Black v. Apple, Inc.

Filing 23

Transmittal Letter Sent With Order of Transfer, To: Northern District of California (bs)

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Black v. Apple, Inc. Doc. 23 Case 0:07-cv-61395-WJZ Document 23 Entered on FLSD Docket 10/17/2007 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA CASE NO. 07-61395-CV-ZLOCH Page 1 of 1 Frederick Black, Plaintiff(s), v. Apple, Inc., Defendant(s), FILED by D.C. Oct 17, 2007 CLARENCE MADDOX CLERK U.S. DIST. CT. S.D. OF FLA. CLERK'S NOTICE OF TRANSFER TO OTHER DISTRICT Pursuant to the Order of Transfer entered on 10/17/2007, the above-styled case is hereby transferred to the Northern District of California. Enclosed are certified copies of the Order of Transfer and the Court's docket sheet. The case record is [ ] a combined paper and electronic file or [ x ] an electronic file and the imaged documents can be accessed at the following web address: PACER.FLSD.USCOURTS.GOV DONE at the Federal Courthouse Square, Miami, Florida, this 17 day of October 2007. CLARENCE MADDOX, Court Administrator Clerk of Court s/Barbara Sohn By: Barbara Sohn Deputy Clerk Please acknowledge receipt of this transfer by returning a time-stamped copy of this Notice to: United States District Court Southern District of Florida 301 N Miami Avenue, RM 150 Miami, FL 33128-7788 Received By: __________________________ New Case No. _________________________

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