Stockwire Research Group, Inc. et al v. Lebed et al

Filing 10

SUMMONS Returned Executed by Stockwire Research Group, Inc., Adrian James. Pigasa, Inc. served on 11/9/2007, answer due 11/29/2007. (Koziol, Peter)

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Stockwire Research Group, Inc. et al v. Lebed et al in A.O44L(kev. l0D00D Summors a Civil Case Doc. 10 U N r r n n Srarns DrsrRrcr C ounr S o u t h e r n District of Florida 0 C a s e N u m b e r :7 - 2 2 6 7 0 C f V S E f T Z / M C A L I L E Y S T O C K W I R E RESEARCH GROUP, INC. a Florida corporation, and Resident.. A D R I A N .'AMES, a Texas Plaintiffs JONATHAN LEBED, a FLorida resident, L E B E DB I Z , L . L . C . , a N e w J e r s e y L j . m j . t e d Liability company, pIG.a.sA, INc., a wev |gfgnd6nfs , f e r s e y Corporalion, and CONSTANCE LEBED, a Nes Jereey Resident. SUMMONS IN A CTVIL CASE TO: lNameandaddress defendant) of Pigasa, c/o Inc. Agent N.T 07009 Terrace Registered Grove, 26 Sunset Cedar YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED and required to serve upon PLAINTIFF'S ATTORNEY lname address) and Peter E. Berlowe, Esq. Peter E. Koziol, Ese. A.ssouline & Berlowe, P.A. 3250 Mary Street, Suite 308 Coconut Grove, Florida 331-33 a n answer thecomplaint to whichis herewith served uponyou,within zv davs after serviceof judgment default betaken t h i ssummons you,exclusive thedayof service. youfail to doso, upon If of by will against y o ufor thereliefdemandedthecomplaint. must fileyouranswer theClerkof thisCourt You in also with withina period timeafter reasonable of service. l.lFinrf rimx DATE 11rW r- 2S.l? ( B Y ) DEPUTY CLERK AO 44^ (F ev. l0l20$2) Sumons in a Civil Case (Reverse) RETTJRoF SERvICE^ PI6A{h N S e r v i c e the Summons complaintwasmadeby me t of and NAMEoFSERVER(PRrNr) 6a0"NnB I+LL9(,'J f^/( ?i zy Atl loare I f 1-al rIrLE PQlttt t f,Q<t'<x Check one box below to indicate appropricte method of service G Servedpersonallyupon the defendant.Placewhere served: G Left copiesthereof at the defendant'sdwelling houseor usual place of abodewith a personof suitable a g e and discretionthen residingtherein. N a m e of personwith whom the summons and complaintwere left: G Returned unexecuted: Arn", (specifi): eG Jil../*Jt1 J'vuta '](,t,l. C-a*lSrw-te f A t U C tD 4t\ 6 .-'r Tf.fitkrttL{.o A<L,67 IRAVEL SERVICES S T A T E M E N TOF SERVICE FEES r o r A l D E C L A R A T I O N SERVER OF penalty perjuryunder lawsof theUnitedStates America I declare under of the of thatthe foregoing information contained the Return Service Statement Service in of and of Feesis trueandcorrect. E x e c u t e don S i g n a t u r e Server of Autv"s .4LLtuJ A d d r e s s ofServer COMPAI'IYINC. &SUBPOENA EXPREPROCESS SS BLOOMFIELD 323 AVE PMB 759 07006 WESTCATDWELLN.J. (973) 364-1252 FAX(973) 364-1220 ( l) As to who mayserve summons Rule4 of theFederal a see Rulesof Civil Procedure .

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