Filing 582

MOTION for Extension of Time to Provide Evidence of Authorization by Petitioner Sharaf Al Sanani by SHARAF AL SANANI, GUANTANAMO BAY DETAINEE LITIGATION (Attachments: # 1 Declaration of A. Stephens Clay in Support of Petitioner Sharaf Al Sanani's Motion for Extension of Time to Provide Evidence, # 2 Exhibit Exhibit 1 - Next Friend Authorization)(Clay, A.)

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r' .. ,. Authori7..ati~nof Repres~ltation My name is Hassan Masood. I am acting as next friend for my brother, whose name is Sharaf Ahmed Mohammed Masud. Sharafis a citizen of Yemen. His date of birth is _11111978_. He is currently being held in Guantanamo Bay, His ISN is 170. / I know that my brother, Sharaf Ahmed Mohammed Masood, would want me to act on his behalfto secure him legal representation. Therefore, I hereby authorize Clive Stafford Smith, Zachary Katznelson, Reprieve and Justice in Exile, and any person or organization assigned by these lawyers, to act on my behalf and my brother's behalf, to secure any documents and information concerning my brother that are necessary for his defense, and to seek whatever redress they believe to be in his best interests, in the courts of the United States, and in any other legal forum available. Signature: -":. ... ~.\ J>-..s> HASSAN MASOOD Date: _19/07/06- I ! WITNESS '/ :::' 7/ _' Signature: l / (1~ 1 .1 . Print Name: .. 4/ " " LJ, '.1, " , ~ V/J 1 , "CV;I I 'It,'11l-~ .\ ~L -.V fA A I ... , ~' ,: .e~,-/ -Z I r:r1 /', Date: If I ,~..9b_. / /) :' ~ '/..J

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