Screen v. Clean Image of Miami, Inc. et al

Filing 74

ORDER on Emails to the Court. Signed by Magistrate Judge Jonathan Goodman on 4/6/2012. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A (Part 1), # 2 Exhibit A (Part 2), # 3 Exhibit B) (dkc)

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-Dave Rudra" <Dave@GenesisManagemen "US> 04/04/2012 02:22 PM To <> cc <>, "Spencer" <>, <>, bcc Subject FW: Malicious Prosecution/Embezzlment 1 Kidnapping and the Attempted Muder by Oet. Ramesh NyBergl Det Ca 3 attachments Emergency Motion 10 Strike 3 19.tif J Lahoz Affidavit (2) .lifKaya Affidavit Part l.tif Dear Honorable Judge Goodman, For your files, I am forwarding you an email thread below shared with someone regarding a court hearing today. I realize that there is a procedure to be followed in Federal Court, however this morning I was copied on an email sent to you regarding a proposed settlement by Atty Jason Remer. I am disgusted that the individuals we pay to maintain an ethical legal environment are the ones who exploit the system the most. Your honor, this is not a case of overtime wages unpaid as the lawsuit conveys, but a much larger conspiracy involving hundreds of thousands of dollars, kidnapping of children by a former Detective who was taking advantage of his service relations with a State Attorney. This is about grossly maligning my character and keep me silent so they decided they needed to Bankrupt me, Institutionalize me or that I would Die is 90 days. This way I would have no money to fight for my children by having me incarcerated as they keep trying or Bankrupt me through these frivolous lawsuits. At this time I am not forwarding all Sworn Testimony and witnesses as I will be preparing this for the appeal or objection, whatever it is I need to do. Once again, I do appreciate the integrity of your courtroom and the fairness of your rulings. However, there was extreme legal misconduct which did not allow the truth to be heard. Kindest Regards 'Dave Rudra Executive Officer "Tlie {jest way to yreaict tfie futuYe .. .Is to create it." From: Dave Rudra [mailto:Dave@GenesisManagement.US] Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 20122:06 PM To: Cc: Subject: RE: Malicious Prosecutlon/Embezzlment / Kidnapping and the Attempted Muder by Det. Ramesh NyBerg/ Det Ca Sorry, Attachment included. From: Dave Rudra [mailto:Dave@GenesisManaaement.USl Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2012 1:59 PM To: Subject: Malicious Prosecution/Embezzlment / Kidnapping and the Attempted Muder by Det. Ramesh NyBerg/ Det Ca Dear Mr.; Two of your very courteous XXX ran into me in the courtroom today and gave me the card of XXX and I do not know the name of the young lady. I am writing this email to you as the Police Officers bringing frivoLous charges against me have been attempting to harm me for over two years. This began when I discovered that Detective Ramesh NyBerg had been having an affair with my wife and since 2006, embezzLing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in payroll fraud through Ghost Employees and using bad SS numbers, direct deposited funds into hidden accounts. April 10, 2010, Detective NyBerg, my divorcing wife and her