Securities and Exchange Commission v. Nadel et al

Filing 1180

TRANSCRIPT information form filed by Branch Banking & Trust Co. Successor to Colonial Bank NA re 1178 Notice of appeal. USCA number: 15-12097-A. (Dombovary, Elizabeth)

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ELEVENTH CIRCUIT TRANSCRIPT INFORMATION FORM PART I. TRANSCRIPT ORDER INFORMATION Appellant to complete andfile with the District Court Clerk and the Court ofAppeals Clerk within 14 days ofthe filing ofthe notice of appeal in allcases, including those in which there was no hearing orfor which no transcript is ordered. Short Case Stvle: Securities and Exchange Commission vs Branch Banking &Trust Co. et al. District Court No.: 8:09-cv-00087-RAL-TBM Date Notice of Appeal Filed: 5/12/2015 Court of Appeals No.: 15-12097-A (If Available) CHOOSE ONE: ^No hearing • No transcript is required for appeal purposes • All necessary transcript(s) on file • I AM ORDERING A TRANSCRIPT OF THE FOLLOWING PROCEEDINGS: Check appropriate box(es) andprovide all information requested: HEARING DATE(S) JUDGE/MAGISTRATE COURT REPORTER NAME(S) • Pre-Trial Proceedings • Trial. • Sentence. • Plea • Other METHOD OF PAYMENT: • I CERTIFY THAT I HAVE CONTACTED THE COURT REPORTER(S) AND HAVE MADE SATISFACTORY ARRANGEMENTS WITH THE COURT REPORTER(S) FOR PAYING THE COST OF THE TRANSCRIPT. • CRIMINAL JUSTICE ACT. Attached for submission to District Judge/Magistrate is my completed CJA Form 24 requesting authorization for government payment of transcript. [A transcript of the following proceedings will be provided ONLY IF SPECIFICALLY AUTHORIZED in Item 13 on CJA Form 24: Voir Dire; Opening and Closing Statements of Prosecution and Defense; Prosecution Rebuttal; Jury Instructions.] Ordering Counsel/Party: Name of Firm: Address: E-mail: Phone No.: / certifythat I have completedandfiled PARTI with the District Court Clerkand the CourtofAppeals Clerk, sent a copy to the appropriate Court Reporter(s) if ordering a transcript, and served all parties. DATE: PART II. SIGNED: Attorney for: COURT REPORTER ACKNOWLEDGMENT Court Reporter to complete andfile with theDistrict Court Clerkwithin 14days ofreceipt. The Court Reporter shallsend a copy to the Court ofAppeals Clerk and to all parties. Date Transcript Order received: • Satisfactory arrangements for payingthe cost of the transcript were completed on: • Satisfactory arrangements for paying the cost of the transcript have not been made. No. of hearing days: Estimated no. of transcript pages: Estimated filing date:. DATE: SIGNED: Phone No.: NOTE: The transcript is due to be filed within 30 days of the date satisfactory arrangements for payingthe cost of the transcript were completed unless the Court Reporter obtains an extension of time to file the transcript. PART III. NOTIFICATION THAT TRANSCRIPT HAS BEEN FILED IN DISTRICT COURT Court Reporter to complete andfile with the District Court Clerk on date offiling transcript in District Court. The Court Reporter shall send a copy to the Court ofAppeals Clerk on the same date. This is to certify that the transcript has been completed and filed with the districtcourt on (date): Actual No. of Volumesand Hearing Dates: Date: Signature of Court Reporter:. Rev. 5/14

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