Video Professor, Inc. v. McGrath

Filing 4

SUMMONS Returned Executed by Video Professor, Inc.. Harry Skip E. McGrath served on 7/13/2007, answer due 8/2/2007. (Smith, Gregory)

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Case 1:07-cv-01485-JLK Document 4 Filed 07/18/2007 Page 1 of 2 United States District Court District Of Colorado video Professor, inc. vs. Harry ("Skip") E. McGrath 07-CV- 01485 JLK-BNB Affidavit of Service YOUR AFFIANT, being duly sworn upon oath , deposes and says: 1. That I am over the age of 18 years, competent to be a witness , and not a party to this action. 2. The date, time and location of service were: Date: 0711312007 Time: 07:18 PM Location : 3818 Sutton Place Anecortes, WA 3. The documents served were: Complaint ; Simmons ; Civil Case Cover Sheet Plaintiffs Corporate Disclosure Statement 44376 Case 1:07-cv-01485-JLK Document 4 Filed 07/18/2007 Page 2 of 2 4. 1 duly served the above described documents upon: Harty ('Skip') E McGrath 5. By leaving the above described documents with: Harry McGrath, 6. 1 am Informed, and therefore allege , that the person named in paragraph 5 is the same person as named in paragraph 4. 7. Mailing: Does Not Apply 8. The number of copies of the document served was: 1 9. 1 declare under the penalty of perjury , under the laws of the State of Washington , that the foregoing is true and correct Paul R. MUMS 1-3792 Whefcorn Cau Subscribed and sWOm before me on : 07117/2007 $130.00 ^ Notary Public In and r the State of Washington. . . . N IIII t l f ! / i 4th Comer Network, Inc. 110 Prospect street Bellingham , WA 98225 (360)671 -2455 ( 800)321,2455 _ yOb FakfoW And Woods, P.C. 44376 ^'ley9^^fC i pp ^' `p'y/NGTON ^"_

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