Bacote et al v. Federal Bureau of Prisons et al

Filing 312

MINUTE ENTRY for proceedings held before Senior Judge Richard P. Matsch: Motion Hearing held on 10/2/2015. 305 Motion to Compel is continued. FTR: K. Terasaki. (rkeec)

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLORADO Senior District Judge Richard P. Matsch Date: Courtroom Deputy: FTR Technician: October 2, 2015 Robert R. Keech Kathy Terasaki Civil Action No. 12-cv-01570-RPM Counsel: HAROLD CUNNINGHAM, individually, PERCY BARRON, individually, ALPHONSO BLAKE, Individually, JABBAR CURRENCE, Individually, CARLTON DUNBAR, individually, SCOTT FOUNTAIN, Individually, SEAN GILLESPIE, Individually, CHARLES HIPPS, Individually, RONNIE HOUSTON, Individually, JOHN LAMB, Individually, HERBERT PERKINS, Individually, JOHN POWERS, Individually, ARNELL SHELTON, Individually, MARCELLUS WASHINGTON, Individually, and CENTER FOR LEGAL ADVOCACY, d/b/a The Legal Center for People With Disabilities and Older People, Colorado's Protection and Advocacy System, Edwin P. Aro R. Reeves Anderson Plaintiffs, v. FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS, Amy L. Padden Marcy E. Cook Defendant. COURTROOM MINUTES MOTION HEARING: Plaintiffs’ Motion to Compel [ECF Doc. No. 305] 9:56 a.m. Court in session. Court calls case. Appearances of counsel. Plaintiffs’ Motion to Compel [ECF Doc. No. 305], filed September 11, 2015, is raised for argument. 9:57 a.m. Argument by Plaintiffs by Mr. Anderson. 10:03 a.m. Statement by Plaintiffs by Mr. Aro. 10:04 a.m. Statement by Defendant by Ms. Padden. 10:05 a.m. Court in recess. 10:26 a.m. Court in session. 10:26 a.m. Statement by Plaintiff by Mr. Aro. 10:32 a.m. Statement by Defendant by Ms. Padden. ORDERED: Plaintiffs' Motion to Compel [ECF Doc. No. 305], filed September 11, 2015, is CONTINUED. 10:34 a.m. Court in recess. Hearing concluded. Total time: 17 minutes.

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