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USCA PROCEDURAL LETTER re: 182 NOTICE OF CROSS APPEAL as to 155 Order re Motion to Intervene, Motion to Alter Judgment, Motion for Preliminary Injunction, 151 Final Judgment, by BEATRICE M HEGHMANN, ROBERT A HEGHMANN. USCA Appeal #11-11280-H (tl)

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UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE ELEVENTH CIRCUIT ELBERT PARR TUTFLE COURT OF APPEALS BUILDING 56 Forsyth Street, NW. Atlanta, Georgia 30303 John Ley Clerk of Court For rules and forms visit I uccurtsgov March 25, 2011 Beatrice M. Heghmann 17 Deer Meadow Road Durham, NIH 03824 Robert A. Heghmann 17 Deer Meadow Road Durham, NH 03824 Appeal Number: 11-11280-H Case Style: n v. Robert Heghmann, et al District Court Docket No: 3:1 0-cv-0009 1 -RV-EMT The referenced case was docketed in this court on March 23, 2011. Please use the appellate docket number noted above when making inquiries. Attorneys who wish to participate in this appeal must be properly admitted either to the bar of this court or for this particular proceeding pursuant to 11th Cir. R. 46-1. An attorney not yet properly admitted must file an appropriate application for admission within fourteen (14) days from this date. In addition, all attorneys (except court-appointed counsel) who wish to participate in this appeal must complete and return an appearance form within fourteen (14) days. Application for Admission to the Bar and Appearance of Counsel Fonn are available on the Internet at I . The clerk may not accept motions or other filings from an attorney until that attorney files an appearance form. See 11th Cir. R. 46-5. We have not yet received the Certificate of Interested Persons and Corporate Disclosure Statement (CIP) required by FRAP 26.1 and the accompanying circuit rules. The rules provide that the certificate must be filed by every appellant [and cross-appellant] with this court within 14 days after the date the appeal is docketed in this court, or along with the filing in this court by any party of any motion, petition, or pleading, whichever occurs first. The rules further provide that on the same day a paper certificate is served, the party filing it must also complete the court's web-based certificate at the "Electronic Filing" link of the court's website, wwwcal I , by electronically providing the information required for that form. Only the ticker symbols for publicly traded corporations that are listed on the paper CIP must be entered in the web-based system. If your CIP does not include any publicly traded corporations, you are required to go to the website and simply click the button indicating that you have no publicly traded corporations to report. Pro se parties are not required or authorized to complete the web-based certificate. You are hereby notified that the clerk is not authorized to submit to the court any brief (except for the reply brief of an appellant or cross-appellant), petition, answer, motion or response that does not contain the certificate, but may receive and retain the papers pending supplementation of the papers with the required certificate. You are also hereby notified that failure to submit the required certificate will result in your document(s) being returned unfiled which may ultimately result in dismissal of your appeal. Pursuant to Eleventh Circuit Rule 42-1(b) you are hereby notified that upon expiration of (14) days from this date, this appeal will be dismissed by the clerk without further notice unless the default(s) noted below have been corrected: Pay to the DISTRICT COURT clerk the $450 docket and $5 filing fees (total of $455), with notice to this office, or request leave to proceed in forma pauperis on appeal in the district court. See Fed.R. App.P. 24(a). If the district court denies such leave, appellant may file in this court a Motion to Proceed in forma pauperis in this court with a financial affidavit. Sincerely, JOHN LEY, Clerk of Court Reply to: Walter Pollard, H Phone #: (404) 335-6186 DKT-2 Appeal WITH Deficiency

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