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EXHIBIT 2 DeposiLion of Far r i s ,fohnson M D Paqe 1 UNITED STATES DTSTRICT COURT MIDDLE DISTRICT OF FLORIDA O R I , A N D O DIVISION IN RE: Seroquel T-i Products Liability !J F.i L l - g -dF i L . J - O n MDL DOCKET NO. ]-769 This Document Refates to 6:06-cv-1-295 DEPOSITION OF FARRIS T. JOHNSON, 'JR. , Wednesday, September 26, 2Qo1 M. D . 6 1 0 Oglethor p e Qrli l- a R Avenue 30606 ALhens, Georgia Reported By: JudiLh L. LeiLz, RPR Georgia CCR-B-2312 Services Esquire Deposition Atlanta Office Job No. 425003 Phone - 404-872-"/890 Deposition of Far r i s .fohnson M D 2 (Pages 2 to 5) Page 4 Page T I N I T E DSTATESDISTRICTCOURT OF M I D D L E DISTRICT FLORIDA O R L A N D ODIVISION Products Liability I N RE: Seroquel Litigation MDLDOCKETNO1769 . 6 ,7 5 1 2 INDEX M.D. T, WITNESS: FARRIS JOHNSON, EXAMINATION B y Ms. Owens B y Ms. DcCarli B y Ms. Owens B y Ms. DcCarli PAGE 6 82 120 135 2 3 4 to 1295 T h i sDocument Relates 6;06-cv7 8 10 11 !2 13 T4 15 16 l7 18 19 20 ')'l I 9 10 11 L2 13 M.D., T. D e p o s i t i oof FARRIS JOIINSON, n AstraZeneca, t a k e non behalfof the Defendant p u r s u a nto the stipulations t bclore agreed herein, to at J u d i t h Leitz,Certified L. CourtReporter, 610 on SuiteB, Athens,Georgia, Oglethorpe Avenue, 2007, W e d n e s d a y , 26thdayof September, the c o m m e n c i nat thehourof 2:22p.m. g I'7 18 20 2! 22 22 23 24 EXHItsI'I'S PACE N O . DESCRIPTION A1 of I Notice Deposition 47 Discharge Summary Io 2 051291010612/01 49 letter Whomit May Concern 9116106To 3 49 Lxamination; 4 6/16/00HistoryandPhysical History 5/26101 Summary; 1 0 / 1 9 / 0 Discharge 0 Examination a n dPhysical )b Medioal Record 5 319104 58 Record 6 5lll104Medical '7 )6 8l13l04MedicalRecord 62 Medical Record 8 9ll3l(14 64 Record Medical 9 10125i04 72 Record l 0 l0/l 7/05Medical '16 Record | | l2lll05 Medical 8l l 2 CV of Dr. Johnson 86 1 3 4lWA5 OfficeNote - Prescribing 87 Record l 4 Spreadsheet J o b o .4 2 5 0 0 3 N Page 1 2 l 4 25 5 6 7 APPEARANCES O!- COUNSEL O n behalfofthe Plaintifl D E B R A DcCARI,I,ESQUIRE L A U R A M. BRANDENBERG.ESQUIRI L e v i n SimesKaiser& Gornick,L,L,P 4 4 MontgomeryStreet 36thFloor S a nFrancisco, Califomia94104 (4ts\ 646-7160 (415) 81- 270ax f 9 1 Jaw. l b r a n d e n b e r g @ l s k g com Astrfleneca: On behalfof the Defendant LAT'RA LEWIS OWENS,ESQUIRE A l s t o n& Bird,L,L P. OneAtlantic Center Streel l 2 0 l WestPeachtree Atlanta, Georgia30309 ( 4 0 4 )881-7000 (404)881-7777 fa\ e - m a i l & ALSO PRESENT:MarshallWillis with A.lston Bird 1 2 3 4 5 ,7 I 9 10 EXHIBITS(CONT.) PAGE N O . DESCRIPTION - Voicemail 94 Script l 5 Draft l 6 O b j e c t i o nHiurdlcr on Atypical antipsychotics 9 5 a n d glucosedysregulation 9 10 11 !2 13 11 I4 16 !'7 97 l 7 Astrazenecalmpoiant DrugInformation 30, J a n u a r y 2004 99 Diabetes Master Fehruary 200,4, 3, l 8 Final: Document and Q u e s t i o n Answer ofReports of l 0 l 2004- A Survey l 9 Article June Hyperglycemia and Quetiapine-Associated D i a b e t eMellltus s r03 2004- Rclationship 2 0 Article- September Medication Treatment Antipsychotic Between a n dNew Cases Inpatienls Among Psychiatric o f Diabctcs 2l 104 of Article 2006 - AmericanJournal - DiabetesRisk Associatedwith Epidemiology U s e of Olanzapine,Quetiapine,ard Risperid0ne i n VeteransHealth Administration Patientswith Schizophrenia 2 2 Astrazeneca What you needto know to Detail Mania Sell Sheel for Seroquel t h e PCP - CallNotes 109 2 3 Spreadsheet - MedicalRecords 138 2 4 Groupexhibit 15 76 L'7 1q 20 22 2I Deposition of Farris .lohnson MD L2t) 31 (Pages l-18 to Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 118 I 2 3 4 6 7 I 10 1lI2 in uncommonand certainlyhavc to be interpreted the with contextofthe patient. Most patients extrapyramidal side effects. EPS, interestingly enoughdon't complainoftremors. They haveother but is complaints, tremorsin my experience not a with that medication predominant complaintassociated by the patient. Page 120 thatthatwaspropernotice. Sowe