Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. JBS USA, LLC

Filing 131

MINUTE ORDER granting 129 Unopposed Motion for Leave to Intervene as Party Plaintiffs. The Clerk of Court is instructed to accept Plaintiffs-Intervenors' 129 -1 Complaint in Intervention and Jury Demand for filing as of the date of this Minute Order. By Magistrate Judge Kristen L. Mix on 11/4/11.(mnfsl, )

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLORADO Civil Action No. 10-cv-02103-PAB-KLM EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION, Plaintiff, and IRAQ ABADE, et al., Plaintiffs-Intervenors, v. JBS USA, LLC, d/b/a JBS Swift & Company, Defendant. _____________________________________________________________________ MINUTE ORDER _____________________________________________________________________ ENTERED BY MAGISTRATE JUDGE KRISTEN L. MIX This matter is before the Court on an Unopposed Motion for Leave to Intervene as Party Plaintiffs [Docket No. 129; Filed November 3, 2011] (the “Motion”). IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the Motion is GRANTED. Asad Abdi, Bashir Hersi Abdi, Muse Mohamed Abdi, Rahma Abdi, Zeynab Abdi, Salado Abdille, Abdikadir Adan, Amino Adan, Dahiro Adan, Ahmed Aden, Maryana Yousuf Aden, Muhumed Aden, Nuho Aden, Abdi Afrah, Mohamud M. Ahamed, Abdisamed Ahmed, Omar Mohamed Alamudi, Adan Ali, Amina Ali, Bilan Ali, Hirsiyo Ali, Mohamoud H. Ali, Salah Ali, Saynab Ali, Osam Awale, Qiyas Burham, Adan Dadle, Abdullahi Dirie, Shukri Dirir, Habibo Diriye, Ahmed Egal, Manyan Egal, Abdi Rizak Farah, Abdirahman A. Farah, ZamZam Farah, Halimo Forah, Abdiweli Gelle, Zakariye Mohamed Gelle fka Hassan Gelle, Robleh Guedi, Layla Guruc, Abdikarim Hadi, Abdiaziz Hassan, Ibrahim Hassan, Maryan Hassan, Muno Hassan, Sadaq Hassan, Amina Hussein, Khadija Hussein, Abdulah H. Ibrahim, Hared Farah Jama, Mura Jama, Adosh A. Kahin, Sharifo H. Kuluc, Hawo Jama, Fardowsa A. Maalim, Habibo Mahamed, Taher H. Mame, Habibo Mahamed, Abdullahi Mahamud, Asha Abdi Mohamed, Luqman Mohamed, Mohamed A. Mohamed, Maryan Mohamed, Zuleka Mohamed, Haji Ali Mohamud, Abdullahi Mohamud, Nuur M. Mohomuud, Anisa Mursal, Fatuma Mursal, Amina Ali Muse, Nimo Omar, Fadermo Osman, Fardowsa Sanweyne, Malyun Sanweyne, Hassan 1 Shilale, Fadumo Saalah, Yasin Worsame, and Mohamed Warsame are given leave to intervene in this action. However, given the number of Plaintiffs-Intervenors already in this case, the caption shall remain as set forth above. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Clerk of Court is instructed to accept PlaintiffsIntervenors’ Complaint in Intervention and Jury Demand [Docket No. 129-1] for filing as of the date of this Minute Order. Dated: November 4, 2011 2

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