Doe et al v. Mastoloni et al

Filing 15

ELECTRONIC ORDER granting, upon Plaintiffs' consent, 14 Motion for Modification of Motion to Seal by Defendant Avon Public Schools ("Avon"). Defendant Avon represents that Plaintiff "'Jane Doe' may be a partici pant in other litigation in which upcoming settlement proceedings are scheduled." Avon thus requests modification of the Court's prior 7 Order, dated 5/21/2014, which sealed Plaintiffs' unredacted Complaint and prohibited Def endants and their counsel "from disclosing to anyone the true identities of the three Plaintiffs" and the "two older daughters" related to them. In particular, Avon now requests that the 7 Order to seal be modified to permit Jane Doe's identity to be revealed solely during the upcoming settlement proceedings in the other litigation. Avon represents that Plaintiffs' counsel has indicated that Plaintiffs consent to the modification provided that "an y non-attorneys and/or non-judicial officers who participate in those settlement negotiations will sign the Confidentiality Pledge" attached to Avon's 14 Motion as Exhibit A. See Doc. 14-1. Under these circumstances, pursua nt to D. Conn. L. Civ. R. 5(e)(6), the Court grants Avon's consented-to 14 Motion, thereby modifying the Court's 7 Order to seal by allowing revelation of Jane Doe's identity: (1) solely for the described pur pose of -- i.e., within the context of -- settlement negotiations in the other litigation and (2) upon the condition that non-attorneys and/or non-judicial officers who participate in said negotiations sign the attached "Confidentiality Pledge." All other terms of the Court's prior 7 Order to seal remain in effect. Signed by Judge Charles S. Haight, Jr. on May 29, 2014. (Dorais, L.)

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