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(ORDER OF) DEFAULT JUDGMENT in favor of HOME DESIGN SERVICES INC against CHARLES PARISH, JR, DEBORAH PARISH - Pltf to recover from defendants total amount of $273,765.00. Signed by SENIOR JUDGE LACEY A COLLIER on May 12, 2009. (cbj)

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT F O R THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA P E N SA C O L A DIVISION HO M E DESIGN SERVICES, INC., P l a i n ti f f , v. C H A R L E S PARISH, JR., and D E B O R A H PARISH, Defendan ts. ____________________________________ O R D E R OF DEFAULT JUDGMENT T H IS CAUSE having come before the Court on a Motion for Default Judgment filed b y Plaintiff Home Design Services, Inc., against defendants Charles Parish, Jr., and Deborah P a r i s h , who have failed to file an answer or other proper response to the complaint. Default w a s entered on November 20, 2008. The Court being duly and sufficiently advised, it is he re by ORDERED: 1. 2. T h e Motion for Default Judgment against Defendants is hereby GRANTED. IT IS ADJUDGED that Plaintiff Home Design Services, Inc., recover from Civil Action No. 3:08cv385/LAC/MD De fend ants Charles Parish, Jr., and Deborah Parish the sum of $565.00 based on actual dam age s, and $273,200.00 based on disgorged profits. ORDERED on this 12th day of May, 2009. s/L.A. Collier Lacey A. Collier S e n i o r United States District Judge

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