Texas Instruments Incorporated v. BIAX Corporation

Filing 488

Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Walker D. Miller: Trial Preparation Conference held on 11/12/2009 Motions in Limine 439 , 440 , 441 , 442 , 443 , 444 are all DENIED without prejudice. In Court Hearing set for 11/19/2009 at 01:30 PM in Courtroom A 902 before Judge Walker D. Miller. (Court Reporter Paul Zuckerman) (mskcd)

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLORADO Senior Judge Walker D. Miller Courtroom Deputy: Patricia Glover Court Reporter: Paul Zuckerman Civil Action No. 07-cv-02370-WDM Parties: TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, INC. Plaintiff, vs. BIAX CORPORATION, Defendant. Steven Merker Counsel: David Palmer Thomas Jackson David Goldberg Jana Limer Date: November 12, 2009 Time: 22 minutes COURTROOM MINUTES Hearing Regarding: Final Trial Preparation Conference. 9:06 a.m. Court in session. Appearances of counsel. Larry Schroeder, Senior Counsel is present on behalf of Texas Instruments. The parties confirm that the matter will proceed to trial. The Court advises counsel on procedure for jury selection, voir dire, opening statement. The Court addresses witnesses and those presented by deposition. Statements from counsel Palmer and Merker. The Court addresses that it expects a joint exhibit list and as many stipulations as possible that counsel can agree to. Counsel agree to meet and address the issue. The Court addresses procedure for jury instructions. Page 2 07-cv-02370-WDM November 12, 2009 The Court address the matters at issue and whether testimony is needed and/or the Court will decide those issues. Statements from counsel Palmer and Merker. The parties stipulate that if the witness that would testify at the hearing prior to trial is not available, then neither party will be permitted to call live witnesses. The Court inquires if counsel have any questions about trial procedure. The Court addresses pending motions. ORDERED: 1. ORDERED: 2. 9:28 a.m. The Motions in Limine (Doc. #s. 439, 440, 441, 442, 443, 444) are DENIED without prejudice. Hearing is set on November 19, 2009 at 1:30 p.m., in Courtroom A902, 901 19th Street, Denver, CO Court in recess. Total in-court time: 22 minutes Hearing concluded.

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