friends created a paper trail of false and perjured DV petitions then kidnapped my children. Attached you will see my own filings as pro-se litigant in the FamiLy Courts. You will find in Detective Ramesh NyBerg's Settlement a 90 day provision for "Dave Rudra is Incarcerated, Mentally Institutionalized, Bankrupt and Moves out of Town or Dies". In the attachment you will find emails to Detective BauxaLi, and a State Attorney who was involved in unknowingly assisting Detective NyBerg with these crimes against me once I discovered the embezzlement. That is why the State is so interested in prosecuting me, because I have evidence and witnesses who can incriminate them. They have been actively pursuing this through Frivolous Lawsuits, FaLse Arrests and Perjured PoLice Reports to cover up the ongoing Intellectual Property Crimes and Embezzlement. I can demonstrate how several Attorneys are involved in this Multi-Million Dollar Embezzlement leaving me bankrupt, including Spencer West and Jason Remer and others I will not name at this time. I can also provide proof of tampering with legal documents and transcripts. Kindest Regards 'Dave 'Rudra Executive Officer "The best way to yredict the filture ... Is to create it." GENESIS Madruga Avenue, Suite #403 * Coral Gables, Florida 33146 Office: 305-662-5557 * Fax: 305-662-5568 * Dave(iV, J 550 • Pleilse see our website at: We have been serving South Florida's mos1 prestigious facilities in South Florida for over 25 years • Our clients who get rated by Press Gamey and Gallup polls have been surveyed consistently over the 95%, percentile threshold in cleanliness each quarter. • Our services include, but not limited to, janilorial, hospital environmental services, maintenance and sta ffing. • J; "We Mean GREEN". IN TIJE ClRC(JJT COURT OF THE ELEVENTH JUD1C/AL CIRCUIT IN AND rOR MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FLORIDA FMCt: DEBJIT RUDRA, Pet: tiOl \cr/I-I usband, C:\SE NO, 10-010920 Fe 2X THE 0 IGINAL FILED (lnd IN THE OFFICE OF THE CLfPJ< LOC#25 MJ-\NDIRA RlJDRk ::iRCUI1' & COUNTY CQtjRiS ---_. (JALlll COUNTY FWRIDA ON--_,_~AfLJ.~,_ZD.l2_~ Res pondent/Wi fo, --- --- --- ---, , - - - -- - -­ / EMERGENCY MOTIO N TO STIUKE l)ROTECTJ. VE ORDER i'I prose liti gant, !)ursuant to di~C!os(; sllppiel11L:J1 1MY discl osure CO'1vrES 1\:-0 W, PetitlonerlfTlIsband) D eBJIT rUJ DRA a,,> Rule 12.280 RcspondenUWil'e h;):,; faileel to provide ::md hence conce~ling the join! income e8med during the marriage to this honorahle court. Several banks including said bank served by former cOLlnsel Spencer West known as Oranch Bank Clnd Trust (hereinafter 88&T), PetitioncriHusb<lnd requests this honorable Court Strike the Emergency iVfolion for Protective Order in accordance with Fla, Civil Rule of Procedures 1.150 as it can be proved that Ramesh NyOerg, Respondent/Wife live in partner, is holding call1ings that belong to Pet; tionerlhusbllnd, he h£lS earned duri ng [he nwrriage and were moved by the Re-sponclenUWife to other bank aCcoullts unknown to PetitionerlHusbancl, It is well known thal Ramesh NyBerg has strong and intlucntial tles with the Criminal Justice System as a now retired police officer serving ill the MDPD for 20 years, rt is belicved that Ri:l-ll1esh NyBerg, in his request of this protective order has UNCLEAN HANDS and would be extremely benefit by lilis pro[eclive order while h<ls no Jegal rig)ll to manipulate ihe proceeding of this Dissolutjon of Marriage, Ramcsh NyBerg has contacted, Stale Atlorneys former police associates, attorneys to provide goodwill for favors, and orhcr reCOL\!'