Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. v. The Unidentified Shipwrecked Vessel

Filing 10

PROOF OF PUBLICATION filed by Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc.. Newspaper: The Tampa Tribune Date(s) of publication 4/30/07. (Thiel, Eric)

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Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. v. The Unidentified Shipwrecked Vessel Doc. 10 Case 8:07-cv-00614-SCB-MAP Document 10 Filed 05/07/2007 Page 1 of 2 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE MIDDLE DISTRICT OF FLORIDA TAMPA DIVISION IN ADMIRALTY ODYSSEY MARINE EXPLORATION , INC. Plaintiff vs. CIVIL ACTION Case No. : 8:07- CV- 006l4- SCB- MAP THE UNIDENTIFIED , SHIPWRECKED VESSEL , its apparel , tackle appUlienances and cargo located within center point coordinates: (to be provided to the Court under seal), 11 relli Defendant( s). NOTICE OF FILING AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION OF NOTICE OF ARREST Plaintiff hereby notices the filing of the attached Affidavit of C. Pugh Tribune of the Tampa concerning publication of the notice of arrest of the UNIDENTIFIED , SHIPWRCKED their apparel , tackle , appurtenances and cargo located within center point VESSEL OR VESSELS , coordinates provided to the Court under seal in the above styled and numbered cause. DATED at Tampa , Florida, this day of May, 2007. All von Spiegelfeld Florida Bar No. 256803 avonspcmfowlerwhi te. com Eric C. Thiel Florida Bar No. 016267 ethielcmfow lerwhi te. com FOWLER WHITE BOGGS BANKER P. O. Box 1438 Tampa , Florida 33601 (813) 228-7411 (813) 229- 8313 Attorneys for Plaintiff Dockets.Justia.com .. ." ,' ,' , . ' ~~~~ . . " ' ,~ , , .,, , ,, ...'" ' ," , .',.~~"''';':'.:'""'",,. '., ' . ' , '."~ ":'" .,"' ' , ,.. '.;,,,,, . ' , ; ' ,:::; ' , ," , " ;:: .. State of Florida County of Hillsborougij SS, .. Document 10 The =', '~~~' :: ; '' .. :; '. " Case 8:07-cv-00614-SCB-MAP Tampa, ribune Published Daily Filed 05/07/2007 Page 2 of 2 Tampa , Hillsborough County, Florida Before the undersigned authority personally appeared C. Pugh , who on oath says that she is the Advertising Billing Supervisor of The Tampa Tribune , a daily newspaper published at Tampa in Hillsborough County, Florida; that the attached copy of the Legal Ads INTHEtiNitED' STAT IN THE Tampa Tribune DISTRICTcoulr" FoinHE MIDDLE DISTRICTOFFJ()RID4l , c ., . . . , TAMPA DIVISJ()t! " In the matter of Legal Notices IN ADMIRALTY ODYSSEY MARINE EXPLbRATION. INC;:" " Plaintiff; was published in said newspaper in the issues of vS. ' CIVIL ACTION C'1e :, 8:07 CV-OOEi14- THEUNIDET'tl IED HII'NR CKED VE:.SEL. ,, Itppuppeaaec"ts ckle., " sa rt , n rn l e a and , a JB1m ates: , the 04/30/2007 I" ' ggu Hf8 tf. end nt(s). NdtICt:,PFADMIRA I'RM 1;5T Plell$e ta Noticethaton APtill3, 2()oi:WQrder of gist rate 'JUage of advertisement" and affiant further sa s that she has neither izz O.t the ' bte)Ma States, Dlstnct"ourt,for the Middle ' the' FloridaiTam aDivi ion, a Warrant of. this advertisement for publication In the said newspaper. Affiant further says that the said The Tampa Tribune is a newspaper published at Tampa in said Hillsborough County, Florida , and that the said newspaper has heretofore been continuously published in said Hillsborough County, Florida , each day and has been entered as second class mail matter at the post offce in Tampa , in said Hillsborough County, Florida . for a period of one yea next preceding the first publication of the attached copy of aid nor romised an erson othef?artifatts heretOfore andhereafterrecoverea by tle, Defendant Shipwrecked Vessel(s) (the "Mfrrant of Arrest"), 'wasissu ed on behalf of the Plaintiff as saIVOr;II);pOSSesslo(\, " or. " prOVI pur PlaI ntiff. \ Jat., to les Adml!anltyRuthe . heretofore ' appomtij(j'S Ubsti Qte , Shi ' ed 'Yess ' and the a ) acts recRvered L the having or clalmiOg to have a ''r An " 'rt,ht (the , ) adjudicated, ifacts stodia 6f" ered 'I " from Shipwr\1cked., Yes . , :ave.rifi Com lamt to have aim 'of title eDefendant and ""' hereafter , ' aod h as " ' lonfl CandD..s. , tiff was YMarille ili; t! C' Sworn to and subscribed by me , this 30 day of April , A.D. 2007 Personally Known r "\ '!tz' "5r;" " OF E)(PIO ration i Inc: from ssesslon I!;menta r Produced Identification Ana Maria Hodel Type of Identification Produced ,\f CommlSSiQn #00551367 'c(f;, ..xpires: MAY 11, 2010 nt,to: Rossessionof, ,' or Who clAims an !!n mterest Jnthe Defendant , SlilpwreC\ked, VE!sel(s) apRe!lr 1"''''\ WWW, AAAONNOTARY, cam and/ortheArtifacts. is, herebyput,on"n'tice,teto ..t'! s andfile wi h the I'lerk of thi!, uoite Dlstnct Court .for thefliddle \D\strlchof. . FlOrida, Tamp.aiPivision,aclafm inwritihg!purSUfnt to hieh not SUPPlementa. IACmir alty J&) be, filed witliin sixty (60j), daY$ 'of ,the date claim ai ,s(?five nty (20tdays after the filngrof the ar tlff of p aPove i ere.of, andservedon ' th eattorneys c' ' claimS o.rinte ve. liC " Fe eral, Rule 24 n o ,Ci ocedure .reritiosounder uy pe r ns claiming maritime other interests in /the Defendant liens Shipwrecked'Yessel(sLand the Artifact 'sb,allbe aIl9wed"withln the sixty forfilng, claims:Of oWllershiporJor (&0) day period p 9vlded wers clairn a.nd . ' Qf fllednotice wlthm the, tlmesab()ve provided. default, may. ent\! ed and rejief. requested by plaintitf in.the Ven,fled.,com lamt, maybegrantedaod' tliee!alms F'LEASEGOVERN YOURSELVfS ACCORDINGL,r,, or interest o any other persbilor entity ,phall. be ' tar . inated ahd/orextin9 lilSh dWith.J reJ d!!;ei : DATED; Ap,ril30, 2007 !s/Allehvori SpiegEHflld ' Allen vonSPieg,elfeld", F 2,56803 FOWLER WHITEB.oGGS BANKERP. P. O. Box 1438 . avonsp(IfowlerWhite:cpm " Attorneys for Pial Qt!,f:f, 8fj2r 'il3 9:1! 13- Facsim ile ,i '-4 0/07 4a!i3 Order# 0002115144 1023763 -- FOWLER WHITE BOGGS BANKE

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