Securities and Exchange Commission v. Nadel et al

Filing 1236

NOTICE of compliance re 1235 Notice canceling hearing by Burton W. Wiand (Morello, Gianluca)

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT MIDDLE DISTRICT OF FLORIDA TAMPA DIVISION SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, Plaintiff, v. ARTHUR NADEL, SCOOP CAPITAL, LLC, SCOOP MANAGEMENT, INC., Defendants. CASE NO.: 8:09-cv-0087-T-26TBM SCOOP REAL ESTATE, L.P., VALHALLA INVESTMENT PARTNERS, L.P., VALHALLA MANAGEMENT, INC., VICTORY IRA FUND, LTD, VICTORY FUND, LTD, VIKING IRA FUND, LLC, VIKING FUND, LLC, AND VIKING MANAGEMENT, LLC. Relief Defendants. / RECEIVER’S NOTICE OF COMPLIANCE WITH MARCH 23, 2016, ORDER (DOC. 1235) The Receiver notifies the Court of his compliance with the directive in the March 23, 2016, Order (Doc. 1235), that the Receiver immediately notify Anne Nadel Walbridge and Thomas Walbridge that the March 25, 2016, show cause hearing has been cancelled and that they are no longer required to appear before the Court. Undersigned counsel provided such notice by emailing a copy of the Order to Anne Nadel Walbridge and Matthew Farmer, Esq., counsel whom she had retained for prior litigation brought by the Receiver, and by leaving a voicemail message at a phone number Anne Nadel Walbridge provided to undersigned counsel earlier this week. In addition, Mr. Farmer receives CM/ECF notifications from this case and consequently has received a copy of the Order directly from the Court. The Receiver does not have a telephone number or email address for Thomas Walbridge, but he is Anne Nadel Walbridge’s spouse and they reside together, and undersigned counsel asked Anne Nadel Walbridge to share the order with her husband. CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I HEREBY CERTIFY that on March 23, 2016, I electronically filed the foregoing with the Clerk of the Court by using the CM/ECF system. I also certify that I will provide copies of this notice as follows: Anne Nadel Walbridge 6274 VT Route 14 Williamstown, VT 05679 Via email Thomas Walbridge 6274 VT Route 14 Williamstown, VT 05679 Via Anne Nadel Walbridge’s email Matthew Farmer, Esq. Farmer & Fitzgerald, P.A. 102 W. Whiting St. Suite 501 Tampa, FL 33602 Via email s/Gianluca Morello Gianluca Morello, FBN 034997 Michael S. Lamont, FBN 0527122 WIAND GUERRA KING P.A. 5505 W. Gray Street Tampa, FL 33609 Tel: 813-347-5100 Fax: 813-347-5198 Attorneys for the Receiver 2

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