Greenberg v. Astrue

Filing 13

Joint Case Management Plaln for Social Security Cases (ORDER), SS Plaintiffs Brief due by 5/5/2010. SS Defendants Brief due by 6/11/2010. SS Plaintiffs Reply Brief due by 6/25/2010, by Judge John L. Kane on 4/2/10. (gmssl, )

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLORADO Civil Action No.: 09-cv-02892-AP MARCY GREENBERG, Plaintiff, v. MICHAEL ASTRUE, Commissioner of Social Security, Defendant. JOINT CASE MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR SOCIAL SECURITY CASES 1. APPEARANCES OF COUNSEL AND PRO SE PARTIES: For Plaintiff: ANN J. ATKINSON Attorney at Law 7960 S. Ireland Way Aurora, CO 80016-1904 Tele: 303-680-1881 Fax: 303-680-7891 For Defendant: DAVID M. GAOUETTE, Acting United States Attorney District of Colorado KEVIN TRASKOS, Deputy Chief, Civil Division United States Attorney's Office District of Colorado 1225 - 17th St., #700 Denver, CO 80202 Tele: 303-844-7278 Fax: 303-844-0770 THOMAS KRAUS, Special Assistant U.S. Attorney 1961 Stout St., #1001A Denver, CO 80294 303-844-0017 2. STATEMENT OF LEGAL BASIS FOR SUBJECT MATTER JURISDICTION The Court has jurisdiction based on section 205(g) of the Social Security Act, 42 U.S.C. 405(g). 3. DATES OF FILING OF RELEVANT PLEADINGS A. Date Complaint was filed: December 11, 2009 B. Date Complaint was served on U.S. Attorney's office: December 18, 2009. C. Date Answer and Administrative Record were filed: March 16, 2010. 4. STATEMENT REGARDING THE ADEQUACY OF THE RECORD: The Administrative Record appears to be complete. 5. STATEMENT REGARDING ADDITIONAL EVIDENCE The parties do not anticipate submitting additional evidence. 6. STATEMENT REGARDING WHETHER THIS CASE RAISES UNUSUAL CLAIMS OR DEFENSES. There are no unusual claims or defenses in this case. 7. OTHER MATTERS There are no other matters to bring to the Court's attention. 8. BRIEFING SCHEDULE A. B. C. Plaintiff's Opening Brief due: May 5, 2010 June 11, 2010 June 25, 2010 Defendant's Response Brief due: Plaintiff's Reply Brief (if any) due: 9. STATEMENTS REGARDING ORAL ARGUMENT A. Plaintiff's statement: Plaintiff does not request oral argument. B. Defendant's statement Defendant does not request oral argument. 10. CONSENT TO EXERCISE OF JURISDICTION BY MAGISTRATE JUDGE A. ( ) All parties have consented to the exercise of jurisdiction by a United States Magistrate Judge. B. ( X ) All parties have NOT consented to the exercise of jurisdiction of a United States Magistrate Judge. 11. OTHER MATTERS THE PARTIES FILING MOTIONS FOR EXTENSION OF TIME OR CONTINUANCES MUST COMPLY WITH D.C.COLO.LCivR 7.1(C) BY SUBMITTING PROOF THAT A COPY OF THE MOTION HAS BEEN SERVED UPON THE MOVING ATTORNEY'S CLIENT, ALL ATTORNEY'S OF RECORD, AND ALL PRO SE PARTIES. 12. AMENDMENTS TO JOINT CASE MANAGEMENT PLAN The parties agree that the Joint Case Management Plan may be altered or amended only upon a showing of good cause. DATED this 2nd day of _April_, 2010. BY THE COURT s/John L. Kane_____________ U.S. DISTRICT COURT JUDGE APPROVED: /s Ann J. Atkinson Ann J. Atkinson, Attorney at Law 7960 South Ireland Way Aurora, CO 80016-1904 Tele: 303-680-1881 Fax: 303-680-7891 Email: UNITED STATES ATTORNEY s/Thomas Kraus By: Thomas Kraus, Esq. Special Assistant U.S. Attorney 1961 Stout Street, #1001 Denver, CO 80294 Tele: 303-844-0017 Fax: 303-844-0770 Email:

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