Filed 2/27/09; Doc. No. 427). The Court ORDERS on Relator's objections as follows: Defendants' Exhibit D is ADMITTED. Defendants' Exhibit F is ADMITTED only after redactions, as specified. Ruling on Defendants' Exhibit G is RESERVED until trial. Defendants' Exhibit H is ADMITTED. Defendants' Exhibit I is ADMITTED. Defendants' Exhibit J is ADMITTED pending witness testimony, as specified. Defendants' Exhibit K is ADMITTED. Defendants' objections to relator's trial exhibits are deemed OVERRULED and ADMITTED. Further discussion regarding instructions. Discussion regarding depositions. Discussion regarding designation of deposition testimony of Helen Dee. Discussion regarding expected duration of trial. 11:43 a.m. Court in recess. Hearing concluded. Time in court - 1 hour 34 minutes 2

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