$es to harass, assassinate the chn\'(lcter of the PetitioneriHusb,md and jointly \vilh Respondent/Wife CASE NO . 10-0 I 0920 IT 28 ,md. Cormel: payroll administrators ha ve embezzle funds from PetitionerlHu -bands ' through Pelirione.' s/Husballds business payroll system and corpo rate bank 'KCOlln~. I. On March 13, 2010 it was discovered ill1d admilted l-h,11 Respondent/Wife and Ra mes b Nyberg were havillg a ll1u illally bt lld i cial j'elnt ionsh ip since 2006. 2. Doc Ll men ted Exb.i bit "A" is one of mm y ern;-lils add l' ssed \0 l)etiliollcr' s/I--!. llsban ds drninistrator Shirley IVlartinez, \\l ItO RQ t'sh NyBerg and 111 payroll H Re~ro iJ den(/\Vile were 8ctively soliciting el nd gui ding this and olher individuals to Iile harassing UllSUDsran tiated Domestic Violcl\ce Cbims ;lgainst Petitio ner/ Husband, stated to occur Ollee it \·V<lS Jisco' ered that R<l\1lcsh Ny8el'g movement of payroll fi,1I1ds mishandling Respondent/Wife is currently under C<lSC litig~1.tion jl) \\-<'1$ This all (lssisling dlC Petitiol)cr'sfHlIsband company , 1'01' embezzlement In Civil Court Llnclel' No: 11-42535 CAll. 3 . It is noted and " fact (hat Rall1esh NyBerg began Jiving ammgemcnts with RespondcnUWife as of July of 20 I 0 and its assumed that ::Ill homehold expenses shClred expenses Crom unkno\),,'11 money sources. a(t~ Financial mandatory doctlmenls have been requested by (be Petilionerlhusband in Motion,: tiled for Supplementary Responses, filed JUl}e 2011, Dnd the Petitioner/Husband is uWi'litiJlg setting or a hearing or the granting ofeomt sanctions 1'01' non-compliance. 4, Exhibit "B", discloses how Ramesh NyBerg, began harassing Petitioner/Husband Oll his Facebook with a message senlto his fonner law enforcements friends, Ih3t is self expJanatol"Y" 2 CASE NO. J 0-010020 Fe 28 5. Exhihit "C" pending sanctiolls by tbis Court, It is he!i evcd that Ramcsh NyBerg directly responsible for fucilitating the t~)I:;c W(1S arrest of Pe!itionerlHl1:>banc1 during his fi rst unsupervised visit ina park. 0. RXHTBiT cry & "F·, Respundent/Wlte Jll ade cbanges to pt1\'ch{:~ed Insurance Policy i1 John l- ::.t llcock Lite hy [he Peti rioneriH llsb"nci during [he mMriage ,Hld ,mtol1lated monthl y disb urse ments weI" ini ti cned through s8id bank account vv hich has been sllbpocn,(ed. 7. l2XHIBl T " F", Ramesb Nyberg·s seli!em cilt contains speci :ll ci:luse day lime n·ame rrOpO Sill.~~ 1l10VC(::Jt OftO'VIl 01 8. EXHIBIT "G" £\ [0 indi cate a 90 :'Mr. Rlldra to be lncal'cemted, \nstitutionalizcd and dies. Case No. 10-1451 Fe 19 sworn (lrtidavit by J3cqudine Lahoz. wi tness to the payroll ll1isi1andlings or Shirley Mmtjncz fmd her repetition of the ClO day proposition regarding Dave Rudla which was inserted in Ramesh Nyberg's settlement. 