Motorola Mobility, Inc. v. Apple, Inc.

Filing 268

ORDER re 252 Emergency Motion to Compel Motorola to Provide Timely Depositions Concerning The Accused Set-Top Boxes by Apple Inc. is DENIED as MOOT. Signed by Magistrate Judge Ted E. Bandstra on 3/15/2012. (nc)

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UNI TED STATES DI STRI COURT CT SO UTHERN DI STRI OF FLO RI CT DA CASE NO . 10: 23580- VCl SCOLA/ BANDSTRA M OTO RO LA M OBI TY,I , LI NC. Pl ntf, ai i f VS. APPLE I . NC , Def endant s. APPLE,I , NC. Count cl m Pl ntf, er ai ai if M oTo no L ,I A Nc. and Mo-oRou MoBilY,Nc. r A LT I , Count cl m Def er ai endant s. ORDER THï CAUSE ca bef e t e Cou onAppe l , ( ed)Emer enc Mo i S me or h d l nc.s Seal ' g y ton t Com pel ot ol t Pr deTi el Deposii Concer ng t o M or a o ovi m y tons ni heAccused SetTopBoxes - ( E. 52)fe on Mar h 7, 2. Upon r iw Ap e I . No ie o W i dr l t s D. 2 i d l c 201 eve pl nc' t f t awa of hi s c h m oton fl on Mar 14, i i ed ch 2012,i i her t s eby ORDERED AND ADJUDGED t tAppe I . ( l ) Emer enc Mot t ha l nc ' Seaed s g y i o on Com pelM ot ol t Pr de Ti el Deposii Concer ng t Accused SetTop Boxes or a o ovi m y tons ni he i DENI as M OOT. s ED # DONEANDORDEREDiCh mb r,t a , qr ati l - a f rh 2 1 . n a esa MimiFoi hs GY yo Mac , 0 2 d * < N to W r--. Ted E.Bands r ta Unied St es Magitat Judge t at sr e Copi f ni es ur shed t o: Honor e Rober N.Scod abl t a Counsel r d of ecor V ù

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