Traynom et al v. Cinemark, USA, Inc.

Filing 242

ORDER: Granting the Motion filed in 14-cv-01986-RBJ-MEH and ORDERS that this case be consolidated. By Judge R. Brooke Jackson on 7/29/2014. (trlee, )

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLORADO Judge R. Brooke Jackson Civil Action No 14-cv-001986-RBJ-MEH MARCUS WEAVER, Plaintiff, v. CENTURY THEATRES, INC., CINEMARK, USA, INC. d/b/a Century Aurora 16, and CINEMARK HOLDINGS, INC., Defendants. ORDER GRANTING PLAINTIFF’S UNOPPOSED MOTION TO CONSOLIDATE This matter comes before the Court on Plaintiff’s Unopposed Motion to Consolidate [ECF No. 7]. The Court, having reviewed the Motion and being otherwise advised in the premises, FINDS good cause for consolidation of this case with the related cases for purposes of discovery and motions practice. Accordingly, the Court GRANTS the Motion and ORDERS that this case be consolidated with the following cases for purposes of discovery and motions practice: Traynom and Axelrod, 1:12-cv-02514; Nowlan, 1:12-cv-02517; Rosborough, Lumba, Briscoe, Hoover, Boik and Duran, 1:12-cv-02687; Jackson, 1:12-cv-02704; Medek, 1:12-cv2705; Sullivan, 1:12-cv-2900; Spruel, 1:13-cv-00045; Gravelly, 1:13-cv-0046; Johnson and Sweeney, 1:13-cv-00114; Golditch, 1:13-cv-01842; Moser, 1:13-cv-01995; Brooks, 1:13-cv- 1 02060; and, Larimer, 1:13-cv-02239, Gallup, 1:13-cv-02988; Brooke Cowden, Kristina Cowden and Weston Cowden, 1:13-cv-02992, and Stefan Moton, 1:13-cv-3316. All motions, notices, and other filings related to the consolidated action shall be filed in the lowest-numbered case, Traynom and Axelrod, 1:12-cv-02514. Orders issued therein shall constitute the law of the case, applicable to all of the related cases consolidated through this order. Also, orders issued in Traynom and Axelrod, 1:12-cv-02514, prior to the date of this Order will apply equally to Plaintiff Marcus Weaver. DATED this 29th day of July, 2014. BY THE COURT: ___________________________________ R. Brooke Jackson United States District Judge 2

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