9. EXHIBIT "H" & "}", EmaiJs from former Homicide Detective Rarne::;h NyBerg of the }..tfJ)PD (whereby Ramesh NyBerg is a Non-Party) to Judges .rONA THON GOODMAN and admissions to your HOllOI' SCOTT BERNSTEIN hereby t:llllpering with the outcome of cases involving PetilioncrJI-IusbClllci, hereby exercising fam iJ jari ty alld prior courtroom exch,mges wh i Ie hand Iillts cri minal cases lor the State Attorney during his career with the lYfDPD 3S a Homicide Detective. 10. Ramcsh NyBerg has introduced non-relevant alleged text messages to distract the Courts from. seeing tile real (ruth and pmposc of the occurrences of this case, by Ii ling motions (0 cOllceal informalion of hidden Jl.l1)ds right11llly earned by Petitioner/Husband through hard work and s(lcri flee of over 18 years rUIlJllng a 3 CAS I:: NO. IO-010no Fe 28 business that Petitioner/lIusbancl started froll) scratc h, This Court needs to have 1(l)owk dge of ~aid funds ns Lhey arc now part of an t:Cjuitab!e distribution subject to disb ursement among the P2H1ics ill this dissolution of mmTj ,lgc, ll. Thi~ 1l10ri() 11 is mnde to C'ol11pd rh e: respondent ,md l<.amesh NyB erg to di sclose [til flln.d s moved hy Responden t/Wife during the mn rr'nge (0 all lIncii sclo ~ed bank ac counts wh ere Respo ndell t/ Wife was a sigl1 n r or (0)"".[ a CCOlll)l S where she )enCflls fro m !)l nnagcd hy lhird p<ll"lics. It beli eved tha t Ral11csb NyBerg. is holdi ng ,)nd lS hiding fun ds Itlr Respo ndent/Wik which was secretl y moved fro m pe litioner/h usb,md oUl'ing the marrictge. r: ai lure to allo\-\' Pel it iOller/husband these perLi nen l ri nOlle; 31 documents and compel disclosure t'rom oth er hidd en accounts "" ,ill severely and timlilciall y prejudice the Petilioner/husbanci and Cm(l1er concedl the ongoing fraud engaged in by Ramesh NyBerg and Respond enl/Wife Mandira Rudra. CERTIFICATE o · SER V1CE ( HER.EBV CERTiFY, that a true original copy h<ls been h(lnd delivered to the Clerk orCourls, family Division, 175 NW lSI Ave, Miami, FL 331 2R, A copy to the HOJ\orable Scot t M , Bernstein, Division 28 oftbe Mi,lIni Dade F8mily Comt, 175 NW 151 Ave, Suite 2315, Miami, FL 33128, and via Email tlnd US Mllillo: Stuart Abramson 10300 Sunset Dri ve SuiteJl9 Miami, Florida, 33173 miradeworker18@ aoLcom L aw~ tuOSf@glll '1il.eorn 4 CASE NO. 10-0 10920 f C 18 Golden & Cowan Attn : \Vil liam GlDsko 17345 S, Dix ie High\-vay Miami, Florida. 33157 W G las kO((Vgctpro ha tel;)\ 11IIld C: I:.;fand Ih;lt l ;; 11'1 s\·vcarillg or ;l (t'flnin~ Illlder O!"lIi1 1 0 the [llll'hfllllle~ s 'i ~- the c laim s made above <lnd th"t lh e pu nlsilment for kn owingly milk ing ,) li !lse s(a ie lllt"nt incl udes filles IInd/or ililpriwmneni. Debjit Rlldra (Pctitiol1 crJJ-j\l sbal1 d) !550M ndn: ga A VG. SLli rc 40J Cora l G ab les, Flo rida 3314() 5 Dave Rudra. . ................ . ~ From: Sent: To: Subject: Shirley <sh irleyy0 16@a im .com> Thursday, July 2 1,201"1 10;48 PM fwd : State Altorney' s Office Sh irley Martinez -.. ··Original Mp.ssage----­ F rom : Ramesh Nyberg <.rams. homes@gm8 il. co lw­ To' Shirl:.: c: shirle yy 0 16@ai m com> ~~~ n t : VI/eel , .I un 15, 20 1'1 3:00 pill Subiect: Re : Scate Attom ey's Office Great. let m _ know hm,v Ii goes ple3S(': -- - ...... .