Cambridge University Press et al v. Patton et al

Filing 481

Certified and Transmitted Record on Appeal (Exhibits - 8 Boxes; 1 Envelope consisting of one (1) book, exhibit with Deposition 171 ), to US Court of Appeals re 449 Notice of Appeal, 465 Notice of Appeal, Case Appealed to USCA Case Number 12-14676-FF; 12-15147-EE. (fem)

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT NORTHERN DISTRICT OF GEORGIA 2211 UNITED STATES COURTHOUSE 75 SPRING STREET, SW ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30303-3361 JAMES N. HATTEN DISTRICT COURT EXECUTIVE AND CLERK OF COURT DOCKETING SECTION 404-215-1655 April 30, 2013 John Ley, Clerk of Court U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit 56 Forsyth Street, N.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30303 U.S.D.C. No.: 1 :08-cv-1425-0DE U.S.C.A. No.: 12-14676-FF; 12-15147-EE In re: Cambridge University Press, et a/ v. Patton et a/ Enclosed are documents regarding an appeal in this matter. Please acknowledge receipt on the enclosed copy of this letter. ---- --X Certified copies of the notice of appeal, docket sheet and judgment and/or order appealed enclosed. This is not the first notice of appeal. Other notices were filed on: . There is no transcript. The court reporter is . There is sealed material as described below: . Other: Exhibits - 8 boxes; 1 book with Doc 171 Deposition. Fee paid on. -- Appellant has been leave to file in forma pauperis. ---- This is a bankruptcy appeal. The Bankruptcy Judge is . The Magistrate Judge is . The District Judge is . This is a DEATH PENALTY appeal. Sincerely, James N. Hatten District Court Executive and Clerk of Court By: lsi Elaine N. McFarland Deputy Clerk Enclosures

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