Securities and Exchange Commission v. Nadel et al

Filing 265

DECLARATION of Kieran Roe re #264 Response to order to show cause by Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy. (Attachments: #1 Exhibit 1, #2 Exhibit 2, #3 Exhibit 3, #4 Exhibit 4, #5 Exhibit Composite Exhibit 5, Part I, #6 Exhibit Composite Exhibit 5, Part II, #7 Exhibit Composite Exhibit 5, Part III, #8 Exhibit 6, #9 Exhibit 7, #10 Exhibit 8, #11 Exhibit 9, #12 Exhibit 10, #13 Exhibit 11, #14 Exhibit 12, #15 Exhibit 13, #16 Exhibit 14, #17 Exhibit 15, #18 Exhibit Composite Exhibit 16, #19 Exhibit 17, #20 Exhibit 18, #21 Exhibit Composite Exhibit 19)(Solomon, Marty)

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