- . ..... ---- _ .... _ ._ - ----___ . _ ..... . ._ .. ._ On Wed, Ju n 15, 201 ~ at 6 :34 p~j, Sh irlz <sh ir ieyy016@3inl. coln > '/oIlot y -- ' ~----' Hey!1 T hank you so much for ihal, i will wdia La her and browse her throug h 8 lillie 0 1 what is going. V\fh er i called t118 stale attom ey tl ey d idn t rio much or even actect III<e they ca red &ven with a kid involved . Like i told Mandira, i am willing 10 go and do anythin g to haVe th is ma n stopped. He h3S crossed too ma ny lines with too many people a.nd is about time someone sh uts 11 im down . It is ;::) very sad situation i can imagine for you guys. AnY'/oIa ys hanks again and I will get in contac t wi th her Thank you, -- -- -Origlnal Message--­ F rom: Ramesh Nyberg <> To: Shirleyy016 <Silirle vvOi 6@a· Sent: Wed, Jun 15, 2011 3:06 pm Subject: Stale Altorne~/'S Office Hi Shirley, I've been readinglhese latest emalls between you and Dave, and this Ho lly and Diana . Mandira told me that you got tile run-a roun d at the State Altorney 's Office . Don'l give up Ihere.. you've spoken to U1e wrong people. C al! lip or email ElyseTarg--sllelsa)ongtimeprosecutorandlonglimefriendofmine:glysetarg@i!lJ.?!. Try to get an appo intment with her, or if you get Iler on (he ph one, make sure (ell her you know me, and that she and I have spoken about Dave Rudra befor~. She should remember. She's a real straight shooter <Jl1d should be able to help you gel your case filed in the righl place wiLh the right person. My divorce case is over now, so I don't have to stay as quiet as I used to. I'll be 11appy (0 assist you wilh wllatever you I'\eed. -Ram .~.' Rames h Ny berg, CHMS, TRC, CIIIS Certi fied Itnmigra(loI\ I('\lerna(ional, "nd InVestmen t SpecialIst Real or-Associate Coldwell Ba nker Pinecrest 12155 S. Dixie Hwy /j !-­,.,.,.. ; .1 Dave Rudra Shirley < sll irleyyO 16@aim,com> Thursday, July 21, 2011 -10:4 1 PM oave@cicexperience,com Fwd , coral gables From: Sent: To: Subject: Sil irley Martmez -----Original Message----­ From : Ramesh Nyberg <ra ms_ 110Il1€S@gma li co m> To: Shirlz <sllirleyy016@2 im ocon1> Seni: HILI , Jun 30, 20-11 5 :30 pm Subj ect: Re : coral gable s Thanks Shirley! On Th Ll, Jun 30,2 011 at 9:08 PM , Sit iriz <shir!eY'/> v,/rote, case numbers 1'1-4974 fraud 11-4972 sorry it took me so long i was super busy today thx I hope i get one need anythin g eise, 01- (he other i need a job asapppppllill let me know if Silirley Marlin ez ----Original Message···· · From : Ramesh Nyberg <rams o ll1> To: Shirlz <shirleyy016 @aim o com> Sent' Thu, Jun 30, 2011 10: 18 am Subject: Re: coral gables No rush good luck with Ihe Interviews l On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 9:39 AM, Shirlz &1t;shirlevv0 16@aim_ com&gl; wrote : Okay when I get home III send them tm Intervie'vving for 2 jobs today _So around noon ill send them_ Shirley Martinez ---·-Original Message····· Floom: rams .homes@qmail com To: Shirlz Sent: T hu, Jun 30, 2011 3:00 am Subject: coral gables HI Shirley·- could you please send me both of those case numbers when you get a cllance? Thanks Ramesh Nyberg, CHMS, TRC, CIlIS Certified Immigrati on, International , and I nvestment Specialist Rea ltor·Associa te Coldwell Banker Pinecrest 1 1I Dave ..... Ru dra From : Sent: To: Subject: Sh irl ey <shirleyy016@aml_com> Thu rsday, July 21, 2011 10 39 PM Dave@cicex perience cOin Fwd : Martin ez Subpoena _ '10 Days Shirley Marlillez ---·-Orlglnal Message···-­ From : Ra mesh Nyberg <rams .homes(o:)gma ITI> To: Shirlz <shi rle 016 a aim co m> Sen t: W ed . Ju16 , 20 -11 2:44 pm Subject: Re : Martinez Subpoena. 