Personalized User Model LLP v. Google Inc.

Filing 710

Letter to The Honorable Leonard P. Stark from David E. Moore, Esquire regarding redactions to Febuary 26, 2014 Pretrial Conference transcript - re 707 Order,,,. (Moore, David)

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1313 North Market Street P.O. Box 951 Wilmington, DE 19899-0951 302 984 6000 David E. Moore Partner Attorney at Law 302 984-6147 Direct Phone 302 658-1192 Fax March 21, 2014 VIA ELECTRONIC FILING & HAND DELIVERY The Honorable Leonard P. Stark The United States District Court for the District of Delaware J. Caleb Boggs Federal Building 844 King Street Wilmington, DE 19801 Re: Personalized User Model, LLP v. Google Inc., C.A. No. 09-525-LPS Dear Judge Stark: Pursuant to the Court’s Order (D.I. 707), enclosed is a copy of the February 26, 2014 Pretrial Conference transcript with the Court Ordered redactions highlighted in yellow. A fully redacted version is also provided for the Court’s convenience. Counsel are available at the Court’s convenience if Your Honor has any questions. Respectfully, /s/ David E. Moore David E. Moore DEM/nmt 1153440/34638 Enclosures (for In Camera Review only) cc: Clerk of the Court (Via Hand Delivery w/o enclosures) Counsel of Record (Via Electronic Mail w/enclosures)

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