Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. v. The Unidentified, Shipwrecked Vessel or Vessels

Filing 18

PROOF OF PUBLICATION filed by Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc.. Newspaper: Tampa Tribune Date(s) of publication September 30, 2006. (Von Spiegelfeld, Allen)

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' " Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. v. The Unidentified, Shipwrecked Vessel or Vessels Doc. 18 Case 8:06-cv-01685-SDM-TBM Document 18 The Tampa Tribune Published Daily Filed 10/13/2006 Page 1 of 1 Tampa , Hillsborough County, Florida State of Florida County of Hillsboroug SS. Before the undersigned authority personally appeared C. Pugh , who on oath says that she is the Advertising Billing Supervisor of The Tampa Tribune , a daily newspaper published at Tampa in Hillsborough County, Florida; that the attached copy of the Legal Ads I n the matter of IN THE Tampa Tribune Legal Notices was published in said newspaper in the issues of 09/30/2006 Affiant further says that the said The Tampa Tribune is a newspaper published at Tampa in said Hillsborough County, Florida, and that the said newspaper has heretofore been continuously published in said Hillsborough County, Florida , each day and has been entered as second class mail matter at the post offce in Tampa , in said Hillsborough County, Florida for a period of one year next preceding the first publication of the attached copy of advertisement; and affiant further says that she has neither paid nor promised any person this advertisement for publication in the said newspaper. - O-'t, IN THE UNITEPSTATEgblsTRIC'r CQURT: i:OR THE " MIDDLE PI ICTOF' QRIDP,TAMPA DIVISION ODYSSE' (Mf\RIN A;nO ailltiff. S.' Sworn to and subscribed by me , this 2 day of October, AD. 2006 Personally Known produced Identification Ana Maria Hodel THEUto!bENTIFIED. SHIPWRECKEDVESSELOR irapp C\rel. tackle' purteII nce and VESSELS. cargo lopated '!ithipc!)nterpoln co Qr. : Type of Identification Produced : (J1- lnat es:/" ' liExplres: MAY 11, mission #00551367 2010 degree es '", qo' w; Radiljs;$nilufi eal , , t, " WW. AARONNoTARY. com : '" .'C' '0 ,, CIVIL ACt!ON " ': ( , Case, No. :iI;O CV,1685'T13- TBM NqTI EOF QMIRA TY ARREST, In accordal'Pi! iN ithsu rJPlementa i RUle ' Mrte the,UNIDENTI ar n e 7.3(d) an, Mariti 4) for gt) QR I. tackle. appurtenances, ,ntof Arre WRECKED VESSEL erebY91 ' Iven oHhe cehter point coordina,\es: 49. , Ith a \I POrS\lClnt t6 SlJP ees 00' W; , Radius: 5 naUfieal sued Admiralty Rule 7;03(t) 'any pE)rson havihg a claim.. , aga inst the vess lan(//oropo erty shall fi le aclaiin t with the Court,1l6tlaterthall tE)n(1Q) ays after, sshasbeeneffected. andshaUflle an answE\r " ental Rljle (C)(6) and LoeaI ' twentY(2 )daYSf !fth teo "n!lthw , Dated this 30th day ofSeptel1b 2Q06. , " R.O; Box 1438 Tampa. Florida 336Q1 FOWLERWHIiTE BOGGS BAtoKER P. Allen, YOn Spii!gelfeld Florida Bar'No. 2568Q3 8B.228Q411 " 813-229-8313 Attorneys forplajntiff 5192 9/30/06 avonsp&!fowlerwhlte com Fgtesimile Order # 0001876321 1023763 -- FOWLER WHITE BOGGS BAN Dockets.Justia.com

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