Filing 13

MEMORANDUM OPINION. Signed by Judge Amy Berman Jackson on 4/13/2017. (lcabj2)

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pro se res judicata See id. Schnitzler v. United States See id. pro se Id. Id. Id. Swanson v. Howard Univ., et al. Swanson I pro se Swanson I Swanson I Swanson I Swanson I Swanson I Id. Id et seq. See Swanson I Swanson I Swanson I Id. Swanson v. Howard Univ. Swanson II pro se Swanson II Swanson II Swanson II Swanson II Id. Swanson II Swanson II Swanson II Swanson II Id. Swanson II Swanson II Swanson II Ashcroft v. Iqbal accord Bell Atl. Corp. v. Twombly Iqbal Twombly Id Iqbal Id id Twombly Id Kowal v. MCI Commc’ns Corp. See id. see also Browning v. Clinton pro se Schnitzler Haines v. Kerner Order of R.R. Telegraphers v. Ry. Express Agency Bussineau v. President & Dirs. of Georgetown College Id. Woodruff v. McConkey Shehyn v. District of Columbia See generally See res judicata res judicata Res judicata See generally et seq. See Gordon v. District of Columbia see also New Hampshire v. Maine see Allen v. McCurry Cromwell v. Cty. of Sac Havens v. Mabus Capitol Hill Grp. v. Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw, Pittman, LLC Drake v. F.A.A. Page v. United States Page Expert Elec., Inc. v. Levine Restatement (Second) of Judgments’ U.S. Indus., Inc. v. Blake Constr. Co. Federated Dept. Stores, Inc. v. Moitie see Okusami v. Psychiatric Inst. of Wash., Inc. res judicata Gresham v. District of Columbia res judicata see, e.g. Porter v. U.S. Capitol Police Bd. Calica v. Comm’r of Social Sec. res judicata Swanson I Swanson I res judicata res judicata chance Kelly v. NovaStar SBC Comms. Inc. v. FCC res judicata Gomez v. Aragon Westmoreland v. CBS, Inc. Henok v. Chase Home Fin., LLC Brown v. FBI Id. Sharp v. Rosa Mexicano, D.C., LLC See id. See Henok Brown res judicata Id. see Henok pro se res judicata

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