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ORDER REGARDING SHORT FORM COMPLAINT FOR PLAINTIFFS WITH DOWNSTREAM CLAIMS (finding as moot 33 Motion Regarding Short Form Complaint; finding as moot 34 Motion Regarding Short Form Complaint; finding as moot 43 Motion Regarding Short Form Complaint). Signed by Chief Judge Susan G. Braden. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit Plaintiff's Short Form Complaint)(cn) Service on parties made.

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IN THE UNITED STATES COURT OF FEDERAL CLAIMS In re DOWNSTREAM ADDICKS AND BARKER (TEXAS) FLOODCONTROL RESERVOIRS THIS DOCUMENT RELATES TO: (STYLE OF DOWNSTREAM CASE) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Sub-Master Docket No. 1:17-9002L PLAINTIFF’S SHORT FORM COMPLAINT By submitting this document, Plaintiff(s) adopts and incorporates by reference the Consolidated And Amended Downstream Master Complaint (ECF No. 23) filed in the abovestyled Sub-Master Docket on January 16, 2018, and all subsequent amendments to that Complaint. The Plaintiff’s Short Form Complaint is deemed Plaintiff’s Original Complaint if it is plaintiff’s original pleading, and must be filed as a new complaint through the Court’s CM/ECF system. If Plaintiff has previously filed an Original Complaint, the filing of a Plaintiff’s Short Form Complaint amends and supersedes any prior complaint filed by the below-listed Plaintiff(s) In re Addicks and Barker (Texas) Flood-Control Reservoirs, Master Docket No. 17-3000L and/or In re Downstream Addicks and Barker (Texas) Flood-Control Reservoirs, Sub-Master Docket No. 179002L. 1. Name of Plaintiff(s): 2. Location by address of Plaintiff(s) property subject to Plaintiff(s) allegations of a Fifth Amendment taking without just compensation as a result of Addicks/Barker reservoir releases: a. Tax number for identified property: ___________________________________ b. Real property interest possessed by Plaintiff(s) alleged to have been taken Ownership (i.e., fee simple) _____ c. Leasehold ______ Other _______ Manner of alleged taking of the property interest(s) listed in paragraph 2(b) above Temporary _____ Permanent Both . Both . 3. Type of property alleged to have been taken: Real Property _____ Personal Property 4. Pro Se Plaintiff or Plaintiff(s) Counsel(s) signature block. 2

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