Silvers v. Google, Inc.

Filing 19

MOTION by Google, Inc. for Andrew P. Bridges to appear pro hac vice (rb, Deputy Clerk)

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Case 9:05-cv-80387-KLR Document 19 Entered on FLSD Docket 09/28/2005 Page 1 of 5 PAI D In Form.. // UNITED STATES 101 A-1 C .UUIZ1 Pau,peris (r 3 SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA Clarence M addox, Clerk Palm Beach Divisio n Case No . 05-80387-CIV (Ryskamp/Vitunac ) STEVEN A . SILVERS, an individua l Plaintiff, V. GOOGLE INC ., a Delaware corporation Defendant, c: GOGGLE INC ., a Delaware corporation ) ) Counterclaimant, ) v. ) STEVEN A . SILVERS, an individual ; ) STELOR PRODUCTIONS, INC ., a Delaware) corporation ; STELOR PRODUCTIONS, LLC ;) a business entity of unknown form ; and ) STEVEN ESRIG, an individual, ) Counterdefendants, ) MOTION OF ANDREW P. BRIDGES TO APPEAR PRO HAC VIC E In accordance with Local Rule 4B of the Special Rules Governing the Admission and Practice of Attorneys of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, the undersigned respectfully moves for the admission of Andrew P . Bridges, of the law firm of Winston & Strawn, LLP ., 101 California Street, Suite 3900 San Francisco, California 94111, telephone number 415-591-1000, for purposes of appearing as co-counsel on behalf of Defendant and Counterclaimant GOOGLE INC . in this case . NON-COMPLIANCE OF S .D. flu . L.R.S / I ,,5 .145- / ~la - Case 9:05-cv-80387-KLR Document 19 Entered on FLSD Docket 09/28/2005 Page 2 of 5 Andrew P . Bridges certifies that he has studied the Local Rules of this Court and shall be governed by the local rules of this Court, the rules of professional conduct and all other requirements governing the professional behavior of members of the Florida Bar . Andrew P . Bridges ce rtifies that he is a mem be r in good standing of the California Bar Association . Moreover, Andrew P . Bridges is admitted to practice before the following courts : Supreme Court of the United States ; Supreme Court of Georgia ; Georgia Court of Appeals ; Georgia lower courts ; California courts; U.S. Courts of Appeals for the Seventh, Ninth, Eleventh, and Federal Circuits ; U.S. District Courts for the District of Arizona, Eastern District of Arkansas, Western District of Arkansas, Southern District of California, Northern District of California, Central District of California, Easte rn District of California, District of Colorado and Northern District of Georgia . A true and correct copy of Mr. Bridges's certificate of good standing for the Northe rn Dis trict of California (where he maintains his office) is attached hereto as Exhibit A . In further support of this motion, it is hereby designated that Jan D . Atlas of the law firm Adorno & Yoss, P .A. is a member of the bar of this Court and maintains an office in this District for the practice of law. He is a person to whom the Court and counsel may readily communicate and upon whom papers may be se rved . In addition, the law firm of Adorno & Yoss, P .A., 350 E . Las Olas Boulevard, Suite 1700, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Telephone No . 954-763- 1200, acts as local counsel in this matter on behalf of GOOGLE INC . WHEREFORE, Andrew P. Bridges respectfully requests entry of the attached Proposed Order autho rizing his special admission to practice in this case . 2 Case 9:05-cv-80387-KLR Document 19 Entered on FLSD Docket 09/28/2005 Page 3 of 5 CONSENT TO DESIGNATION I hereby consent to the foregoing designation . Dated: Ayeust 2 g 2005 Jan D . Atlas (Bar No . 226246) jatlas @adorno .com Adorno & Yoss LLP 350 East Las Olas Boulevard , Suite 1700 Fo rt Lauderdale, Florida 33301-4217 Phone (954) 763-1200 Fax (954 ) 766-780 0 Executed under penalty of perjury on the I Vday of August at San Francisco , California . Respectfully submitted, By: Andrew P . Bridges ( Bar No. 1227 1) abri dges@winston .com WINSTON & STRAWN LL P 101 California Street, Suite 3900 San Francisco , Californ ia 94111 Phone : (415) 591-1000 Fax : (415 ) 591-1400 P 3 Case 9:05-cv-80387-KLR Document 19 Entered on FLSD Docket 09/28/2005 Page 4 of 5 CERTIFICATE OF SERVIC E I HEREBY CERTIFY that a true and correct copy of the foregoing has been furnished by mail on this 20 day of September, 2005 upon : HARLEY S. TROPIN, ESQ ., KENNETH R . HARTMANN, ESQ . and GAIL A . McQUILKIN, ESQ ., Kozyak, Tropin, Throckmorton, P .A., 2525 Ponce de Leon, 9th Floor, Miami, FL 33134 ; and ADAM T . RABIN, ESQ ., Dimond, Kaplan & Rothstein, P .A ., 525 South Flagler Drive, Trump Plaza, Suite 200, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 ; KEVIN C . KAPLAN, ESQ ., Burlington, Weil, Schwiep, Kaplan & Blonsky, P .A ., 2699 South Bayshore Drive, Miami, FL 33133 . Case 9:05-cv-80387-KLR Document 19 Entered on FLSD Docket 09/28/2005 Page 5 of 5

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