reserve t o expect based uponthe latereceived o u r right to continue records. F U R T H E REXAMINATION B Y MS .OW E N S : your you about earlier Q . Doctor, talked of you wouldhave yourconsiderations in discussions to prescribe you ofmedications r i s k sandbcncfits correct? y o u r patients, A . Correct, to Q . So I assume the extentthatthereare particular about drugsmadeby theFDA or on warnings those that labeling you lbundsignificant t h eproduct you with discuss your w o u l dbewarnings wouldalso p a t i e n t scorrect? , A . Yes. Q . And thatwouldbetrueas-- notjust asto but specifically? a l l medications asto Seroquel A . Knownto me at thattime,yes. to was informalion provided you Q . Now, some Seroquel been receiving mayhave t h a tMs.Thomas from someone otherthanyou in 2004,correct? samples yes. A . Today, of any Q . And do youhave record prescribing fbr S e r o q u e l herin 2004? Page 121 A. No. you the Q . Soto theextent records reviewed or s ctoss-examination d u r i n gPlaintiff counsel's of numbers patients ofyou showed exanination that prcscriptions fiom you for Seroquel receiving you as Hellen Thomas best w o u l dnothaveincluded today? t e l l from your records A . Correct. that the Q . And does information this patient fromherpsychiatrist been obtaining samples m a yhave youroptnton 2004change during Advantagc o r from wasnot the earlierthat Seroquel t h a tyou of'fered diabetes? of c a u s e Ms,Thomas's A , Saythat again. may that Q . Doesthe information Ms. Thomas in Seroquel samples 2004fromher been rccciving have healthcare p s y c h i a t r i sor from Advantage t p r o f e s s i o n a changc opinionyou offeredearlier ls thc was of t h a t Seroquel not the cause Ms, Thomas's diabetes? A. No. you thatin your Q, And I believe said has the that it hasnotbeen case Seroquel expcrience yourpatients? in diabetes caused A, Correct. 9 10 lL 12 13 14 15 1-7 18 19 2A 2r 22 25 has everbeen Q . To your knowledge, Ms. Thomas for tested EPS? A . Thereis not a formaltestfor it. It's diagnosis. I ofa -- it'sconfinned physical by more people familiar seen enough wouldsaythis,she's problem, rvithIPS that ifthat hadbeena predominant psychiatrists neurologists and expected I wouldhave to pickthatup preuyeasily, Q . Giventhedrugsthatshervason? A . Correct. Q . Okay. A . Ifs thckind ofthing thatyou- you with patients who arebeingtreated observe thinkit would p s y c h i a t r imedications I don't c and goneunnoticed thenumber people she of that by have I seen, don'tthink. had of rs Q , Dr. Johnson, it a fair summary your '"varnings that from Astrleneca testimony adequale Page 119 15 16 71 !9 20 2L ,a 25 I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 t2 L4 15 L7 l8 t9 2r 22 ?? 25 1 your riskswould haveallered diabetes regarding 2 for prescribing recommendations Ms.'l'homas? 3 A. Yes. 4 the M S . DeCARLI: I am going10pass 5 openin the w i t n e s sbut I am leaving deposition , 6 the l i g h t ofthe factthatjust 38 hoursbefore '7 a we of b e g i n n i n g this deposition received AstraZeneca's I of s i g n i f cantamount new records. i 9 was on August 3rd and they waited disclosure first 10 records. 24th u n t i l September at midnightto disclose 11 we Dr. S o ,unfortunately, Johnson, may haveto the on day,but I am reserving right 1 2 c o n t i n u e another 13 t o reopen. that M S . OWENS: And I recognize the time 1 4 w a s close,but would nole that the obligationwas to L 5 p r o v i d eit beforethe depositionand you will agree conect? r-1 t h a t it was receivedbeforethis deposition, that it rvas M S . DeCARLI: I will agree 19 ninehoursbeforeI met with the Plaintiff received 20 present for her depositionandwe were with her to 2r morning, flom 9:00a.m.yesterday t h e Plaintiffs 22 late, until 40 minutes d i d n ' tstartthe deposition 23 which did a n ddidn'tfinish until 6:30 lastevening, and I don't 2 4 n o t leavevery much time for preparation on t h i n k it'svery reasonable the pad ofAstraZeneca 2 5

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