10 Days ps--- I STR ONGLY recom mend that you send tilis to Elyse Targ . He is fa lsifyin g cOU li documents. Piea se send it [0 her 3Sa!) \ On Wed, JlI16. 2011 at 6 :33 PM, Rames h Nyberg < com> wrote: Hey ._ you proba bly know tllis alre ady, but he cannot issue subpoenas to peo ple. This is a jo ke . Only SOmeone WllO is a member of til e Flo ricl3 Bar (a lawyer) can do lIlat Just in case you w ere wond e ri ng , I think any aHorney would tell you to shit-can this. On Wed, JUI6. 2011 214 ' 58 PM, Shirlz < sh irlevy0 16(cl!almcofl» wrole: Shirley Martinez -·---Original Message----­ From: Dave@cicexperience .com To: NArriliaga Cc' Spencer D West: silirleyy016 . 'Jacky' Sent. Wed, JUI6. 2011 12:26 pm Subject · Martinez Subpoena 10 Days Dear Jose. Thank YOLI for your expeditious delivery of prior su bpoenas. Here is yet 8noli',er for a Sillrley Martinez -Alvarez I have provided you with two of her addresses and her current cell phone. 8S she is a dodger I anticipate she INiilnot comply and once in contempt of court. I will need you to serve her carrier direc(ly. Please confirm receipt and caU me If you had any issues with the other subpoenas . Regards aie Rud ra CEO CLEAN IMAGE CORPORATION Integrated Facility Solutions ,;..f-. ' Dave ......... Rud ra AiAUW:.w. From: Shirley <shirleyyO·\6@alm .com> Thursday, July 21, 2011 10:38 PM FWd . Correct email] Use your Stolen Saving Account Sent: To: Subject: Shirley Martinez -- .-- Origina I ivlessag e ___ From: Shi rley <s il> To: ram S,homes <rams .homes@g mal1.corQ> Se nt: Fri, Jui 1, 20 '11 6: 33 am Su bject: Re: Fwd: [FWD: Correct ema il] Use your Stolen Saving Account o_ Lst' s hold on to it Eor now-- I'll giv e it t o the detect ive a ssigned our case -- I mean it s no harm t o s how it t o Bauxali if you want . bu l if he ' s not hand l ing t ile c as e I 'd ra the r no t . EXCEPT f or t he sma i l s whi c h name him. On Fri., ,Jul 1, 2011 at 9:53.41·1, Sh irley <.s h .i.d " 'i'i ln6i~ i:di11 -:.~~> vlf: te : > low ... it look s e xa c tl y as ive s aid ... he just to ll ows his own t hr ead s . D o > u want me to f o rwatd this t o bux al i ? He ~ant s all re Qrds o f th r eat s f r om > hi m and th is two e m a i lstha tsall he st.1t~s ab o u t deadoral.i ./E:! ilnd hi m > beign mor e danger ou s ,., > LcL me kn o'iJ. > > > Shirle y Mart i n z Rame s h Nyber g . CfIl-1S , TH.C, CIII S Cert i f ied I m grat i on , Lnt e r na ti dwi [nvrstrnent Speci alis ' mi Re al tor -As soc i at e Col dwel l Banker Pinecresc 1215 5 S. Di x ie Hw y Pinecres t, FL 33156 786 -205- ll33 ):I t t~/ I\~vi\-I , Ra~_~!-l Es il tc:!, COlli TODAY' S GO OD NE t-·IS: Co (hie l l B . nke 1.' P j nee res I: ha s be011 namt"d " 'l'h e To p Col dwe l l Banker Office i n HISTORY " I 1 ,,;. ---­ ,,' .... J :..: . ,'!all . !h. < _J 'lid!!u Ill fo ).