Securities and Exchange Commission v. Nadel et al

Filing 1068

ORDER of USCA: Appellee's motion to dismiss the appeal for violation of injunction and lack of jurisdiction is CARRIED WITH THE CASE filed by Appellee Burton W. Wiand. as to 1027 Notice of appeal filed by Quest Energy Management Group, Inc. EOD: 9/17/13; USCA number: 13-12778-FF. (JNB)

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Case: 13-12778 Date Filed: 09/17/2013 Page: 1 of 1 UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE ELEVENTH CIRCUIT ELBERT PARR TUTTLE COURT OF APPEALS BUILDING 56 Forsyth Street, N.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30303 John Ley Clerk of Court For rules and forms visit September 17, 2013 MEMORANDUM TO COUNSEL OR PARTIES Appeal Number: 13-12778-FF Case Style: U.S. Securities and Exchange C v. Quest Energy Management Group, District Court Docket No: 8:09-cv-00087-RAL-TBM This Court requires all counsel to file documents electronically using the Electronic Case Files ("ECF") system, unless exempted for good cause. The enclosed order has been ENTERED. Appellee's brief is due 30 days from the date of the enclosed order. Sincerely, JOHN LEY, Clerk of Court Reply to: Janet K. Spradlin, FF Phone #: (404) 335-6178 MOT-2 Notice of Court Action Case: 13-12778 Date Filed: 09/17/2013 Page: 1 of 2 Case: 13-12778 Date Filed: 09/17/2013 Page: 2 of 2

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