Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. v. The Unidentified Shipwrecked Vessel

Filing 13

PROOF OF PUBLICATION filed by Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc.. Newspaper: The Tampa Tribune Date(s) of publication 4/30/07. (Thiel, Eric)

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Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. v. The Unidentified Shipwrecked Vessel Doc. 13 Case 8:07-cv-00616-JSM-MSS Document 13 Filed 05/07/2007 Page 1 of 2 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE MIDDLE DISTRICT OF FLORIDA TAMPA DIVISION IN ADMIRALTY ODYSSEY MARINE EXPLORATION , INC. Plaintiff vs. CIVIL ACTION Case No. : 8:07- CV- 00616- JSM- MSS THE UNIDENTIFIED , SHIPWRECKED VESSEL , its apparel , tackle appurtenances and cargo located within center point coordinates: (to be provided to the Court under seal) 11 reIn Defendant( s). NOTICE OF FILING AFFIDAVIT OF PUBLICATION OF NOTICE OF ARREST Plaintiff hereby notices the filing of the attached Affidavit of C. Pugh Tribune of the Tampa conceming publication of the notice of arrest of the UNIDENTJFIED , SHIPWRECKED their apparel , tackle , appurtenances and cargo located within VESSEL OR VESSELS , center point coordinates provided to the Court under seal in the above styled and numbered cause. DATED at Tampa, Florida, this 7th day of May, 2007. Allen von Spiegelfeld Florida Bar No. 256803 avonsP(2fow l erwhi te. com Eric C. Thiel Florida Bar No. 016267 ethiel(2fow l erwhite. com FOWLER WHITE BOGGS BANKER P. O. Box 1438 Tampa , Florida 33601 (813) 228-7411 (813) 229- 8313 - Facsimile Attomeys for Plaintiff Dockets.Justia.com ". , ,, ' . . ', " ,'', .' ,. '' \\ . ,'' ,,," ', , " ",," .' ' . , ,' '- ),, ,, .' , -";" :";:~~ .( ' -. ~ Case 8:07-cv-00616-JSM-MSS Document 13 The Tampa( ribune Filed 05/07/2007 Page 2 of 2 Published Daily Tampa , Hillsborough County, Florida State of Florida County of Hillsboroug SS. Before the undersigned authority personally appeared C. Pugh , who on oath says that she is the Advertising Billing Supervisor of The Tampa Tribune , a daily newspaper published at Tampa in Hillsborough County, Florida; that the attached copy of the Legal Ads In the matter of IN THE UNITED STATEs 6jST ICTCOURT;JW:; FOR THE MIDDLE DISTRICT OF FLORIR IN THE Tampa Tribune Legal Notices was published in said newspaper in the issues of ;TAMPA DIVISION IN ADMIRALTY ' C" "U '''11;1; , 04/30/2007 , Affiant further ODYSSE:YMARI E EXPLORArIO vPla.intiff. ' s case No, :: !!:07,CV"00616-JSM- CIVIL,ACTION THEu iD, TIFIE:D , SHIPWRECKED VESSEL, its ap !lfel. tackle. car itHin, cen (tout6the Co rt, I); ap ances!lnd rdihates: ' in rem;' ' 'Defendant(s). , ' ')J says that the said The Tampa Tribune is a newspaper published at Tampa in said Hillsborough County, Florida and that the said newspaper has heretofore been continuously published in said Hillsborough County, Florida , each day and has been entered as second class mail matter at the post office in Tampa , in said Hillsborough County, Florida for a period of one year next preceding the first publication of the attached copy of I advertisement; and affant further says that she has neither paid nor promised any person this advertisement for publication in the said newspap OfADNIIHALTYAItIt"S'r Ble setake oticet ton April p. 2007. bY9rder of theHQhorable " , $. Moody, Jr. !, JUdg of' the Nbtl tfor the M of Arr Flnidd Pa CourWarrant Idd leDlstr r thir oti e e U al)lar Ie; apPljrt ces and cargo cated UnjtedStatesDi lct of 01'., a Sl'upwretked Vessel or. Court co " witehi ,Aoint recove , descl' as und r nc;t,a gwithanY acts h e teat sse and h ates rovidea Int. from t 'nt Ship Warrant . . iwasl " ionor , Iaihtiff or-II'-pqsse? reCQ Sworn to and subscribed by me , this 30 day of April , A.D. 2007 Personally Known wasapp heretofOre and 'hereafter;, re"overed' Jrpm intiff mir ty Rules Cqnd p. Jhe, Artifacts odl Clnof UbSt ute Ibn. " ursljant to the' provIsions of r Produced Identification i".,. ':"1 1;\\\'111' :'1 na ana Hodel 2010 Type of Identification Produced Cor mission #00551367 "6 " OF r"\ .. 11"".'- Shipwr cked yessel(st,and , liiU flled a Venfled COflplamt to havel ts clalrn, of.ltleto the. Defendant, :;Explras: MAY 11 Shlwrei;ked VeSS ( ) and tbe ,artClcts recovered t . n\ (thE! J' A acts")llT lng dtioi teve1!J.lght or 1!PJu ca d. " Clfl rtY slonof" who cla!ms an int and/orthe Artifacts. Ishere SUPP ern res\ jri Jhe ent I.A WWW. AARONNOTARY. com cjant stii Ta . Division. a claim in' writing pljrsljilnt to tY. ' RUle:C(6) hic not e of enta claimmust' United:States antjtile with the Clerk 0 " iddle District of Florida. Courtfo(the tW on notice to ed Ve sel(s) for the Plaintiff listed be OCI efiledwitliih' , Oldilysofthedate of.publication hereokan . on tlieattorneys: sAothe Verifi omplaJiJt must be e ,:with the.ll!;1E!rkand ingpfthe hin twenty (20) daysaJter.th Answe seavm red above. cl r i e .i"' . iflterventiO!LUiJd aJ , Shipwrecked Vessel(s) and;..tHeAH:ifaotssliall be allowed, within the sixh' (6u) day period provided lailJs of 'owner hip or for ab()ve !()r fili ()ffIHidhotices(!f claimsAhd answers withln the times above provided; def9-ul maybe entered' and " relief requested byPlamtlff m,the rified Co 'aint may begrantedand, theclalms liens . ltl cedU reby P ersons CI!llml other interests ' 'In ' , the.' Defendant or interest o\lny )otherperson'orentltY DATED: April 30, 20 Isl shall be terrninate and/()reXtingUished with pr,ejljcice. PLEA5;EGOVERN YOURSELVESI\CCQRDINGLY, 07" "I: Al.len yon ' Spiegelfeld " FBN25 6803 lIeh yon SPiege Box 1438 FOWLER WHITE BOI'GS BANKERP:A. Tampa Florlda.33601 . " ' ,!!lH28- 1411. !!13"229.831HacslmilE! I avohsp fowlerwHlte. c.om' ' . Atto neys for Plaintiff 4852 /30/07 Order# 0002115188 1023763 -- FOWLER WHITE BOGGS BANKE

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