Hankins v. Husband et al

Filing 29

ORDER for Service by the United States Marshal re: 1 Complaint filed by Terence J. Hankins by Magistrate Judge Craig B. Shaffer on 1/11/2012. (Attachments: # 1 Process of service form for BLM) (ervsl, )

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U.S. Department of Justice United States Marshals Service PROCESS RECEIPT AND RETURN PLAINTIFF Terence J. Hankins COURT CASE NUMBER 11-cv-02224-WJM-CBS DEFENDANT US Bureau of Land Managment, Little Snake Resource Area, et al., TYPE OF PROCESS S/C SERVE $ AT See Instructions for "Service of Process by the U.S. Marshal" on the reverse of this form. NAME OF INDIVIDUAL, COMPANY, CORPORATION, ETC., TO SERVE OR DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY TO SEIZE OR CONDEMN US Bureau of Land Management, Little Snake Resource Area ADDRESS (Street or RFD, Apartment No., City State and Zip Code) 458 Emerson Street, Craig, CO 81625 SEND NOTICE OF SERVICE COPY TO REQUESTER AT NAME AND ADDRESS BELOW: 1 Number of parties to be served in this case Terence J. Hankins #147323 Sterling Correctional Facility PO Box 6000 Sterling, CO 80751 Number of process to be served with this Form - 285 1 Check for service on U.S.A. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS OR OTHER INFORMATION THAT WILL ASSIST IN EXPEDITING SERVICE (Include Business and Alternate Addresses, All Telephone Numbers, and Estimated Times Available For Service): PERSONAL SERVICE Signature of Attorney or other Originator requesting service on behalf of: s/ A. Garcia Deputy Clerk X PLAINTIFF TELEPHONE NUMBER DEFENDANT DATE 303-844-3433 1/11/12 SPACE BELOW FOR USE OF U.S. MARSHAL ONLY - DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE Total I acknowledge receipt for the total number of process indicated. Process (Sign only first USM 285 if more than one USM 285 is submitted) District of Origin District to Serve No. Signature of Authorized USMS Deputy or Clerk Date No. I hereby certify and return that I_____ have personally served, _____ have legal evidence of service, _____ have executed as shown in "Remarks", the process described on the individual, company, corporation, etc., at the address shown above or on the individual, company, etc., shown at the address indicated below. _____ I hereby certify and return that I am unable to locate the individual, company, corporation, etc., named above (See remarks below) Name and title of individual served (if not shown above) _____ A person of suitable age and discretion then residing in the defendant's usual place of adobe. Address (complete only if different than shown above) Date of Service Time am pm Signature of U.S. Marshal or Deputy Service Fee Total Mileage Charges (including endeavors) Forwarding Fee Total Charges Advance Deposits Amount owed to U.S. Amount of Refund Marshal or REMARKS: PRIOR EDITIONS MAY BE USED 1. CLERK OF THE COURT FORM USM-285 (Rev. 12/15/80)

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