Stocks et al v. Gullicksrud et al

Filing 79

COURTROOM MINUTES/MINUTE ORDER for proceedings held before Magistrate Judge Craig B. Shaffer: Discovery Hearing held on 12/21/2015.. Denying 61 Motion for Order. Denying without prejudice 72 Motion for Leave. Denying without prejudice 74 Motion for Discovery. FTR: Courtroom A-402. (amont, )

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLORADO Magistrate Judge Craig B. Shaffer    Civil Action: 13‐cv‐01141‐RBJ‐CBS      Date:  December 21, 2015  Courtroom Deputy: Amanda Montoya    FTR – Reporter Deck‐Courtroom A402    Parties: Counsel: THOMAS STOCKS, MICHELLE STOCKS, Pro se Pro se Plaintiff, v. CITY OF AURORA, et al., Justin Cohen Defendant.   COURTROOM MINUTES/MINUTE ORDER HEARING: DISCOVERY HEARING Court in session: 08:52 a.m. Court calls case. Appearances of counsel. The court addresses pending motions. ORDERED: [61] Declaration and Demand to Convey Criminal Complaint to Special Grand Jury is DENIED. Discussion regarding [72] Motion for Leave of Court for Rule 31 Depositions by Written Question. This motion was filed after the discovery cut-off. The Plaintiffs have not served any interrogatories. Plaintiffs have served requests for admission and requests for production. Further discussion regarding state criminal case and discovery sought in that case. Discussion regarding [74] Motion to Compel Discovery. The motion does specify which discovery responses are at issue. ORDERED: [74] Motion to Compel Discovery is DENIED WITHOUT PREJUDICE. [72] Motion for Leave of Court for Rule 31 Depositions by Written Question is DENIED WITHOUT PREJUDICE.   Mr. Cohen addresses the court in regards to the Stocks’ failure to comply with the court’s discovery process before filing discovery motions. Mr. Cohen intends to seek fees and costs for responding to the motions. Mr. Cohen intends to seek fees and costs for Ms. Stock’s deposition in which she stated she needed an interpreter. After taking her deposition, defense counsel believes that she did not need an interpreter. Mr. Cohen is given leave to file a motion seeking fees and costs. The court reviews its practice standards in regards to opposed discovery motions. Discussion regarding pro bono program. Hearing Concluded. Court in recess: 10:07 a.m. Total time in court: 01:15 To order transcripts of hearings please contact Stevens-Koenig Reporting at (303) 988-8470.

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