Thompson v. The Florida Bar

Filing 84

Plaintiff's MOTION for Leave to File Document by John B. Thompson. (Attachments: # 1)(Thompson, John)

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Thompson v. The Florida Bar Doc. 84 Att. 1 John B. Thompson, Attorney at Law 1172 S. Dixie Hwy., Suite 111 Coral Gables, Florida 33146 305-666-4366 September 5, 2007 David Girard-diCarlo Chairman, Blank Rome Philadelphia, PA, Washington, D.C. Via Fax to 215-569-8570, 202-772-5896 Al Cardenas Tew Cardenas Miami, Florida Via Fax to 305-536-1116 Re: Deposition of Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and President George Bush Dear Mr. Girard-diCarlo and Mr. Cardenas: Each of your law firms has filed SLAPP (strategic litigation against public participation) Bar complaints against me, the purpose of which have been a) to protect your clients in their distribution of adult/violent/ pornographic/mature-rated material to children, and b) to protect your extensive lobbying/financial influence with Jeb Bush and George Bush. A Florida judge by the name of Dava Tunis, who is the referee presiding over this illegal SLAPP assault upon my constitutional rights and who was appointed to the circuit court bench, ironically, by Governor Bush, decided to file last week in my federal civil rights action against her and The Florida Bar (Case No. 07-21256) the actual two Bar complaints under which The Bar and your two lobbyist/law firms are proceeding. You can log on and read them. Usefully, The Bar actually lists in the filed Bar complaints the letters I sent to "Governor Jeb Bush" and "President George W. Bush." The Bar claims it was unethical for me to send these letters. Blank Rome claims that it was unethical for me to falsely refer to its lobbying relationship with the Bushes. Thus, your two law firms and The Florida Bar have made both Bushes' testimony fully relevant as to their relationships with your two lobbyist/law firms and influence that your two lobbyist/law firms not only have but have crowed about. I don't need to tell you about your stati, gentlemen, as two RNC "Rangers," since you are both individual massive cash bundlers to Bush-Cheney. I have already sent the George and Jeb Bush subpoenas to Referee Tunis for her signature. She may run on this, but she can't hide. She must sign the subpoenas, as her filing with the federal court has made the testimony I seek in the depositions of both men highly relevant to my Bar defense. If the President's position is that I do not get to depose him while he is in office, then I would note that Paula Jones' lawyers were able to convince a federal judge otherwise. If President Bush is successful is convincing the court that I must wait until he leaves office, that's something I am prepared to do. If Jeb Bush and George Bush look to blame someone for how this could happen, they need look no further than you two gentlemen. Both of you were warned this would happen, and now it has happened. This is a lesson in the Law of Unintended Consequences. You mess with someone's constitutional rights, and he fights back to protect those rights in proper and necessary ways that you failed to anticipate. You both may think you bought influence with the Bushes with your money, as you have both claimed publicly, but you bought more than you bargained for when you used the levers of state governmental power (The Florida Bar) to try to protect the purchase. Winston Churchill, was a fabulous watercolorist who was asked once "What is the hardest part of painting?" Said Sir Winston, "Knowing when to stop." You all didn't know when stop harassing me, and this is the result. Regards, Jack Thompson Copies: Former Governor Jeb Bush President George Bush The Florida Bar Referee Tunis U.S. District Court File, Southern District of Florida, Case No. 07-21256 2

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