} 4,~r('A ;;.,,<2. r llk; ';' ;"~ I., (:~. I ~ ~(', ~:i~ iil l ,.).;:1 i1 i1m~sh ~lyb(! I !J I j us l b Oll g hl ~ 'f\oo(nba ' ancl his , hln y is Iid iCLJlous ly co pl. ESpecl;lll'( , inc" I (an !) ush ~ b UI'O Il. le ave the 1'0'.1 \ .. , ,1I ~ d ca tl1{~ back E .nd ii 's il ll '/acLJ lI lTled , :" ( ~)F 'l~H' l ~ "'lh'T; i'a!lJ ,t, pe v;,1; ! i';'J.~ (~1(' ~ oof"lh ":j :.\;';,1 : (j::cd rh ;~ ~ ( ·)(, ~n f.:: r 'l'OI;( {il,: (I I ~1\ ,: h :-:r1 rlrJ'J(S ! i 'O U ~.·.1~~,J M~J , /' l ~ 1:'-1 ':n f !,jb1 ~ ' )',:uu r ~ 11 .:lS Iv'!,! ,~r i /Jl ll b3 ..,\t J .!. Iltrp·/}, ......4J 1=i'~~'lr.~ I 1.1;'::1) :11"ld~;) rill; . ,. :. .. J~2,(11 ::;~;:~~I~;;2 .i' t) i ,I",~",!/, 1, ;•. . ~ ::1'1', 1 IP. ( ."j(; 1 'WJ';I,; J(,;n (r.~ ~ 1 'II G'i )r,',, 21 I n:'ormZ i !Oll :(dr~R'ih I·!v'!.rj:iq He , t W /yone\ I ili?rC! l"i irJmeun-? : ~,~ndln g d~f,;rrlll1q :, ','1 (fll!nds , then I ! \ MJrldlr -, T_ln '("~ ~b~~( ,I ' t~,n~": "I;:. conTcllt1 n9 (n ,! fneCld~ Jr.d " j,jil (je rc>us 11" ff ,)])ou[ m ,'-·- h", w i ll g.,1 '(GU $!;Ild ,O U me'3 t; .d I:S. H~ I ~ .1 cih I b J.~ ,t-Ji: i'j b( I ' rlv eSlj~~pl(~ d hJt.~ IQ lite " IJ d~ ·I; . J l ;~i tt]no'e hlm lbl.)(k hl l" , if L: w~nt. ;'.11 !-,'N El'fof'co!lllenr '," fnen d l ' r ,)11 me or '~,~ I1J 1'111, a Ii\O ~, !I,d i'll LJIV 1' 0':' hi s full n.I1'/': and DOS , 1 ~l1 d you can I,x,k him up ,1n.:l , cc ." '1 1 1'~'s all Jll ~' IJ' , T It~n k s 'J '·,,. ) -" '. , . - -'~"" .' nC1,.-:-I)l..~ ,'U.::..\ c.,... I'/,·l!-o.lrl il \ 'I·~ t I () OO.:, ·)1 ~\ n9it! I,;.cms ill 'juur r~ .J J: ) 1 :'l 91r::ii,:, ( '?l l \mO:;~l ~:l( 1 1: d e l ll"'l";l (tr .)V/s (' ntc:s o i C,\tl'd5 ft,~'ji~ K<lri(J l r,lu.-.s\ll iae WiH lr:t you ~ l1 t;'lv (( I 1 rl ~J C .~ t1 you ~pc rt him (L) ~.;c~ bqn ki Fdct1.Jl t~ ttl I:wi a :> I H3tt!1 Ie; for YOCJ . lq '.~, l~g,s.t~re;1 gi rls or ICJok li1~1 for ';Ildl!r m.~ll , and Il) brow:,...:! , 1: '0;; r l J:. I! 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Sent fr om my i Phone On Sep 13, 201 I, at 3:48 PM, "Washington, Wil son (SAM HSAlCSATIP n~) "<Y-.::il~O Il. W<}shi nu(on(QISAM f rSf\ _ !:;()v> wro te: hhe;. D3\'C. t conCLlr Wilh Spencer II)()'~-:) Wilson From ~ Spencer D. West [] Sent: Tuesday, Septem ber 13, 2011 12:47 PM To: 'Dave Rudra' Cc: 'PAUL RAGHUNANDAN'; Washington, Wilson (SAfV1HSA/CSATjPfVIB) Subject: RE : Driving Arrangements ... Raymond's liability Dave , r only copied Wilson and Dr. RJ gl111nandan (1) tbj~ . I am getting the feeling Ihallhis is fll ming info a fia sco and Ihi s is on ly the fi rSl day 0 f unsuperviseci visitation . You have raised many legitimClte conccrils [lS ;) father . 1 will point Ollt , hOlvvcvcr> Ih;H 1 (hink yOll are so foclised on controlling every detail thM you are missing the bigger pic!ure-seeing your kids . Please tone down (he WClI of words and si mply see your kirls _ Nothing got's pertectl)', but gelling YO\l1­ relntionship b,-l(k \vitl! yom kids should trump any other issue lha! is SlnoJl in <.:omp'll'i~()n . Please take my advice. From: Dave Rudra f rna ilto : Dave@ c icex ped~nce.col.1.11 Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 201112:38 Pt'-1 To: n1 [Y!Jmr'; Spencer Cc: PAUL RAGHUNANDAN; DayraBodan (dl; Washington, Wilson (SAMHSAjCSATjPt-1S) Subject: Driving Arrangements ... Raymond 's liability

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