Hartley v. Time Warner Cable NY, LLC

Filing 129

ORDER Granting 87 Notice (Motion)Withdrawing Defendant Time Warner NY Cable LLC's Motion for Partial Dismissal of Plaintiff's Complaint and/or in the Alternative, to Strike Plaintiff's Jury Demand 45 , filed by Time Warner NY Cable LLC ; Defendant's Motion for Partial Dismissal 45 is withdrawn. By Magistrate Judge Michael J. Watanabe on 2/11/2014. (mjwcd)

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IN THE UNMED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLORADO Case No.: 1 3-cv-001 58-RM-MJW PATRICK HARTLEY. Plaintiff, v. TIME WARNER NY CABLE LLC. Defendant. ORDER WITIIDRAWING DEFENDANT TIME WARNER NY CABLE LLC'S MOTION FOR PARTIAL DISMISSAL OF PLAINTIFF'S COMPLAINT AND/OR IN THE ALTERNATI\M TO STRIKE PLAINTIFF'S JURY DEMAND uls+,K f d Defendant Time Warner NY Cable LLC ("Defendant") and Plaintiff have stipulated to the dismissal, with prejudice, of the claims that were the subject of Defendant's Motion for Partial Dismissal of Plaintiffls Complaint and/or in the Alternative to Strike Plaintiffs Jury Demand ("Motion to Dismiss") [D.E.45.] Defendant has therefore filed aNotice of Withdrawal of its Motion to Dismiss. Accordingly, the Court hereby orders the withdrawal of Defendant's Motion to Dismiss. Dated this | | day of fa L Y'u ,lfva geto'tagr,trfif I 7 "t i'f BY TFIE COURT: n ,ffl+*f f^ b/'tr"q-/*. United States Magistrate Judge

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