Silvers v. Google, Inc.

Filing 533

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORID A CASE NO . 02-80049-CR-RYSKAMP/JOHNSO N UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , Plaintiff, vs . MITZEL RIOS , Defendant . JUDGMENT & COMMITMENT UPON REVOCATION OF SUPERVISED RELEAS E THIS CAUSE came before the Court at sentencing for violations of supervised release on March 17, 2006 . The Court finds the defendant has violated the terms of his supervised release as set forth in the petition for violation and the defendant admits same . IT IS HEREBY ORDERED and ADJUDGED that the defendant's term of supervised release imposed by the Court is revoked and the defendant is committed to the custody of the U .S . Bureau of Prisons for a term of Two (2) years . This term shall run consecutive to the District of Arizona Case No . CR 04-0163 7-001 -TUC-FRZ(GEE) . Upon release from imprisonment, the defendant shall be placed on supervised release for a term of One (1) year. Within 72 hours of release from custody of the Bureau of Prisons, the defendant shall report to the probation office in the district to which he is released . While on supervised release, the defendant shall not commit any federal, state or local crimes and shall be prohibited from possessing a firearm or other danger devices, and he shall not possess a controlled substance . In addition, he shall comply with the standard conditions of probation that have been adopted by this Court and the following special condition : At the completion of the defendant's term of imprisonment, the defendant shall b e 4~~ surrendered to the custody of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement for removal proceedings consistent with the Immigration and Nationality Act . If removed, the defendant shall not reenter the United States without the wri tten permission of the Under Secretary for Border and Transpo rtation Security. Should the defendant be removed , the term of supervised release shall be non-repo rting while the defendant is residing outside the United States . If the defendant reenters the United States within the term of supervised release , the defendant is to report to the nearest U . S . Probation Office within 72 hours of his ar rival . DONE and ORDERED in West Palm Beach , this / 7 day of March, 2006 . r,NNETH L . 9kAMP ITED STAT S DISTRICT JUDGE cc : Nancy Vorpe-Quinlan, AUSA Peter Birch, Esq . U .S . Probation - James Peirce U .S . Marshal

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