Filing 41

MEMORANDUM OPINION. Signed by Judge Amy Berman Jackson on 9/29/2017. (lcabj2)

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et al. qui tam Id. Id. Id. Id. qui tam et seq. Id. Id. Id. Id. Id. qui tam see Id. EEOC v. St. Francis Xavier Parochial Sch. Hinton v. Corrs. Corp. of Am. Parrino v. FHP, Inc. Indus., Inc. v. Sum Holding L.P. Cortec See Id. Id. see Id. Id. Id. Id. Id. Id. Id. Id. Id. Id. qui tam Id. Id. Id. ¶ Id. Id. Id. Id. ¶ qui tam See See Id. qui tam Id. Id. Id. Id. qui tam Id. Id. Id. Id. Id. qui tam Id. Id. Id. Id. Id. Id. Id. Id. Id. Id. ¶ See See Marshall Cty. Health Care Auth. v. Shalala see also DiLorenzo v. Norton Ashcroft v. Iqbal Bell Atl. Corp. v. Twombly Iqbal Twombly Id. Id. Twombly Id. Twombly id. Id. Twombly Twombly Kowal v. MCI Commc’ns Corp. See id. see also Browning v. Clinton Gustave-Schmidt v. Chao EEOC v. St. Francis Xavier Parochial Sch. U.S. ex rel. Totten v. Bombardier Corp. See id. false element Id. see also Kowal United States v. Cannon See Kowal See, e.g. Rombach v. Chang In re Stac Elecs. Secs. Litig. Melder v. Morris Shapiro v. UJB Fin. Corp. But see In re NationsMart Corp. Secs. Litig. See Hite v. Leeds Weld Equity Partners, IV, LP In re U.S. Office Prods. Secs. Litig. See, e.g. SEC v. Wey SEC v. Thompson See See, e.g. SEC v. e-Smart Techs., Inc. SEC v. Familant Comput. Network Corp. v. Spohler Weiss v. SEC Id. see also SEC v. Current Fin. Servs., Inc. SEC v. Better Life Club of Am., Inc. Aaron v. SEC Weiss SEC v. Steadman should See qui tam see also see also see see see see See, e.g. United States v. Crop Growers Corp. see also Chiarella v. United States Chiarella Dirks v. SEC rev’d on other grounds SEC v. Brown In re XM Satellite Radio Holdings Sec. Litig. Id. In re XM Satellite Radio see Ind. Pub. Ret. Sys. v. SAIC, Inc. see also see also See id. id see also Id. Id. Id. id. id. Id. qui tam qui tam Id. qui tam Id. See id. id qui tam See, e.g. In re Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. Securities Litigation In re Lions Gate id. Id. In re Lions Gate Indiana Public Retirement System v. SAIC, Inc. Id. Id. Id. Id. Id. qui tam See id. id. qui tam Id. qui tam Id. Id. See TSC Indus. v. Northway, Inc. Basic, Inc. v. Levinson TSC Industries SEC v. Steadman TSC Indus. Media Gen., Inc. v. Tomlin Id. Litwin v. Blackstone Grp., L.P. Goldman v. Belden see Brown Ganino v. Citizens Utils. Co. SEC v. Kelly see also SEC v. Montessoro In re BISYS Sec. Litig. See ECA, Local 134 IBEW Joint Pension Tr. of Chi. v. JP Morgan Chase Co. see Oran v. Stafford See No. 84 Emp’r-Teamster Joint Council Pension Tr. Fund v. Am. W. Holding Corp. Oran Basic, Inc. v. Levinson United States v. Bilzerian see also SEC v. Stanard Rockies Fund, Inc. v. SEC see Id. See Litwin. opinion fact See see Omnicare Inc. v. Laborers District Council Construction Industry Pension Fund see Omnicare Omnicare Herman & MacLean v. Huddleston id. Id. Id. Id. See Omnicare Omnicare Id. Id. Id. Omnicare Omnicare Omnicare See, e.g. Tongue v. Sanofi Omnicare City of Dearborn Heights Act 345 Police & Fire Ret. Sys. v. Align Tech., Inc. Omnicare qui tam quit tam United States v. Naftalin Id. Id. See, e.g. SEC v. Mudd SEC v. Farmer SEC v. Goldsworthy Brown any See Brown Id. See Mudd see also SEC v. Spinosa See Wey See Aaron effect Id. See Pub. Pension Fund Grp. v. KV Pharm. Co. WPP Lux. Gamma Three Sarl v. Spot Runner, Inc. Lentell v. Merrill Lynch & Co. See, e.g. SEC v. Coffey SEC v. Thompson SEC v. Stoker see also Brown See Familant See Brown In re Alstom SA Stoker See Spot Runner qui tam qui tam Id. Id. Id. See id. See See SEC v. Savoy Indus., Inc. Int’l, Inc. SEC v. IMC see SEC v. Falstaff Brewing Corp. SEC v. e-Smart Tech., Inc. Coin Invs., Ltd. SEC v. World-Wide See, e.g. Crop Growers Corp. e-Smart Tech. see also See id. See McConville v. SEC see e-Smart Tech. See See See, e.g. SEC v. Das McConville See Crop Growers Corp. SEC v. McNulty see see id. See, e.g. Das McConville McNulty See qui tam Id. see also id.

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