Filing 4

Order of Dismissal. The Clerk is directed to enter judgment. Signed by Judge Marian Blank Horn. (dls) Copy to parties. (Plaintiff served via certified mail; Article No. 7017 1450 0000 1346 1109)

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OREffi[NAL lfn tbt @nftu! ,, * *,t * * * :i. *:t $l1o;tts [,ourt of fp[Brul @luf*t,r=o rf * * 't * * *'t Nnv DAVID PHILLIP RUFFA, - 7 2017 U.S. COURT OF Plaintiff, E * v, FEDERAL CLAIMS No. 17-1649C Filed: November 7, 2017 UNITED STATES, Defendant. +,t * rt * * * * * * + * * *:k * ** * * ORDER The court is in receipt of pro se plaintiffs complaint. plaintiff submitted the complaint to the court without paying the $400.00 filing fee or submitting an application to proceed in forma pauperis. As a result of this failure, the above-captioned case is DISMISSED, without prejudice. IT IS SO ORDERED. -/ -.4o--n do*'/* MARIAN BLANK HORN Judge ?0I? 1q50 0000 l,l'{b 1,101

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