Peeler v. Federal Bureau of Investigation

Filing 7

INITIAL REVIEW ORDER Discovery due by 9/13/2015 Dispositive Motions due by 10/13/2015 Signed by Judge Robert N. Chatigny on 2/12/2015.(Payton, R.)

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTR]CT OF CONNECTICUT RUSSELL PEELER, Plaintiff, CASE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE FEDERAL BUREAU OF TNVESTIGATION Defendants. (RNC) : : : INTTIAL PJ-aintiff, NO. 3:15-cv-169 TEW ORDER a Connecticut inmate, brings this action pro se pursuant to 42 U.S.C. S 1983 against the Federal Bureau of Investigation alleging that the defendant has i-mproperly denied his request under the Freedom of InformatJ-on Act, 5 U.S.C. S 552, for a record of al-l calls to and from his pager. Under 28 U.S.C. S 19154, the Court must review a prisoner's complaint against a governmental- entity and dismiss any part of the compJ-aint that is frivol-ous or malicj-ous or fails cl-aim on which relief sufficient may be granted. to withstand this initial- The compl-aint to state j-s review. ORDERS (1) The Clerk shaJ-l serve the compJ-aint on the U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation within twenty-one (2I) days from the date of this order in accordance with the procedure for effecting (2) The defendanÈ shall fite service on a federal- agency. a response to the complaint, either an ansl¡Ier or motion to dismiss, within seventy (70) days a from the date of this order. If the defendant chooses to fite answer, the defendant shal-I admit or deny the allegations respond to the claim recited above. The defendant also an and may include any and aJ-J- additional- defenses permitted by the Federaf Rules. (3) Discovery, pursuant to Federal- Rul-es of Civil Procedure 26 through 37, shall- be completed within seven months (210 days) from the date of this order. Discovery requests need not be filed with the court. (4) Al-l motions for suÍìmary judgment shall- be filed within eight, months (24O days) from the date of this order. (5) Pursuant to Local- civil Rul-e I (a), a nonmovíng party must respond to a dispositive motion within twenty-one (2I) days of the date the motion If no response is fiJ-ed, or \^tas filed. the response is not timely, the dispositive motj-on can be granted absent objection. (6) If the plaintiff the litigation changes his address at any time during of this case, Local Court Rul-e 83.1(c)2 provides that the pJ-aintiff MUST notify the court. Failure to do so can resul-t in the dismissal of the case. The plaintiff must give notice of a new address even if he is incarcerated. plaintiff should write PLEASE NOTE MY NEVü ADDRESS It is not enough to just put the 2 ne\^/ The on the notice. address on a letter without indicating that it is a new address. If the plaint.iff has more than one pending case, he should j-ndicate all of the case numbers in the notification of change of address. The pJ-aintiff should also notify the defendant or the attorney for the defendant of his new address. So ordered this 1'2iuin day of February 2015. /s/ Robert N Chatigny United States Distríct Judge 3

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