Treat et al v. Lowe et al

Filing 62

ORDER that this case shall be closed for all purposes of statistical reporting by the Clerk of Court. The Clerk is further directed to terminate any pending motions as denied as moot. Signed by Chief Judge J. Randal Hall on 09/20/2017. (thb)

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF COURT FOR THE GEORGIA AUGUSTA DIVISION SUSAN TREAT and ASHLEY WALKER, * Individually and Next Friend and Mother of MADISON WALKER, * Plaintiffs, * CV v, 114-174 * DANIEL T. LOWE MATTHEW P. * and * PERKINS, * Defendants. ORDER This March matter 2017, 16, is before the the parties Court were on its notified own that scheduled for trial to begin on July 17, July parties their 6, United 2017, States principal. matter As parties and was the Magistrate (See Doc. removed part agreed approval of to mediated Judge 61; mediated engage processes Court's in in an the a While anticipated they to these take ancillary considerable 53.) On before the Accordingly, in this calendar. provisional intricate settlement, oscillating preparation Settlement time was settlement of the forthcoming comprehensive final settlement agreement. 61.) On matter (Doc. dispute 59.) trial this 2017. reached see also Doc. from the their and initiative. before drafting parties' (See Doc. proceedings their the are conclusion, are expected to fully and finally resolve all matters in dispute with limited Court interaction.1 (See id. ) Therefore, in the interests of judicial economy, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that this case reporting directed shall by to the be CLOSED Clerk TERMINATE of any for this all Court. pending Notwithstanding the foregoing, purposes The motions of statistical Clerk as is DENIED further AS MOOT. any party may - by written motion - seek to re-open this matter to obtain the Court's approval of their forthcoming action, settlement agreement, dismissal of this or any other necessary or appropriate relief. ORDER September, ENTERED at Augusta, Georgia this o^O day of 2017. \^ uniteShsTates district court 2rn district of georgia 1 Because a party to this action is a minor, the Court's approval must be obtained as to any compromise, settlement, discontinuity, or dismissal. See LR 17.1(a), SDGa.

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